By: Father Larry Winslow



A Brief and Concise History of Technological Development


Life in today’s world is one that is full of excitement and innovation! In the past century a lifetime has changed from being one of little transformation to being a period in which almost everything is altered – and usually for the better. Each day brings news of discoveries and breakthroughs in the worlds of medicine, science, technology, communications, transportation, lifestyle devices, etc. The world is drawing closer and closer together such that the concept of global community is becoming more and more realised momentarily. Yet, instead of bringing people closer together as fellow citizens riding this great globe known as planet Earth, this fantastic rate of development has brought nearer to the brink of total self-annihilation.


If one thinks back to the beginning of the twentieth century, the distance one could travel in a given day was defined by either how far one could walk or how long one could safely ride a horse or ride in a horse drawn wagon or carriage. The era had experienced the growing availability of the iron horse (train) for long distance travel on the ribbons of steel that had been recently made available across this vast country of Canada and throughout the USA. Yet the norm was to travel the limits of a day’s journey and live and work within the realm of those limits.


The industrial age had made so many things readily available due to the developments in the manufacturing processes. But, essentially, these were involved in the mass production of already available goods and services.


Further, it was normal to live one’s entire life within those same limits of travel with only the exceptional trip being taken to other environments. Further, life was not to experience many changes in either in location nor style of living.


As the century progressed there were some technological changes introduced into society – many as the result of advances achieved through their necessity in the waging of war. The motorcar advanced from being a novelty, a horseless carriage, to being a mechanical device without which one could not live. The internal combustion engine developed into a necessity not only for travel but also for industry and farming. Automobiles advanced from being rudimentary motorised carriages to being technologically advanced computerised modes of transportation that are quick, quiet, and safe.


The advent of the GPS (Global Positioning System) now makes it possible for those inside the vehicle to know exactly where they are and to follow their routes on computer generated maps. This same capability makes it possible for corporations and parents to know where their vehicles are at any given time and exactly what that vehicle is doing. All this contributes to the efficiency and safety of the operation of motorised vehicles.


Air Travel developed exponentially in quality, speed and safety. This writer can remember taking a 13-hour trip from Toronto to Vancouver in 1951 on a Trans Canada Airlines (TCA – the forerunner to Air Canada back when Canada had one of the best National Airlines in the world) North Star (DC-6B). Where that flight had a maximum altitude of 15,000 feet and often went through mountain passes rather than over them today’s flights travel at 30,000+ feet and the mountains look like ripples on the ground beneath during a flight requiring only 6 hours.


The assembly line pioneered by Henry Ford added greatly to the ability to mass-produce product in a quick, efficient, and logical manner. Rapidly this developed with the advent of robots performing repetitive tasks faster, more safely, and more accurately than a human could do. Stable high quality manufacturing became the rule and not the exception that could only be achieved by a few expert workmen. Devices to aid in production made the lines more efficient and much safer for the human worker. Working conditions constantly improved such that injury and death became the exception rather than the rule.


But, probably the most startling advances came in the last half of the twentieth century with the advent and development of high-speed commercial and scientific computing machines.


During World War II the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was developed. This plug board programmed vacuum tube machine occupied a 15 by 9 metre room (50x30 feet) could execute 5000 additions per second. It was completed in 1946 after the War it was to help win was over and cost $400,000 to produce. Since it also was composed of some 18,000 vacuum tubes along with mechanical switches and relays it could actually produce enough heat to warm a building and it was actually possible for such a machine to be inhibited by a literal bug getting into these mechanical devices. Hence the need to “debug” a computer – a term that has stuck right up to today’s programming “bugs.”


From the UNIVAC I programmed computer requiring only 5000 tubes and into which the repairman would enter with a stool and a tool box, through the IBM 705, the Datamatic 1000, etc. that could all heat buildings with their btu production computing science progressed to the IBM 1401 – the first all transistorised computer with actual core memory to 16K in size.


