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The concepts of political correctness and the pressure to constantly speak respectfully has worked in conjunction with the inherent “gentleness in Jesus” to cause Orthodox Conservative Christians to “pussyfoot” in many of their statements concerning the current immoral and Satanic directions being undertaken within society in general and the Christian Church in particular.


Political correctness, and indeed the extremist Satan-driven content of Bill C38, together with the morally corrupt judicial and political leadership have made every attempt to muzzle Bible–believing Christians concerning the, at best amoral, and at worst blatantly immoral, actions of the Canadian judiciary, legislatures, and parliament. To stand for “Christian” principles has been touted as irrelevant, unacceptable, and reprehensible in today’s political society. And, as the lobbyists and other evil bodies behind such legislation would have it, there is every attempt to make speaking against the subject matter of the bill illegal. As is always the case with evil immorality, there is every attempt to cut off free speech concerning their subject matter once they have used free speech to attain their iniquity.


Even the Prime Minister has made serious attempts at showing himself to be a “religious” person in his private life while totally eschewing God in his public life – and has tried to make a virtue out of such incomprehensible reprehensive behaviour. He has totally flouted and ignored the statements and directions of the Church to which he pretends to adhere – the actions of the Great Deceiver himself! Yet, when one follows his electoral promises, it is simple to see his pattern of deception and deceitfulness. His total disrespect of the Canadian people is clearly illustrated in such matters as his promise to defend the institution of marriage and his commitment to provide “free votes” of his own party in matters of controversial legislation (to name only two).


While such public figures speak often disdainfully toward the Orthodox Christians of society, they consistently expect the objects of their derision to speak politely and respectfully towards them. And they are terribly offended when some unrelenting Christian responds with strong and condemnatory language. It seems that “standing by their conviction” is considered quite respectable while a True Bible Believing Christian standing by the Law of God is considered unduly rash and objectionable. Orthodox Christianity is held to such a standard and then ridiculed for it while being denied the right to make proclamations concerning the Will of the One True Creator God! And, such a ploy is held to be inviolable by these minions of Satan.


Even the so-called Christian Church is participating in this suppression of the Will of God in society today. The Revisionist Liberal Leadership of the Church is moving in directions that are totally divergent from the Holy Scriptures, Apostolic Tradition, and all sane Reason. Coincidentally, actions are being taken to actively attempt to muzzle all Orthodox Christian opposition. In their desire to make friends with and to be led by corrupt post-modernist society this leadership oppresses the Orthodox Christian arm of their “organisations” by ignoring them, demanding their “falling in line,” pushing them out, rendering them irrelevant, repudiating them as being “divisive,” finding false causes for dismissal, etc. All the while, the revisionists become extremely upset and actively vindictive when the Orthodox Conservatives push back using the Sword of the Spirit (the Holy Scriptures), Apostolic Tradition, and the Rationale of Orthodox Christian Thought produced through the centuries.


It is under this milieu that Orthodox Christians find themselves in a position that demands a firm and committed stance! It is under these circumstances that it has become time to Name the Sin and Its Source in a public manner such that the intention is totally clear and not “open to interpretation or spin.” There is no more time for timidity. As St. Paul told St. Timothy, “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.” (2 St. Timothy 1:7 – NIV)


In viewing this statement in the light of Jesus’ statement, “Whoever acknowledges Me before men, I will also acknowledge him before My Father in Heaven. But whoever disowns Me before men, I will disown Him before My Father in Heaven” one sees the very pressing need for True Christians to step forward for Jesus before society and before morally corrupt Church leadership. Jesus has given the Power to the True Church. For both faithfulness to Jesus and for one’s own Salvation it is incumbent upon the Body of Christ to take a firm unequivocal evocative public stand!




Societal Direction


The past half-century has witnessed a continual slide of societal morality. A value system that was once firm and consistent has been gradually eroded such that no one today holds moral values as being firm and essential. Everything is considered relative and fluid.


Joseph Fletcher’s early 1960’s publication Situation Ethics formulated an open assault upon concrete values by positing that all moral decisions are dependant upon the situation in which they exist. Right and wrong was not to be determined by a fixed set of moral standards as can be found in God’s Holy Word but rather by “moral” decision based upon the greatest good for the greatest number of persons within any given situation. Of course, the greatest good was determined by the emotions and desires of the individuals involved and not upon that which Almighty God, or any other god or perceived authority, established as concretely desirable or undesirable.


