By: Father Larry Winslow



It is a strange and fascinating phenomenon to attempt to follow the logic and processes of the revisionist/liberal movement. There seems to be no consistency in the logic and rationale other than obtuse unsupported statements that challenge the veracity and modern applicability of the Divinely Inspired, Unchangeable, Eternally Relevant, Holy Word of the One True God.


This movement is dedicated to the deification of the human will and intellect to the point of placing such over the priorities of Almighty God as He has so established His intentions in Creation. The content of the Holy Bible as each individual writing was intended by Almighty God through its author and as it was originally understood by the initial recipients according to the Apostolic Traditions attached to the same and as the same has been transmitted through the ages via God’s Gift of Reason exercised in accordance with His Divine Inspiration through the Gift of the Holy Spirit is constantly challenged and/or simply written off by these would be “gods” as being inferior to their personally perceived “superior” human will and intellect.


Of course, the attempts to invalidate the Holy Word of God as being unchangeably applicable to all of God’s Creation throughout the universe constantly fall apart and are even often disproved by the findings of secular science. When challenged elements of the Holy Bible are eventually proven one way or the other via various forms of human science such inevitably falls on the side of the Holy Scriptures.


In order to invalidate or lessen the effect of the Church’s traditional understanding of Scripture, Reason, and Apostolic Tradition, the revisionist/liberal movement adds “human experience.” This latter is understood as how humanity “experiences” the reality of life and then places the content of such a factor emanating from a fallen creation as standing in judgment over the stated and established Holy Word of God.


However, since there are obvious shortcomings in this concept of “experience” it then becomes necessary to bring in something they designate “the understandings of modern science” to further refute established principles of faith and supplant them with the wiles of the human mind and will. Yet, again, such is only valid when the concepts of “modern science” are clearly honest in their study, finding, and application. The problem then comes in, for the revisionist/liberal school, in that such studies undertaken with honesty and integrity again fall on the side of God’s Divinely Inspired and unalterable Word.


The inconsistencies and weaknesses of the revisionist/liberal arguments have been partially dealt with in this writer’s work entitled “The Inconsistencies of Moral Relativism” that can be found at


This leads the leadership of the revisionist/liberal movement to attempt to use the status of their position and office to make unsupported statements that are meant to be unquestionably accepted. And, it is clear that this inclusive tolerant movement will definitely not tolerate any discussion or refutation of their “infallible” statements that would include an understanding of God’s Holy Word that would exclude them. The recent commentary of The Rev’d Canon Gary L’Hommedieu on “The ‘Honesty’ of John Shelby Spong” clearly points out how many of this heretical leadership is, in reality, of “featherweight intellect.” Their whole “authority” is based upon an office and position (normally gained via political action) that, if they were honest persons of integrity, they would acknowledge as being something, in their heresy, they should not continue to hold. But, as Canon L’Hommedieu so aptly points out, these intellectually challenged individuals would have no authority or recognition if it were not for the office and position they illicitly and undeservedly hold.


The subterfuge that this illegitimate leadership attempts to force upon their followers and those under their false “authority” who would resist their evil thought processes is based upon is in itself weak and unsupportable outside their false persona of “authority.” Thus, they will always back away from that which they are always demanding – “continuing dialogue and discussion.” Even today (Fall 2007) the continuing cry is for more dialogue, more discussion – but, of course, only as orchestrated and controlled by the revisionist/liberal camp.


In August of 2001, prior to the ACoC Diocese of Brandon Episcopal Election in that fall, this writer went to the office of one of the candidates for Bishop. During the discussions the subject of “Homosexuality and the Blessings of Same-Sex Unions” came up. The subject of the weak and/or false science was discussed. The individual stated to this writer that he had irrefutable scientific documents “at home.” When this writer asked to see those documents the candidate said he would bring it to him. Of course, such was never tendered as the candidate also knows that this writer has delivered seminars on the “science” falsely used to justify the viability of this subject.


Also, in December 2002, this writer, in the name of some 14 clergy of that same Diocese, asked the now Bishop of Brandon to set-up a Clergy Conference where the Bishop and the Clergy of the Diocese could openly, uninhibited by outside individuals, discuss the whole issue of homosexual relationships in the light of the Holy Scriptures, Apostolic Tradition, and Reason. Such would have involved a viewing of all the current arguments for and against the issue. In concert with his normal process, and that of the complete revisionist/liberal leadership, the request was never even acknowledged let alone brought into being.


