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Welcome to Pawsabilities Dog Training!

Whether you are starting with your first puppy or you would like your older dog to be better behaved, it is possible to teach your dog to think, to train him kindly and with respect. If you have never heard of Clicker Training before, getting your head around the concepts may take some adjustment! It is not hard – kids often make great Clicker Trainers – but it is different than anything used in more traditional dog training classes. You can learn how to gently communicate with your dog in a way he or she will understand!


Clicker Training

Clicker Training uses a marker signal (from a small noisemaker called a clicker) to help the dog determine exactly what he has done right! The click, which has “marked” a behaviour, is always followed by something the dog wants, such as a treat or a toy. Since the dog was positively reinforced for his behaviour, a scientific principle called Operant Conditioning states that he is likely to repeat the action.

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Clicker Training can be used to teach basic pet manners such as sit, come, stay, and leave it or tricks such as shake a paw and spin. Clicker Training can also be used to teach dogs to calmly accept grooming, nail trimming, and veterinary procedures.

Clicker Training is about learning how to achieve your goals using positive reinforcement, trust and respect.

The primary goal of Pawsabilities Dog Training is to enhance the relationship between dogs and their families. We will work together so you can learn the skills needed to positively train your dog. Once you understand Clicker Training, you will be able to apply the principles to teach your dog a wide variety of skills - you may never need to hire a dog trainer again!


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