Further secular writings were produced in “proving” that nothing was concrete and all morality was to be determined relative to the circumstances surrounding the pertinent events. Simultaneously the “hippie generation” was challenging any and all absolutes of society. In the light of this, any Christian statement concerning God’s Will, God’s Word, or God’s Purpose was trivialised by the popular press and either ignored or simply paid a lip service by the political and judicial arenas.


Public language previously treated as abusive or profane was now ignored and treated as being a “right” of individuals to express themselves as they see fit. Lewd public behaviour that previously would have led to charges of indecency and actions unacceptable in society were treated as being appropriate expressions of self. Coincidentally, speaking against any such actions was considered prudish, out-of-touch, and irrelevant in “modern” society - or simply the gibberish of the extraneous religious right.


The media and the arts portrayed religious persons who tried to speak God’s Word as incompetent old fools or bumbling boobs who were to be tolerated in the tolerant society in the same way as any other mentally deficient individual would be endured - tolerated but not seriously considered. True faith in God was considered by many to be a severe weakness of character. The psychology profession even determined that a “religious” person” first needed to get rid of the “crutch” of faith before he/she could be treated for any perceived mental/emotional malfunction.


During the period of breaking down the moral fabric of society political steps were taken to begin to destroy the concept of the value of human life and the values that God places on human life and human society. The concept of the societal good was replaced by the concept of the “right of the individual” as being supreme.


Consequentially, resulting from political lobbying together with corrupt medical opinions, morally deficient politicians enacted legislation to provide the “right of abortion.” The politicians assured the Church leadership of the day that such a right would only be extended in extreme circumstances whereby the health (read physical health) of the mother was in danger.


Of course, these provisions were soon to drop from sight. The toe was in the door and society was to be faced with an out-and-out holocaust against indefensible human life in the womb. It was not long before the minions of Satan began to call in the judicial allies to declare the original law as too restrictive. Then the politicians, totally losing sight of their initial guarantees to the morally concerned in society, began to loosen the legislation to suit the wants and needs of individuals while ignoring that which was known to be morally bankrupt and effectively criminal – the wanton murder of human beings to suit the “desires” of other human beings. The judiciary, following its Satanic goals as servants of the Evil One, cooperated by declaring the human child in the womb not to be human until it is actually born. And, these minions hold to such illogical positions even today and in the light of DNA evidence that clearly defines the human foetus as being fully human.


First the concept of health was extended to include mental health. Then mental health was extended to mean that a woman might be “unhappy” if she were to bear the result of her indiscretions. Eventually, the “right” of the woman to make her own choice, even between the life and death of a conceived human being, became the supreme criteria. Today, women offer themselves to murderous physicians to indiscriminately and wantonly murder powerless children in the womb.  The “right” of the mother to choose to commit such murder is seen in society as being sacrosanct and inviolable.


Slowly but surely the onslaught against morality has continued in the judicial system and in the legislatures and parliaments of society. Effectively, the accusations of Isaiah against 8th century BC Judah has shown itself to be standing tall in late 20th and early 21st centuries AD society. In that former society Isaiah warned of the upcoming downfall of the haughty that put aside God’s righteousness for their own corrupt versions of the same. Isaiah gave this message in the 5th chapter of his prophecy (vv 18-23) “ Woe to those who draw sin along with cords of deceit, and wickedness as with cart ropes, to those who say, "Let God hurry, let him hasten his work so we may see it. Let it approach, let the plan of the Holy One of Israel come, so we may know it."  Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight. Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine and champions at mixing drinks, 23 who acquit the guilty for a bribe, but deny justice to the innocent.” (NIV) The judicial and political figures of today really must take heed concerning these admonitions as they apply to them even more than they applied to ancient Judah.


As previously cited, personal moral behaviour has deteriorated to the point where the Will of God is all but unknown and/or ignored. Public vulgarity is not only tolerated but also treated as a “right.” Foul behaviour is considered normal and not to be criticised by the “prudes” of society. Moral relativism is considered the standard for determination of right and wrong in total ignorance of the standards of Almighty God. Even the “promise” of individuals is considered relative and transitory – especially in the case of politicians. One does not have to look far to see the latter as has already been cited concerning the credibility of the current Prime Minister of Canada.