With the IBM 1401 came the development of Random Access Disk storage in large fixed units (5 or 10 megabytes) and eventually in disk packs capable of stores 7.2 megabytes of information. Most influential were the high-speed chain printers that could produce up to 1000 lines per minute. The combination of relatively inexpensive computing hardware with the capability of high-speed output allowed a boom in computer sales.


From here on the main frame big iron market was characterised by the IBM 360/370 computer systems with increasingly sophisticated operating systems together with the UNIVAC 1180 and 9000 lines, a powerhouse machines produced by the likes of Control Data Corp and the French Company BULL.


Big Iron was king until the 1980’s with the development of microcomputers. Even then, the application of such “toys” was seen as limited and in the realm of novelty. But such machines that were many more times powerful than the mid-range supercomputers and infinitely more flexible and expandable were destined to revolutionise the whole area of business and scientific computing. The advent of Networking opened the doors to so many “desktop” applications that could contain corporate databases were developed.  Point of sale transactions became a reality. Momentary reporting became a feasibility by which managers could literally stay right on top of their operations.


The face of business has changed forever. The concept of interactive electronic deign is a reality. Computing is now distributed from the mobile computing device through the desktop through corporate model building and corporate control. Hand held devices work seamlessly with notebook computers, desktop computers, specialised control computers right through to the “big iron” that is still an essential component of the overall corporate structure as that corporation competes within the global village.


There is much more that could be followed. The field of medical development is growing in leaps and bounds. And, despite all the complaining about the Health Care System, it still remains that humankind has never had it so good from a health care point of view. Similarly, the fields of simulation, biomedical ethics, and many others could be explored. But, the main point to be understood from this brief and sketchy history of our development over the past one hundred, and especially the pas fifty, years is to marvel at what has been accomplished in such a short span of time.



How Has Such Accomplishment Come About?


Of course, when one looks at such a phenomenal “surge” in the growth pattern of technological man, one has to wonder why such has so suddenly and uniquely occurred. Some just blithely say that the time was right. Others will point to the two world wars and the development from necessity that emanated from their demands. Others, eager to boost their own egos, will say that mankind finally grew-up the point where he had the cranial wherewithal to undertake such development. The probability is that all of these factors along with many others came into play. And, as humanity develops one product and finds a need for it other products are necessary to satisfy ancillary needs and so on. IT was considered fantastic when the motorcar could sustain speeds of thirty miles per hour. But today it would be impossible to live with such a slow speed. The ENIAC was fantastic performing 5000 additions per second. But today it is impossible to live without billions, even trillions, of instructions per second. And so it goes in almost every field of endeavour.


But, even these factors do not fully explain the capabilities that have been developed in today’s technological society. In reality, no matter what the desires of humankind may have been, these developments could not have taken place unless man had been able to follow the revelation from Almighty God of the “laws” under which the components of any of today’s technological advances function within creation.


It is common knowledge today of how the earth rotates upon its axis approximately every 24 hours (23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds). It is further understood that the earth revolves about the sun in an orbit approximating 93 million miles from that central star requiring approximately 366 (365.25) days to complete. With the corrections of a 28 day month and a 29th day in that month every four years it is possible to know or predict accurately the earth’s location in space at any given point in time.


Similarly, it is in knowing the functions of the internal combustion engine and the rules under which it works that engineer have been able to maximise its efficiency. And, every time it is thought to have reached its limits engineers have been able to use these inflexible rules to function together in an even more efficient manner so that more can be obtained from that same device. For instance, in the 1950’s, when gasoline was $.25/gallon (4.5 litres/gallon or $.0556/litre) engineers felt they had reached the limit of the internal combustion engine at 15 to 20 mpg. But when gasoline costs increased dramatically and governmental environmental controls and consumption requirements were imposed it was suddenly possible to reach mileages of around 30mpg and reduce emissions by as much as 20%. The engine’s principles did not change. Rather, ways and means were found through more efficient burning and internal recycling techniques. The rules did not change. It was the efficiency of function within these set rules together with the development of lighter functional materials that proved it possible to improve the product.