To date, there has been no such open discussion. All that has come forward are statements that the Scriptures do not speak to today and that modern science and experience are to dictate the “Christian” understanding of homosexuality. Also, this same individual declared in his first charge to Synod 2002 that as long as one is Baptised and receives the Holy Communion “it does not matter what he believes after that” – unless it differs from the revisionist/liberal heresies (latter phrase not a quote). The norm of unsupportable directives of antichrist continues to be the model.


In the name of love (by their definition), openness and inclusivity (by their definition) the revisionist/liberal camp also demands that all the sacraments be unconditionally open to all persons regardless of their sexual orientation or lifestyle. While this seems so nice and accommodating to all people, from a truly Christian point of view (see 1 Corinthians 11:23-32), such is to have the effect of acting in deceptive hatred toward sinners by encouraging them to take the road to eternal condemnation. True Christianity recognises the fact of sin. And to approach the sacraments, especially that of the Holy Eucharist, in the state of sin is to “eat and drink of one’s own condemnation.” However, from the revisionist/liberal religious (certainly not Christian) point of view, being nice and “loving” toward sinners takes precedence over the unreasonable irrational Divinely Inspired Scriptural requirements that violate their concept of inclusive love – even if God says that such leads to perdition. In order to uphold these concepts the religion of the revisionist/liberals demands that they refute traditional Christianity. But, in order to hold onto the “aura of authority” despite its irregularity, it is necessary for them to attempt to call their religion Christianity.


The revisionist/liberal approach is to try to get the “shoe in the door” and then edge in their aberrations until such would seem to be the norm. Today suggestions are being made that, while same-sex blessings are not allowed, “intercessory prayers” could be offered in the context of the Holy Eucharist for same-sex couples living in a faithful relationship. What could be wrong with that? Of course, as this writer heard one other orthodox conservative Priest say, nothing would be wrong if the prayer were for such individuals to see the sin in their relationship and turn to Christ for healing and direction. But, to “edge in” such prayers for the on-going relationship would be to ignore the Godly Word stating the fact of sin, the need to confess sin, and to receive absolution under the Cross of Christ before receiving the benefits of the Sacraments – especially that of the Blessed Sacrament.


Of course, no Christian Clergy could succumb to any such non-Christian directives from any such anti-Christian dictates. Thus, such could become a reason for the heretical authorities to persecute the God-fearing Faithful Clergy who would stand-up for the Truth of Jesus Christ as found in the Holy Word of God.


It is clear that the revisionist/liberal heretics are setting up to eliminate from the organisation they will lead that masquerades as a Church of Jesus Christ all the Orthodox Conservative God-Fearing Persons of the True Body of Jesus Christ who insist upon holding onto His Word in contravention of that which has to emanate from Antichrist. Those who will act according to the Holy Word of God and not listen to the heretical individuals who would be the leaders of those who with itching ears only listen to that which they would like to hear (see 2 St. Timothy 4) will not be welcome in the revisionist/liberal counterfeit church.


The costs will be high. Many True Christians will suffer at the hands of Antichrist and his minions in the false churches. There will be great endurance required of the faithful. But, out of the persecution will certainly arise the Glory of the True Christian Church. It is clear that there is a Reformation of the Body of Christ being enacted and Almighty God is in control.


While it is a strange and fascinating phenomena to watch the machinations of the heretical revisionist/liberal movement and a wonder at how intelligent persons who desire to truly serve Jesus Christ could be drawn in by such clearly obvious falsehoods, it is more necessary for True Christians to “put on the whole armour of God” and to stand firm in the Gospel. Putting complete trust in the “faithfulness and power of God” will be the hallmark of the tall standing faithful Christian!


The final point is that the revisionist/liberal heresies are based upon flimsy invalid thought processes that, while masquerading as modern progressive thought, clearly demonstrate the weakness of the fallen human intellect functioning without the atoning salvation that only comes in Jesus Christ. Their concepts are founded upon flimsy fallible human thinking and not upon the unassailable, inviolable, unmoveable firm foundations of the Divinely Inspired Holy Scriptures validated as being unquestionably true by the Crucifixion and Resurrections of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ – the True Firm Foundation. True Christianity is founded upon the Person of Jesus Christ as He has been revealed to us in the Holy Word of God. On the other hand, revisionist/liberalism refutes the firm foundation and establishes itself upon the sand of humanity. Thus, the ultimate victory will be with those who steadfastly centre themselves on the self-revelation of Almighty God revealed in the person of Jesus Christ as we know Him personally and learn of Him in the Holy Bible! In reality, there is no contest.


While the fallen will follow the heresies of the blind guides (revisionist/liberals), those whose eyes are truly and firmly fixed upon Jesus as being “The Way, The Truth, and The Life” and knowing Him as being the “Only Way to the Father” will know with certainty there is no other logical way when seen through eyes inspired by the Holy Spirit.


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