The Satanic process in Canada has been to initially breakdown the moral fibre of the country by eliminating any concept of absolute right and wrong under God. Essentially the “right” and “desire” of the individual at a particular time, place, and circumstance has superseded any thought of overriding absolutes. In such a scheme the concept of right and wrong floats according to the various criteria to be established at a later date, in many cases.


As standards of right and wrong have been destroyed the next stage in the process is the erosion of the family. This began with the state moving from providing educational opportunities to the children of families to one of the state requiring the children of families to be educated according to the parameters of the state. Further, these parameters are seen as being superior to those that families may hold in apposition and thus, enforceable upon the family by law. Thus, the state is able to effectively “brainwash” (officially the term is educate) the children despite the value system that may be held by the family.


The state then moved to force families into the position of being two-wage earner units by reforming the tax system such that it is uneconomical for a family to have only one wage earner. This meant the spousal deduction had to be manipulated such that it is less expensive and more beneficial to have two wage earners rather than one in the family. The “child tax deduction” became a tax credit providing lesser value. The state was also moving away from the “right” to deduction toward the concept of the “credit” being given at the generous behest of the state and it could be similarly removed. Of course, this move was “pushed along” be feminist groups in the projected name of equality rights – but the effect has been to reorient the visions of husband and wife from the family and the importance of their children to personal and communal success. This accomplished the loosening of family relationships and provided more means for the state to enter into the child-rearing process. It further loosened the bonds between husband and wife and made family discourse more prevalent.


The state then proceeded to accept the concept of “common law” relationships being judicially equivalent to marriage relationships. In so doing, the institution of marriage was further weakened. In fact, to a now godless society, marriage, in many instances, has become irrelevant and unnecessary. As the bonds of marriage have been weakened by the continual moral decay in the state, the door is opened to revisiting and revising the whole concept of marriage.


Coincident to this has been the inroads being forced by those who have chosen a lifestyle outside of the Will of God. The homosexual community has used the vision of an oppressed minority to gain “rights” for itself under the “law of the land” granted by a morally deficient and corrupt judiciary supporting the equally morally corrupt legislative body. Since the concerned bodies have long lost sight of God’s Law and God’s Values, the step to regularising irregularities is a short one.


Thus, despite firm promises that the institution of marriage would be protected made by this Prime Minister and his Liberal Party, the moral fibre of this country and many other societies has degenerated to such a degree that marriage has now been usurped and corrupted from its age old definition to include that which under God cannot be married.


Even while the state leadership is vowing that the current new legislation concerning homosexual marriages will not lead to further deterioration of sexuality, marriage, or pornographic regulations, there are evidences of the same “beginning” to occur. There are newspaper articles decrying the new government legislation tightening the paedophilia laws. Along with this there is the finding of a B.C. court in 2002 that, while actual pictures of child sex are not legal, drawings and writings depicting the “imagination” are quite acceptable. While the government said that Bill C-38 would not limit religious freedom, the homosexual community is already moving to have any reference to even the Holy Scriptures and its condemnation of homosexual activity condemned as being hate literature and use of those references, even in sermons in the Church, as being acts of hate. In other words, where the homosexual community gained these abhorrent legal benefits to their community through the benefit of free speech, that same community will move to have any free speech against these abominations made into criminal activity – and the Satanic nature of today’s judiciary will almost certainly uphold these complaints.


Moral Values have been reduced from that which is required by God to that which provides humankind with its latest pleasure and thrill. Moral correctness is seen in terms of emotional and base instincts and needs. The steps to be taken from here will most likely include further devaluation of human life in terms of legalising euthanasia, sexual aberrations, polygamy, etc. Of course, all such has been denied by the political figures. But that is an old story and known to be true only for a moment until another time and place where the logical outcome becomes more pressing for the figures involved.


One of the most devastating innovations of the moral decay of society has been that of the so-called multiculturalism. Under the pretence of giving ethnic groups from all over the world the rights to their cultural stances, something which they have always had and have always maintained in a most beautiful manner, the degenerates have caused a moral hodgepodge of nothingness that serves only to allow the destruction of meaningful societal values. This false concept has only served to deepen divisions and antagonisms amongst various peoples while adding to the moral decay of society.


