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Mickey Mouse wallpaper borders and wallpaper  and wall stickers.

Mickey Filmstrip Border
Mickey Mouse film style border
 This Mickey Mouse Wallpaper Border has repeatedly different images of
 Mickey in different poses.
 This Mickey Mouse border is designed to look like old film with sprocket holes on the edge.
This is a very fun older wallpaper border that has been made
by several different companies over the years, Borden. Imperial and Blue Mountain.

 This Mickey Mouse borders are already pre pasted (dip in water and apply to wall ), stripabble and washable. (6.83 "x 15 feet) x 4.57m 17:35 cm

 only $16.95 US per spool shipping included
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Mickey Filmstrip Border

Now available Disney Instant Stencils for kids and collectors

It is nice to have an actual side wall paper for Mickey Mouse
These  patterns are available for Canada and USA.

Mickey Mouse actual wallpaper side wall. Wow its about time.
 This wallpaper is to create real Mickey Mouse on your entire wall.
 Full color or black and white pattern wallpaper comic

Mickey Mouse wallpaper.       
Each bolt (double roll), wallpaper of Mickey Mouse is 20.5 inches wide and 32.8 feet long. It covers 56.08 square feet approx (5.21 square meters).
 A single bolt cover with aprox 5 feet 8 -9 foot ceilings.
 The wallpaper is sized Mickey Mouse, scrubbing and peelable solid vinyl.
 Sold by the bolt only. Because of the size and weight of this product, all sales are final. No returns or exchanges. If a lot is defective, we will inspect and replace the lock.
 Each bolt covers 44 square feet aprox. Each bolt is 21 "wide. Please measure carefully to ensure you have enough to match your project.
 Please note that our price is per bolt (2 rolls only) other stores give you a procedure for single roll and you buy 2.

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Mickey Mouse wallpaper, ears style.

Red colored Mickey Mouse wallpaper is available NOW.

$39.95 US dollars per bolt of 2 single rolls.
These patterns of  Mickey Mouse wallpaper are now discontinued and stock is limited.


Please do not try to match paint colors for Disney Mickey Mouse wallpaper border on the Web.
 Only match the color paint you have your wallpaper borders Mickey Mouse delivered.


Mickey (Oh Boy) patterned Mickey Mouse wallpaper border.

mickey mouse white border

light blue mickey border

air brushed look mickey mouse border available in 3 colors

retail price is $16.95 US for this pattern.
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The Airbrush Look Mickey Mouse wallpaper border
 was  available in three color backgrounds.
 Mickey Mouse with white, light blue Mickey Mouse and Mickey Mouse with dark blue.
 Each color is sold separately and are not they great kids room border.
  These wallpapers Mickey Mouse wallpaper border
 are about 5 inches high by 15 meters per bobine.Le Mickey Mouse Airbrush Look wallpaper border is approx 5.13 "high with a repeat of 20.5". The  border is 15 feet per roll (4.57 m)
 They repeat the patterns of Mickey Mouse in different poses in an air brushed Search style with stars in different sizes.
 These wallpaper borders are washable Mickey Mouse, pre pasted and dry strippable.

Mickey Mouse Comic Strip Style wallpaper border .

mickey mouse comics pattern wallapper border by disney home

Mickey Mouse comic pattern border .

mickey mouse border, comics pattern

 regular price is $16.95 per spool  of this Mickey Mouse wallpaper border in the comic strip pattern.
Available in the Black and White style or the Colour Style

Comic Strip Color Pattern #

Mickey Mouse Comics strips. The border shows Mickey Mouse cartoon classic poses.
 Mickey and Minnie Pluto want to impress in this cartoon. The border is 5.5 inches high with a 20.5 "repeat. The total length of the roll is 15 feet (4.57 m).

This is a prepasted border, so in water and on the wall. Available in Color or Black and White styles. Sold separately.

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Mickey Mouse Monster Truck border with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy.

Mickey Mouse and gang Monster Truck wallpaper borderlight blue Mickey Monster truck borderclose up of the orange m,ickey truck border.

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy Goof are for a day on the monster truck rally. You best be carefull , they may not be able to control these Big Monster Truck. This Mickey Mouse wallpaper border is a real monster size. The border
 is over 10 inches in height to make a big impression on the wall of your room or TV room when you look at the monster trucks on television.
 There are three different colors available in this monster Truck Mickey Mouse wallpaper border  with the same repetitive pattern of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Goofy driving the monster trucks.  The colors are orange with black treads to the side, light blue with treads silver and dark blue with yellow treads.  each color of Mickey Mouse  Monster truck border is sold separately.  The size is approximately 10.25 "x 15 feet long with a repeat every 24" per spool .

Our regular price is $19.95 per spool
The colors are orange with black treads to the side, light blue with treads silver and dark blue with yellow treads.
 each color Mickey Mouse monster Truck border sold separetly , but is now discontinued and we have only a few spools left.


Monster Truck Color Pattern #

Our Best seller for Minnie Mouse Border

Minnie Mouse borders. This wallpaper border has a floral look with a scaloped edge  (so that the change in height) with Minnie Mouse in every other flower.  Minnie Mouse dresses in different color dresses  that alternate and repeat on the border.  Minnie with pink and orange (beige) petals on a blue background (DF059222B). Each coil is 15 feet long (4.57m). Only available in this color. Buy it here now for $16.95 including shipping . Only a few left.
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Minnie Flower Border ship free

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These Border and wallapers following are available for USA or Canadian  customers only.
These are brand new Mickey Mouse and Disney borders and wallapers by York


Prices are in US Dollars
and subject to change due to currency exchange variations

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