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·       There are many sites with links for amateur radio so I will keep the links to clubs Rosi and I belong to or have belonged to and photo sites.  Just click on the logo’s below;




·       Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC).  RAC is the only voice that Canadian Amateurs have to the Government so even if you don’t believe in everything they do all Canadian hams SHOULD join;



·       If you want to get more information about getting your licence in Canada, click here for “Beginners’ Info”.


·       The Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club (WARC);


 The Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club will hold Hamfest 2008 in conjunction with our hosting Radio Amateurs of Canada - Annual General Meeting August 8 through 10, 2008

Click the link below for more info


·       Click here to send an e-mail WARC here;


·       Winnipeg Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES);



·       CANWARN  (Canadian Weather Amateur Radio Network).  In Winnipeg this is part of ARES;






·       Most local communications use a repeater to extend the range of radios.  Repeaters are expensive to maintain and I feel that anyone who uses one regularly should support their local club or repeater group.  Here, in Winnipeg, most repeaters are owned and maintained by The Manitoba Repeater Society. 



·       I was asked to add a link to all of the repeaters in Manitoba, so click here.


·       There is a system in use now that uses the Internet to link radios together.  It is called The Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP);




·       Another hobby I have gotten into is GEOCACHING.   This can be a great family activity, but you do need a GPS to take part in this ‘sport’ here is a link for more info;




Thank you and 73

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