The ultimate effect of the application of these secular-humanist post-modernist directions is the forwarding and upholding the empire of Satan whom its proponents serve to the end. Is this a harsh statement? Of course it is! Is this an accurate statement? It most definitely is! One is either for God and upholding His divine Creative Directions or one is a servant of Satan and promotes his evil ends. Such was the stance of Jesus and He provided no middle road of wishy-washiness. Christians need to be bold in pointing this out. The ultimate effect is the result of a freely made choice for God or Satan - heaven or hell.


The degeneration of society is clearly illustrated in the primary goals and desires of the populous where concern is primarily for one’s own prosperity and ignores the clear evils that exist in the governmental and judicial bodies that promote that seeming prosperity. Evil is good so long as it provides for my creature wants and desires is the mantra. Society has highlighted the “rights” of the individual together with the relativism of moral values to such an extent that effective uncontrolled anarchy freely and openly exists.





Christian Response to Societal Direction


It is in this milieu in 2005 that True Christians are called to stand and to speak out. The goal of the proponents of degeneration is to marginalise and make irrelevant the Holy Word of God. However, contrary to the approach of the religious left whose goal is to make friends with fallen and corrupt society and to be informed and changed by its cultural situation, the True Orthodox Christians must continue to present God’s Word and God’ Will to a society dying in its sinfulness. True Christians need to speak to society rather than be spoken to and/or influenced by the corruption.


The truth is that the message of Jesus Christ is not, and never will be, popular amongst those who would make their own decisions concerning morality. This was the original sin of Eve and remains the primary sin of humankind in trying to set itself up as being equal, or even superior, to Almighty God. Fallen humanity, that is all humanity, will wallow in its own sinfulness when it rejects the Salvation of God in Jesus Christ. Such depraved individuals will always stand in opposition to the implementation of God’s Word in society. They will use such high sounding terms as “separation of Church and State” and “the need to be fair to all cultures” as their battle cries. But the real meaning of the words is, in concert with King Herod at the news of the Birth of the Christ Child, the King of Israel, who would not contemplate even God usurping his throne, “no one, not even God, will be allowed to interfere with their supremacy and their right to supersede God’s Will with their own will.”


By way of beginning the “conversation” the post-modernist words are tolerant, sweet, and sugar coated. However, as God’s Word becomes more powerful and more threatening to their autonomy these persons will become more vicious and vengeful in their response to the Righteousness of Almighty God. And here the Christian must not become timid or repressed. Jesus warned us of the opposition to His Gospel and persecution that would result in St. John 15:20ff.


Rather, the Christian must speak boldly, while being respectful to the humanity of these Satanic sinners, as he/she is commissioned by Christ to Preach the Word. True Christians will be steeled by the words of St. Paul in Romans 1:16f, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: "The righteous will live by faith." (NIV)


In fact, the whole effort comes down to a simple expression of our love as members of the Body of Christ toward those sinners who are living outside the Body in rejection of Almighty God. True Love demands self-risk and self-sacrifice for the sake of those who are currently lost and living outside of the Kingdom of God. Of course, their retort will be an angry, “What gives you the right to judge? Does not your Bible say “judge not lest ye be judged?” How can you criticise me? How dare you!” But, the Christian still needs to stand firm in the power of the Gospel.


The early Christians faced a society and a government that was totally opposed to their gentleness and their resolve. But they kept the Holy Word of God demonstrably before that society until God’s Will overcame the hatred, anger, and vehemence that emanated from the lost. So we must stand today.


The words above may seem harsh to some. In fact, many Christian sensibilities will be offended. However, the time has come for naming the sins and exposing the actions for what they really are – sins against the one true God!


Jesus made it clear that anyone who is not for Him is against Him! There can be no compromise on this fact. St. Paul clearly stated that we must choose the master we will serve as we will inevitably serve either God or Satan. The choice is ours. The consequences are resounding. And we are not doing anyone any favour by failing to name their sinful actions and calling society to repentance and return to God in Christ through Whom is the Only Route to Eternal Salvation. No one can come to Salvation in Christ until he/she recognises his/her sinfulness and inadequacies in the eyes of God without claiming the Atonement freely offered through the Cross and Bodily Resurrection of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ!


