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All products are made in a variety of woods
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Niddy Noddy 
(Skein winder)


DSCN0158.JPG (10008 bytes)

Our Niddy Noddys all come apart into a shaft & two arms for easy storage.  Three arm ends have tips to prevent the yarn from slipping off as you wind while the fourth end has no tip for easy removal of the skein. 

1.5 meter 
(makes a 60" skein:  
3 revolutions = 5 yd)
1 yd
(makes a 36" skein)
(makes a  22" skein)
niddy_skein.jpg (74113 bytes)


niddy noddy  in use

(Ball winder)

(from top to bottom)

np-3size.jpg (12135 bytes)

Walnut Queen  11" long
Oak Regular  9"
Russian olive Mini  8"

are used to wind center-pull balls which allow access to both ends of the ball of yarn at the same time. Spinners use center- pull balls when plying two single ply yarns together. Knitters use a nostepinne to wind balls of yarn - you can knit from both ends of the ball at the same time.

np_ball.jpg (9382 bytes)  

nostepinne in use

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For something "Extra Special" in a Nostepinne, Edward has created the 2-tone Nostepinne, using two different contrasting woods for the handle and shaft.

2-toneNP2.JPG (10757 bytes)

Handles: Purpleheart  
Shafts: Ash and Curly Ash

Available in Mini, Regular and Queen size


Enjoy using our "Mini Nostepinne".  It is similar in length to the "Mini Spindle" so both fit easily in a small bag along with your favorite fibre.  They are easy to take along to spin anywhere and are available in a variety of woods.  

mini-np-spindle.jpg (17846 bytes)

Top to Bottom:  
 Mini Spindle - Cocobolo whorl &  Purpleheart shaft
 Mini Nostepinne -
 Mini Spindle - Maple whorl &  Redheart shaft
 Mini Nostepinne - Maple

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