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Fossil Rock
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Western Canadian Music Award

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Review in School Library Journal, 4/1/2009

Lulu and the TomCat: Fossil Rock. CD.
   Award-winning Canadian duo Lulu and the Tom Cat present 14 original,
lively songs on their fourth album for children. While several of the songs are in
rock and roll style, complete with wailing guitars, there are also a couple of folk
and Latin style tunes. Topics of the songs include dinosaurs, fossils, and lake monsters.
The album opens with "Fossil Rock," a lively, rocking dinosaur dance and closes with
"Hush Baby Pterosaur" (to the tune of "Hush Little Baby"). A couple of songs celebrate
Canadian attractions: "Pembina Diamond Mine" and "Go, Go Manipogo" (a marine creature
in Lake Manitoba). The instrumental performances are wonderful. Vocal performances
are also topnotch, including The Kiddens, four girls who join in on several tracks. A great
resource for dinosaur story times and classroom activities, and a treat for
young dinosaur fans.   
Beverly Bixler, San Antonio Public Library, TX

Fossil Rock:
Rockin' good songs about
fossils and dinosaurs that
walked, stomped, swam or flew!

You may listen to samples of all of these songs at
They are also available from iTunes, Napster
and many other online sources.

<>as of 2009.02.11
Do you like fossils, dinosaurs and marine reptiles?
How about mosasaurs, plesiosaurs and T-Rex's?
Sing and dance along to the "rockiest" CD you have heard...
LuLu and the TomCat have written a bag full of
cool tunes that will "edu-tain" you and have you
rockin' to the fossils!

Fossil Rock
Fossil Rock CD cover 

The CD "Fossil Rock" is interactive, interesting,
educational, inspiring, thought provoking,
and encourages "FOSSIL FUN."

The songs are about Mesozoic and Cretaceous
dinosaurs, flying reptiles and marine reptiles.
Most of these creatures were "rockin'" in the
area of the Western Interior Seaway
and its shores!

<>Check out these Rockin' songs:

You may listen to samples of all of these songs at
They are also available from iTunes, Napster
and many other online sources.

1.Fossil Rock (3:32) : Interactive, dance and actions song that features
flying, swimming and walking dinosaurs. Stomp, chomp and rock your way
through this dancing tune.

2.Wateryougonnado (2:29) : Bouncy tongue twisters with a twist.
Take the challenge and wrap your tongue around these prehistoric words.

3.Do the Dig! (2:00) : These steps to going on a dig will inspire young
fossil hunters to visit the Pembina Hills.

4.La cucaracha (2:24) : Dance the conga with the cockroach (cucaracha)
and her dinosaur friends. This is a fun introduction to the world's oldest fossils.

5.The Fossil Alphabet (2:59) : Sing about fossils from A - Z! The 26 fossils
in this song teach fun facts in rhyme.

6.The World of Dinosaurs (3:02) : This catchy chain song will have children
singing and dancing along. Add the gestures and the fun will never end.

7.I Want to Be a Plesiosaur (2:37) : Ride the waves with the greatest
swimmer of all time! This descriptive action song helps younger children
to identify with plesiosaurs and marine reptiles.

8.Dawn of the Dinosaurs (3:32) :The Tyrannosaurus rex was the biggest
bully in the dinosaur world. This is a story-song of how a dinosaur learned
her lesson.

9.Pembina Diamond Mine (2:44) : The Pembina Hills in southern Manitoba
is a fossil-rich stop on the "FOSSIL TRAIL."
The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre has unearthed many important finds of
marine reptiles which lay among the beautiful "Pembina diamonds" (gypsome).

10.Bruce (3:41) : Bruce was found in the Pembina Hills in Southern Manitoba,
Canada. He is one of the largest mosasaurs in the world and his skeleton
can be seen at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, Manitoba.
This is the "true" story-song of why Bruce and Plessi are swimming side by
side in the CFDC.

11.The Way to Dino Town (2:05) : Dance your way to Dino Town! The actions
are in the lyrics and the challenge is to get faster and faster!

12.Go, Go Manipogo! (4:28) Lake Manitoba is home to the Manipogo, a cryptid
that resembles a marine reptile. Sightings of the Manipogo have been reported
for over a century.

13.Mary Anning (4:12) : Mary Anning(1799-1847) sold seashells by the seashore.
Mary was the first person to find and describe marine reptiles.

14.Hush Baby Pterosaur : This is a simple lullaby about baby pterosaurs to
rock you to sleep with flying dinosaur dreams.

Winnipeg Free Press Review of Fossil Rock:
 "... it's called Fossil Rock. And no, it's not by The Rolling Stones. You might, however, recognize the name of the award-winning Manitoba band that created it - LuLu and the TomCat. I was pleasantly surprised. This children's CD doesn't insult adult ears... I should excuse myself from giving an in-depth description. I gave that responsibility to a panel of experts, my 10-and-a-half-year-old twins. According to them, they felt it was a "good, catchy" CD. They preferred the "fast songs," which incorporated zippy lyrics about dinosaurs... At times, my kids spontaneously danced to the tunes... the CD's worth it."        Winnipeg Free Press, Oct. 4, 2008, Charlene Adam.

You may buy this CD on line
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The CD, as well an optional educational package
that contains 9 Sing a Books (based on 9 of the songs),
as well as a Parent/Teacher Guide, full of fun activities,
is available at the
Canadian Fossil
Discovery Centre
or from LuLu and the TomCat.

To order your copy of the CD, Fossil Rock,

The CD is available at

<>The Manitoba Museum (Winnipeg)
McNally Robinson, Grant Park, (Winnipeg)
The Source (Morden, MB)
Pembina Arts Gallery (Morden, MB)
Manitou Pharmacy
<>McGills (Carman, MB)
and other fine stores!

You may buy this CD on line
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