About the band

Adrian Kuryliw - Saxes, Harmonicas, EWI.

Adrian, from Brandon, has been spotted sitting in with various blues, jazz, rock and bluegrass collections in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Summer festivals and steamy clubs are his favorite venues.
Main equipment used:

Harps Lee Oskar Diatonic Harmonicas
Special 20 Diatonic Harmonicas
1960's Astatic JT-30 Bullet Mic
520 (Vintage 1950s CR element) Bullet mic
Classic 20 Tweed Tube Amp (with 12AU7 preamp modification).
Horns Yamaha WX-11 Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI) VL70m (with Patchman sounds)
  Phonic MM1002 10x2 Channel Mixer
  Garnet Sessionman tube head
  Ampeg 210T cabinet
  Parise Tenor Sax with a...
  Otto Link Metal STM mouthpiece
  Dixon Soprano Sax with a...
  Selmer Mouthpiece
  Vandoren Java reeds (vigorously shaved and sanded)

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