As computers grew in power and capability the principles of computing did not change. The binary bit being on/off remained the same. The requirement and function of data flow originally supplied via the power flow within vacuum tubes, switches, relays, resistors, and capacitors had not and have not changed. Logic is still undertaken using the on/off nature of “bits” of information and its flow through the various internal components of the machine. However, vacuum tubes were slow, hot and bulky. Similarly resistors and capacitors as individual relatively bulky devices were too slow and required too much power. Physical switches and relays took up too much space and were slow and unreliable. Physical internal memory on a magnetic drum was slow and unreliable in the sense that it had to function mechanically and was subject to frequent breakdown. The goal became to condense these devices into smaller more all-inclusive electronic components. The IBM 1400 series computers, closely followed by the Honeywell 200 series, were the first computers to incorporate totally transistorised design with electronically driven physical core memory. This reduced the production cost of the computer and made it far more reliable and easier to find component errors. While it still required an air-conditioned room, its Btu production was much less than that of the tube machines. The principles had not changed. The rules were the same. It was how designers satisfied those rules that made the difference.


However, in order to increase operational speed and to reduce heat dissipation (Btu production) further development was necessary. The IBM 360 computers and the UNIVAC 9000 Series computers introduced Large Scale Integration (LSI), which physically shortened data paths by combining multiplicities of transistors, capacitors, etc into single silicon chips. Many thought that this was as far as the technology could go in the mid 1960’s. Then came VLSI in the IBM System 370. From there integration has continued from single layered devices through multi-layered boards and chips that constantly shorten the data paths, increase the storage capacities, allow for the use of lower voltages (less heat dissipation) to achieve the same ends. Again, the rules and principles have not changed. Only humankind’s ability to achieve goals within those pre-established rules and principles has changed.


Similar arguments can be made in the fields of aeronautics, medicine, product production, etc. In all cases man has discovered, via God’s benevolent Self-Revelation, the rules and principles that govern any specific field within the realm of God’s Creative Design Plan. The rules inherent in the Design Plan do not change. The Laws of Gravity and Thermodynamics do not change. Sometimes man finds elements of the Design Plan that he had previously overlooked. But such was always there and just not previously comprehended. The Design Plan, like God Himself, is constant and unchanging.


Then, in the proper use of scientific discovery as seen in the light of Christ (see Colossians 2:8) the applicable content of God’s Creation is utilised to find ways to make full use of the functions required within that particular field. As mankind becomes more adept in learning and following the rules of God’s Design Plan in Creation, so mankind is able to reap the benefits of that Design Plan more fully.


Remember the words of Solomon recorded in Ecclesiastes 1:9f, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one can say, "Look! This is something new"? It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time.” (NIV)



The Moral Law of God


As has been shown, the whole of God’s Creation is characterised by firm unchanging inherent rules and processes. Embracing those rules and processes leads to a wonderfully exciting and fulfilling life full of technological development leading to advancements in almost all fields of endeavour.


And humankind has been very astute in the discerning of these inherent rules and processes. It is in such an understanding and seeking of God’s Self-revelation concerning His Divine Creation that the current wave has been able to ride on the crest of technological advancements in lifestyle and quality of life.


However, such cannot be said for mankind’s comprehension and accession to the same source of Creative rules and processes functioning within the realm of morality in life. In fact, from almost the very beginning humankind has been trying to find “the better way” rather than be “constrained” by the rules and processes of a “cruel and restrictive god.”


It is really strange how those who have gained so marvellously through seeking the Divinely installed rules in the physical realm will unceasingly strive to supplant the guidance of that same Divine source in the moral and spiritual realms. Such inconsistency seems both illogical and incomprehensible.