Politicians have been duped into using the excuse that their religious life should not interfere with their political life. They will state that the two need to be separated so as to be fair to all cultures living in the country and it would not be “right” to impose their religious views on others. Of course, such an argument is either a complete misunderstanding of what it means to be a Christian or an honest statement that their church attendance is nothing more than spiritual exercise in a religious club that is not allowed to affect their life in any other manner. In either case, they show themselves to be a sad case of lost humanity. Further, assuming they have made their Christian faith known prior to election, they should actually assume that those who elected them were assuming they would stand by that faith.


Similarly, there is the in vogue argument concerning the perceptions of the separation of Church and State. While such is not a Canadian term it seems to have crossed the border as a convenient concept that can be used by the political arena to justify its ignoring of the moral Values put forward by Almighty God. But it is based upon a total misconstruing of the concept. Firstly, the notion was initially put forward to protect the Church from the State and not visa versa. Secondly, the True Christian community can never abrogate its role of speaking to the secular culture that includes the legislative and judicial bodies within that culture. Nor can a morally based society ignore the representations of the religious bodies speaking from the pure presentation of the Divinely Inspired Holy Word of God. Those who hold to this concept as a rationale for their actions are merely attempting to excuse themselves for their immoral and heretical values. And while such may be accepted by an essentially corrupt and godless society as a whole, this rationale will certainly not hold any value whatsoever before the Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ as He has plainly shown us through His Divinely Inspired Holy Word!


True Orthodox Christians need to love these poor lost souls who are epitomized by the horrid immoral stance of our current Prime Minister. Christians need to point out to them that one cannot be a Christian on Sunday and abandon the faith the rest of the time. The Christian Life is characterised by the living out of God’s Will in every deed and action. Christian faith does not allow itself to be compromised under any circumstances as Jesus is “The Way, The Truth, and The Life” and “No one comes to the Father but through Him!” And, just as children are scolded and disciplined when they do wrong or put themselves in danger, so should these persons be held to account for their failure to uphold that which they say they believe. Their very Salvation depends upon their commitment to the wholeness of the Christian principle in Christ. Thus, ignoring such is both intrinsically wrong and exceedingly dangerous.


In dealing with the political personnel who are failing to stand for what they privately say they believe, we need to come right out and state that their Salvation is in the balance. We need to show them how Almighty God in His Divine Love poured out through Jesus Christ calls them to live their faith in every deed and action. We need to bluntly state that they are choosing their own Eternal Destiny in their legislative actions and to vote against the Holy Word of God is to choose Eternal Condemnation – HELL! This is the only way that we can take loving action for these poor lost souls. We need to name the sin and the consequence of such action!


A similar stance needs to be taken toward the judicial bodies that are constantly judging against the Holy Word of God. We need to vocalise the fact that, in so doing, these highly intelligent persons are judging themselves guilty of extreme condemning sin that will certainly seal their Eternal residence in the realm of Satan. There seems to be an attitude in the judiciary that they stand above the law, above legislative bodies, and above God. The original sin of Eve is rampant in their judicial realm. And they need to hear that such will certainly be disastrous for them when they come before the judgment seat of Christ.


Of course, neither the politicians nor the judiciary will be forced by these strong words to turn to Christ. Some may choose so to do while others will be more taken with their sense of personal importance and superiority and continue their walk on the road to Hell. God gave us free choice such that choosing to serve and worship Almighty God would bring true glory to Him. But those who are given to evil will certainly continue on their way to their chosen condemnation. However, the seeming good but superficial and invalid argument about their “religion” will be removed and shown in pure light to be the deceptive measures that it really is.


The upside of the whole stance is that some will listen, repent, and reform!


Further, the primary pressure upon secularised godless society is best made by speaking directly to the proponents of that cultural establishment in the populace itself. If the populous becomes repentant and desirous of living by God’s Word then the political and judicial bodies will be moved toward their own position of repentance and reform. Thus, Christians are called upon to speak meaningfully to the whole of society and not simply the leadership figures.


In order to accomplish the goal of bringing about such repentance and reform at the grass roots levels of society, the True Orthodox Bible Believing Christians need to become more relevant and more influential within society. In order to accomplish this, Christians need to be willing to take a greater role from within society and to more clearly express the message of Jesus Christ to this society that is wallowing in the terminal illness of sin.


