By: Father Larry Winslow



As of January 29, 2008 I have voluntarily relinquished my ministry as a Priest in the Church of God under the auspices of the Anglican Church of Canada. And as of February 1, 2008 I have been licensed as a Priest in the Church of God under the auspices of the Moderator of the Anglican Network in Canada, Bishop Don Harvey.


This is not a move that has been predicated upon a sudden or snap decision. Rather it is the culmination of over 40 years of opposing the revisionist/liberal movement in the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC). It is a heart-wrenching undertaking to leave that which was the environment within which I came to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord some fifty-four years ago. As such it has taken much prayer and consideration to move away from and finally abandon that which has been progressively deteriorating into the deep dark abyss of heresy and New Age post-modernity that is establishing the will and mind of humanity as being the presence of their god in the world. In actuality, my heart aches, as should the heart of all True Christian people, at the sight of such an abandonment of the One True Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, God of All Creation by that church and its dragging so many unknowing persons - relatives, friends, and neighbours - with it into the depths of Eternal Condemnation before the Judge of all Humanity.


But, as I have often written elsewhere, it is becoming clearly evident that the leadership of the ACoC has absolutely no intention of imminently repenting and returning to the clear and simple principles of the Reformation Anglican Church. While having made a statement of submission in the 2004 Preparation Documents for that year’s General Synod to the Solemn Declaration of 1893 and its references to Holy Scripture as being the Word of God, the traditional creeds, and the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, it is abundantly clear that such, save in some ephemeral fashion couched in such terms “as we understand them according to today’s scholarship,” are totally irrelevant to the emerging heretical church. Many of the leadership of this fallen society have personally made declarations denying such creedal essentials as the Virgin Birth of Jesus, the Sacrificial Substitutionary Death leading to the Atonement and Forgiveness of Sin, the physical bodily Resurrection of Jesus, and His corporeal Ascension into Heaven along with affirming anti-Christian doctrines such as Universalism. They have, against the direct statements of the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, denied the Divine Presence and Holy Spirit guidance in the Divine Gift of the Holy Scriptures, attempted to falsely use one portion of that Scripture to refute another, and declared today’s human knowledge and experience as valid refutation of the unchanging Word of God presented by this Awesome and Omnipotent Being. In other words, their determination is that wherever God has presented His Will in His Divine Self-Revelation (the Holy Bible and in the Living Christ) in a manner that is against their will, thought, or experience such revealed Will of God is rendered null and void, or at very least secondary to the prevalence of the infallible intelligentsia of modern humanity.


 The Anglican Church of Canada, along with many so-called main line Christian denominations in North America, has become seriously lost in its understanding and acceptance of the One True God and His Divinely Inspired Self-Revelation through His Infallible Holy Word, written in the Holy Scripture and Living in the Lord Jesus Christ. Its vision has become so clouded by the insufficiency of the human intellect that it has degenerated further and further into the abyss of the oldest sin in the world – the sin of Eve! The so-called intelligentsia and corrupted leadership of these organisations find it expedient to attempt to meld with secular society and place the mind of humanity above the Inspired Word of God in importance and credibility. Just as Eve accepted the temptation of Satan in her taking to herself the right to make her own moral decisions (partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) against the specific injunction of Almighty God that such were within His Divine purview so these modern subjects of Satan reject the teachings of God’s Word in favour of their own intellectual machinations that can lead only to eternal condemnation.


These organisations, in succumbing to the temptations of the Evil One, have had the Divine Vision totally obscured by their own sinfulness. They have lost sight of the desire for the true and revealed vision of God. While still desiring access to the wonders and awesomeness of the Beatific Vision they have renounced admittance to the same by refusing Almighty God’s clear self-revelation that leads to reception into that most wondrous of all revelation – living the Divine Life of Christ here on earth in patient expectation of entering into the Divine presence of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the Eternal Kingdom of God..


It is in the light of this continually progressing and obviously irreversible descent into heretical condemnation that I have found it necessary to move away from that organisation and into an arm of the faithful Anglican Communion. While some feel that staying is more conducive, especially if their Parish or Diocese is trying to remain faithful, it seems that such is being used by the fallen organisation to justify its moves because “no one really seems to mind and few are leaving.” I could no longer look to my presence being used as a point whereby tacit or implicit agreement with the heretical directions could be misconstrued. The fallen minions of heresy take delight in pointing to the numbers who agree with them through their lack of opposition to the directions of that organisation. And, sadly, in the ACoC, even the orthodox conservative Parochial and/or Diocesan leadership have somehow been rendered silent and impotent – and are now being referenced as being among those who have given their tacit and/or implicit agreement to the directions of that organisation. If there had been any semblance of outward fight among this faithful leadership it may have been palatable to remain and stand firm with them.


However, it is now my clear understanding that any hope for the ultimate purification of the ACoC is in the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) and other such groups as the Anglican Coalition in Canada (ACiC). It will be the direction of these groups in faithful adherence to the tenets of true Reformation Anglicanism expressed by those who adhere to the Christian profession of the majority of Worldwide Anglicanism that will ultimately bring faithful Anglican Christians back together in a unity that will supplant the current heretical organisation(s) and re-establish Anglican Unity in Canada. But such success will require Anglicans holding to true orthodox conservatism to take courage and stand together within the faithful organisations in order to eventually bring such ultimate unity to fruition.


Thus, I have found it necessary to take this painful and personally unwanted step in order to contribute in some small way toward the ultimate re-establishment of Christian Anglican Unity in Canada! I hope that all who read this will pray fervently for the pure faith once delivered through the Holy Scriptures and the Living Jesus Christ to be re-established in Canadian Anglicanism. And I ask all to pray for those who are courageously standing for such pure faith inside and outside the ACoC. Further, I ask all to pray for the fallen leadership that the light of the True Gospel will bring them to their knees in repentance as they turn back to the Cross of Jesus and the Faith Once Delivered to the True Church – the True Body of Christ!


In Christ,




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