Yet, such has been the norm since the Garden of Eden. The Divinely Inspired Word of God states that humanity is created in the image and likeness of God to rule over (have dominion over) the earth. Humanity is to be fruitful and multiply so as to fill the earth. But the most significant fact of creation is that the Lord God “formed” man from the dust of the earth. Whereas He said and it was done with the rest of Creation, here we find God taking an immediate and dynamic personal interest in this being called “man” in forming him and then “breathing” into him the “breath of life.” Such was the case with no other form of Creation. Mankind was “formed” and given “the breath of life” (spirit) so as to enable him, created in the image of God, to walk and talk in friendship and companionship with God. God takes great pains in His Divinely Inspired Scripture to clearly illustrate that special relationship that existed in the pre-fall condition of man and to which humanity is called to return through the Salvation of God that is available only in and through Jesus Christ.


In this state of fulfilled happiness God places Adam in the Garden of Eden. In Paradise God creates for Adam a helpmeet for him to fulfill and complete him in his uniqueness of being – the woman Eve. He commanded that from that point forward a “man would leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife; and the two would become one flesh.” The uniqueness of the relationship that is to exist in Holy Matrimony between one man and one woman is clearly and irrevocably established at this point in the earliest time in human history.


At this point in time when the Creation story was recorded humankind was limited in language to the structures similar to those of the Sumerian people. In this language, the superlative was non-existent. So a structure known as a “merismus” needed to be used to state all or everything. God created “everything” is thereby denoted by the two known extremes embracing the concept of “everything” – the heavens and the earth. Similarly, Adam and Eve were allowed to do anything save partake of the Tree of Knowledge of “good and evil” or “all moral knowledge.” The implication being that God has reserved to Himself decisions concerning all moral knowledge.


When it is considered that God had created everything to function in it fullness and righteousness within the parameters created by that fullness and righteousness, it only stands to reason that God should know best those boundaries. And, in His Divine Love for His Special Creation, it only stands to reason that He would want them to flourish by not contravening these limits. So God says to Adam and Eve that, in order to live the perfect life, they must reside within the bounds of what He informs them as being moral limitations.


When considered in this way, it is simple to see that God, in defining these limits, is acting out of Love and not out of a desire to exert His authority by forbidding such actions upon these “lesser beings.” God desires the best for humankind. Therefore, knowing their frailty in areas of wants and desires, God says that He, in His Divine Love, will inform mankind of what is good and beneficial and what is a violation of the bounds of Creation.


But Satan, being Lucifer, the fallen Archangel of Light and of all that is Beautiful, has as his goal the intent to pervert before the eyes of mankind all that is of Light and Beauty. His purpose is divert humanity from the wonders and perfection of Life in God by deceit and the inflammation of illicit desires outside of the Creative purpose of Almighty God so as to, as C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape would say, win him from the Enemy (God) for the realm of Our Father Below (Satan).


Satan appears as a Serpent to Eve. He convinces her that moral decisions are a “right” that she should have and that God is being unfair and unreasonably restrictive solely so as to “keep humankind down and in their place.” This oppressive act is said to be undertaken so that humanity would not rise to their rightful place in equality with God –such equality, according to Satan, is found in making up their own mind what is right and wrong – even to the extent of supplanting and/or replacing those things that God has decreed as right or wrong.


Hence the story of the Fall of Mankind begins with humanity trying to be that which they are not. Satan continues to use this very same ploy. Throughout Scriptural history as throughout secular history the desire of humankind to be their own masters in place of, rise to equality with, gain superiority over, or even effect the total annihilation of, Almighty God.


In pursuing this line of reasoning that continues to lead to the ongoing fall of mankind humanity continues to attempt to establish its own equality with, or even superiority over, Almighty God. Some theologies today are even so arrogant as to attempt to establish humanity as being “co-creators” with God in the work of some ephemeral ongoing creation.