The Church today has become insignificant and meaningless as far as most members of secular society are concerned. The body stands for nothing meaningful. It is wishy-washy, toothless, bumbling, and unable to get along with itself let alone the whole of society. Christians have to turn this around by joining together to bring the simple message of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to this world. It needs to powerfully affirm the Good News from God of His Love as it is expressed in His Law and in the Person of His Divine Son Jesus the Christ. It needs to clearly establish the free choice of every person concerning Eternal Life and Eternal Condemnation. There can be no pussyfooting around. The secular world, while drowning in the false concepts of relativitism and individuality, does not respect uncertain messages purported to be from God. Firm assertions of the Gospel message well presented require response in the form of “I accept” or “I reject” the morality of God. As more and more begin to understand that the only true reality is wrapped up in the Creative Design Plan of the One True God there will be a greater number returning to God through His Only Son Jesus Who is “The Way, The Truth, and The Life!” In either case, no one will be able to stand before the Judgment Seat of Jesus and say, “I never heard the Word.”


Such a stance is not easy and will not always be well received. The minions of Satan in the legislative and judicial fields will do all they can to silence the message. Perhaps those preaching the Word openly and strongly will be convicted of putting forth doctrines of hate. Perhaps the Holy Bible itself will be determined to be “hate literature.” But, as Jesus told us in His Word, we need not worry about how we will respond. The Holy Spirit will guide the Christian response in a strong and convicting manner.


True Orthodox Christianity must confront today’s secularised society without worrying about the cost. For far too long the organised Church has failed to confront fallen and sinful society with the true righteousness of God. In fact, organised religion has lost the respect of the secular humanist post-modernists because of its attempts to make friends, join in, and theologise the sinfulness and evils running rampant in that society. Orthodox Christians must counter this by living and presenting the fullness of the True righteousness of God as being the only way to Salvation for anyone who would be willing to accept that Free Gift from God in Jesus Christ. It is the only way that the current Satanic direction of secular society can be turned around.


Archbishop Gregory Venables, Primate of the Southern Cone (South America), speaking at the “Open Door Conference” held in Toronto in June 2005 by Anglican Essentials Canada said, “Following Jesus is the most revolutionary thing we can do. It is counter culture and exciting. But it upsets lots of people.”


Christians need to counter this culture at every level. Christians need to bring the message of the exclusivity of Jesus Christ to all levels of today’s corrupt and sinful society. Excited Christians need to clearly display the great truth and wondrous Salvation available only through Jesus Christ to this world that is suffering and dying in its sinfulness in the rejection of the One True God! Such is the only hope for this society in which we live today.






The Direction of the Organised Christian Church


Many years ago the United Church of Canada dealt with the issue of homosexuality and shocked the religious world by affirming the ordination of practising homosexual persons. It further affirmed homosexuality and sexual outside of marriage to be acceptable in the eyes of God when undertaken in a loving and caring manner.


In recent days the Episcopal Church of the USA (ECUSA) and the Anglican Church of Canada (ACofC) have made headlines with their stance in favour of homosexuality, the ordination of practising homosexual persons, including a Bishop in the case of ECUSA, and the blessing of same-sex unions. Further, onlookers generally agree that the direction is toward the actual performance of Marriage between same-sex homosexual couples even though such is denied at this time.


However, the real concern goes much deeper than the homosexual issue. It is merely the resultant cancer that has assumed centre stage at this time and place. In reality, the debate is over the foundational position of the Divinely Inspired Holy Word of God in the formulating of the doctrinal position of the Christian Community. It is the debate over the foundational principles of the English Reformation as they apply to today’s Worldwide Anglican communion.


While the erosion of the authority of Holy Scripture really became an issue in the late 19th Century AD with the advent of the Graff-Wellhausen theories concerning the development of the Pentateuch (The Torah – also known as the Books of Moses) and the ensuing development of the various forms of Scriptural Criticism, the matter began to come to the public head in the second half of the 20th Century AD. It was during this period that the work of Joseph Fletch (previously cited), JAT Robinson, James Pike, and Harvey Cox came to the fore.


