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Russian Spindles

Russian spindles are famous as tools used to spin cashmere for Orenburg lace shawls.  These support spindles can be used to spin cotton. camel down, yak, cashmere or wool.  They come in two lengths (approx. 12" and 14").  Some spinners use the longer larger ones for plying.   These spindles have been designed, through input from experienced Russian spindle spinners, to maximize stability and spin time.  

Russian Spindles in Walnut, Ash, Maple & Tibetan Spindle and Support Spindle Bowl Russian Spindles
 in Walnut, Maple and Cherry

Tibetan Spindles

Edward was inspired to make the Tibetan spindle after seeing a video on YouTube of a Tibetan woman spinning with a spindle.  It will take practice to spin as fast and finely as the Tibetan woman but it didn't take long to start producing yarn on this spindle.  The Tibetan woman spun off the tip with the spindle almost vertical.  The shape of the whorl allows it to spin for a long time.  Although the Tibetan lady sat seated on the ground, Jo-Anne was very comfortable spinning seated in a chair.

DSCN1752.JPG (8721 bytes)

The pictures below are of the first prototype Tibetan spindle so it doesn't look as refined as the current ones.

SSCN1343.JPG (12184 bytes) SSCN1345.JPG (13699 bytes) SSCN1344.JPG (12486 bytes)
Spindle is vertical 
while spinning
while spinning 
Winding on near top of spindle

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