The work of keeping man’s eyes fixed upon his own superiority of being and his own “rights” within society is carried on in today’s word under the guise of moral relativism. In order to follow this line of thinking the foundational language is established by corrupt and fallen society as being that of sociology. This language is, in itself, a valueless base language. Humanity is expected to begin with a foundation of no values. From here each societal group is to discover for itself a set of values that are good for them. Of course, such value set is seen to be egocentric and therefore right for that individual or group. But another group can validly hold a completely different set of values surrounding the same base, which is seen to be equally valid for them. In this language both sets of values are equally valid and only need to be considered in conjunction with each other when they come into some for of conjunction where the greatest good for the greatest number needs to be imposed as another equally good set of values. Or, the right of an individual small group is to be upheld against the majority opinion – especially if that majority opinion is based upon the Divinely Inspired Holy Word of God.


The only anathema in this system is anything that purports to be explicitly right or explicitly wrong in all circumstances. No moral absolute, even from the Divinely Inspired Word of Almighty God, is to be tolerated. In fact, the source of such absolutism is to be silenced as quickly as possible. Of course, this latter is necessary as the concept of moral relativism cannot stand up to the concept of God’s Law so the latter must be shouted down so as to make rational discussion impossible.


It is elementary to see, when compared to the rest of God’s Creation and how its rules and processes benefit humankind, the total ridiculousness and foolishness inherent in ignoring the Laws of Love produced by Almighty God so that His Special Creation can live the fulfilled and complete life. In fact, Jesus said that He had come so that mankind could return to that state of fulfilled and complete life. Under such a sincere evaluation it is impossible for humankind not to see the benefit of living within the bounds of Creation.


But, of course, this ignores the need for Satan to corrupt mankind so that they will choose to fall into his kingdom of Hell (a word and place he has worked so hard to have mankind pooh-pooh or deny the existence of the place). Technological gains in the realm of everyday society are, at worst, meaningless to Satan and, at best, tools that can be used to lead to the fall of humanity. It is within the realm of the human spirit that Satan can make his real gains and conquests.


Thus, the onslaught is continued using the tried and true “logic” that led to the fall of humanity to start with. People today think that it is such a new and highly intellectual endeavour to challenge God’s Word once delivered. It is a sign of being a real “thinker” if one seeks to find reasons and methods for making God’s Will seem passé and out of touch with the “realities” of today. Yet, the basic premise is as old and mundane as time itself. “There is nothing new under the sun,” cries the Preacher. It is sometimes difficult to understand how intelligent people can be so easily duped.


The Satanic goal in this world today is to try to keep people focused everywhere but upon the Will or Divinely Inspired Word of God. The very thought that God has any moral authority, is able to communicate such an authority in an absolute manner, or has the real authority to do so is to be made anathema within society. In this way, humankind can be made to focus upon its own inherent righteousness, ability to make-up its own rules of right and wrong for individual selves, along with its inherent authority to stand in the stead of God in these matters. Thus both God’s impotence and man’s “right” to act in God’s stead are affirmed via the imposed logic of relativism despite the latter’s weakness and inconsistency when viewed in the light of the rest of mankind’s actions within the Divinely Created world.


The arrogance, inconsistency, and utter foolishness of this system used in one circumstance of human life and in apposition to all other aspects of human existence is ridiculously obvious to even the most basic of thinkers. Therefore, Satan has to keep the blinders of society well in place. Humanity must be encouraged to focus upon its own intellectual desire to stand in the stead of God, its own base or fallen wants and desires as being rights and privileges taken in superiority over the Will of God, and its own right to determine its own destiny. In this way, the focal point of humanity’s efforts will be upon itself and not upon its purposes under God.


