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Welcome to our website !

Enjoy the warmth and beauty of wood, skillfully handcrafted into beautiful tools for the spinner tools that will be used and treasured for a long time.  Spinners and woodturners will find things of interest on this site. 

Edward Tabachek is a woodworker and woodturner who makes a variety of tools for spinners.  His fine craftsmanship results in tools that are a pleasure for the spinner and weaver to use light weight and comfortable in the hand.  Edward makes each piece individually on a woodturning lathe.  He uses local woods, such as birch, burr oak, Manitoba maple (box elder) and Russian olive as well as exotic woods such as cocobolo, padauk, zebrawood and tulip rosewood.  See Edward's finished products by clicking on "High & Low-whorl Spindles", "Supported Spindles", "Niddy Noddy & Nostepinne" or "Other Spinning Tools"..

Edward is also an artisan who makes beautiful decorative pieces which can be seen by clicking on one of the "Gallery" pages.   Jo-Anne Tabachek is a weaver and spinner whose work can be seen on the "Jo-Anne's Gallery" page.

Click on any of the pictures on this site to see an enlarged view.


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