Hence products for “beauty care” are advertised under the slogan “you deserve it because you are worth it.”  The concept is not whether one needs what is being advertised but it violates one’s “rights” if one does not use the product. The unfettered murder of countless of millions of unborn children is sold as a “right” for a woman to determine the functions of her own body. In fact, there was a one-time article extant on the National Organisation of Women’s (NOW) WEB site that posited that a foetus was undertaking an unwarranted attack upon a woman’s body and the she had the “right and obligation” to defend herself against such an onslaught through its expulsion from her being. That which is natural in the Design Plan of our Creator God is sold as a violation of the female body’s integrity and needs to be defended against. Society also promotes the “right” of individuals to choose and follow their own “sexual orientations” together with their inherent wants and needs without being seen as being under the judgment of God who has clearly established the norms for the use of His Divine Gift of Sexuality in His Holy Word. Legal actions are taken to protect the “rights” of homosexual persons as though they represent a race and not a “perversion of the desires” gifted by the Creator God. Illicit prostitution is being considered as normal and acceptable in many countries. Immoral Canadian authority is today legalising the same. Persons walking outside of the bonds of Holy Matrimony are seen as exercising their “rights” to free sexuality. And this entire acceptance of immorality grows despite clear scientific evidence of the costs in terms of health and overall moral decay. Satan emphasises the “rights” of the individual over the will of God.


Of course, this kind of rejection of God is not new. It is seen in the beginning of time with the fall of Man. Isaiah (Isaiah 5:20) where he decries this type of moral ineptitude by saying, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”  While many amongst Satan’s minions who are promoting this supplanting of God’s Word with their word in God’s stead by stating, “Jesus is doing new things in today’s Church through the guidance of His Holy Spirit” God has already spoken to them. God’s Holy Word tells us that Jesus only points to the established and unchanging Will of God. Further, the Holy Spirit will never contradict that which God has established for eternity in His Design Plan of Creation and His Divine Love for His Special Creation - humankind.







The Word of God tells us of the consistent and unchanging nature of God. Malachi states that the Lord our God is an unchanging God. Jesus states that Heaven and Earth will pass away but His Word will never cease. Jesus further points to the Moral Law of God and says that His purpose is not to change that Law but to fulfill it. The writer to the Hebrews tells us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


One of the most wonderful and foundational elements of Almighty God is his consistency and uniform direction of purpose. The whole of the Design Plan of God seen in Creation is evidence of that constancy. The whole of God’s Self-Revelation is seen in the one-time act of Creation and His Son Jesus Christ in Whom is the “very effulgence of the Glory of God.” The writer to the Hebrews tells us the “in these last days God has spoken (perfect tense) through His Son.”


Mankind has followed the uniformity or God’s Will and Plan in Creation in order to use those rules to the development of many wonderful benefits in science and technology. Such use of God’s self-revelation has given humanity the wonderful lifestyle available to those who live in His Divine Creation today.


However, when it comes to morality, humanity has, throughout history, refused to accept the consistent rules and procedures directed by the One True Loving God. Man has refused the canon of moral relationships in favour of a convoluted hodgepodge of self-designed moral ineptitudes to his own detriment. Ignoring the goals of God in his constancy, humanity has degraded and brought ill upon itself by trying to be its own god that has found a better way in all things moral.


There is no underlying logic in the direction humanity has taken. In fact, the concepts presented by today’s leadership, secular and ecclesiastical are totally unsupportable and irrational when seen in the light of God’s Love and Creative Plan. They need to be imposed and all opposition irrationally and hysterically shouted down.


Thus, Christians are called to stand firm and strong in the consistency of Almighty God. It is mandatory for Christians to remain strong in the Scriptural approach to all facets of life – and most especially in that of the moral directions given to humanity by the Loving Care of the One True God. It is this faithfulness to He Who is always faithful to mankind that can lead to the redirection of humanity back toward the Divine Will.


Christians’ call is to be consistent in the understanding of the Will of Almighty God in all facets of life. The call to Christians is to not be deceived by the revisionist liberal inconsistencies but to be faithful to the faithfulness and constancy of God’s Holy Word in all things.



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