These works tended to denigrate the authority of Holy Scripture and challenge the Apostolic Traditions affirming the Trinity, the Virgin Birth, the Physical Bodily Resurrection of Jesus, the miracles of Holy Scripture, etc. Essentially these works were champions of human reason sitting in judgment of what the Church always had believed, and the Orthodox Conservative Church still does maintain, to be the Infallible Divinely Inspired Holy Word of God. The heretical goal involved removing Christianity from the foundational belief system based upon the Holy Bible and replacing that underpinning with that developed from the sceptical reason of fallen humanity. In essence, again the original sin of Eve in setting herself up as equal to, or better than, God by taking to herself that which God had reserved to Himself perpetuates itself in the actions of fallen modern theological thought that worships itself more than the Creator God.


Of late such notorious writers as Bishop John Spong (ECUSA - retired) and Bishop Michael Ingham (New Westminster, ACofC) have continued the challenge in grossly heretical writings denying many of the basic tenets of faith as being unreasonable and unbelievable in today’s intellectual environment. The former considers those who believe the Bible as Being The Word of God as being simple minded, superstitious, fundamentalist, and impeding the development of the real Church today. On the other hand, the latter seems to be working toward a New Age religious syncretism that denies the universality and exclusivity of Jesus Christ by seeing Him as simply one mode of Salvation (valid for us) amongst many alternative routes to the heavenly place. The interesting thing about these two individuals is that neither one is honest enough to see that his portrayed beliefs so violate his ordination vows that he should step down from the office he no longer maintains and function as a prophetic voice working outside of that to which he had vowed allegiance.


In the environment of these leaders, the general Church leadership has bought into their heretical thought patterns and has supported their immoral, ill-founded, evil directions. Those who are equally devoid of moral conviction but still like to parade around in the titles and regalia not only support the concepts of these heretics but also join in the attempts to silence, eliminate, persecute, and get rid of anyone who stands in favour of the supremacy of God’s Holy Word. Bishop Benison of the Diocese of Philadelphia has even gone so far as to state that since man wrote the Bible man can rewrite it now.


The problem is further exasperated by their corruption of unsuspecting laity who blindly follow these seeming intellectual individuals believing them to be unquestionably right because of the positions that they illegally hold onto. The laity figures that these people are educated in theology so they should be trusted. Since a large number of the laity has not taken the time to personally study the Holy Word of God it is easily duped by false rationale purporting to supersede Hoy Writ.


The revisionist liberal camp, having deceptively attained high positions, and being quite persuasive with their heterodoxy that appeals to human wishes and desires even though they are in opposition to God’s Word, then appeal to “democratic votes” at Synodical or equivalent bodies to pass their resided liberalised theologies. Then they point to that vote as being the supporting rationale for their position.


It does not dawn on many that such votes are the decisions of those who really know little or nothing about the Divinely Inspired Holy Word of God. It does not seem to dawn on these people that God never asked for a “vote” on His Word. Rather the Covenant of God has always been presented to humankind for acceptance as-is or being rejected as-is. Humanity was never, and is never, given the option of modifying the content of the covenant. It is a take it or leave proposition with Salvation being based upon humankind being willing to accept God’s wonderful and loving gift as it is wrapped up in the totality of His Word.


The problem seems to emanate from those who wish to be Christians also wishing to be part of today’s cultural environment and allowing that environment to affect their faith. Yet, as has already been pointed out, the Great Commission of Jesus calls upon humankind to speak to secular society and to affect the same with the Holy Word of God and the Good News of the availability of the Free Gift of Eternal Life for those who are willing to accept Jesus and His pointing to the undefiled Holy Word of God living in Himself and Written in God’s Word – the Holy Bible. God’s people are to influence society and not to be influenced by society.


Part of the problem being faced by the Christian Church today from a faith point-of-view is centred upon the content of much of “theological” education. Historically speaking, most of the great heresies throughout the ages have emanated from the institutions of higher learning. It is in this environment that humans tend to reach the point where their knowledge is no longer seen as a gift of God. Rather the intellectual reaches of humankind are seen as attaining the point of sitting in judgment of God and His Word.


God has given humanity the ability to reason in order to reach varying levels of comprehension concerning His Divine Will. However, no matter how wise humanity becomes God’s thoughts are still beyond total human comprehension. Therefore there are varying points where humanity has to humbly assert a “yes Lord” to God’s Will without understanding.


St. Paul tells the Corinthian Church in 1 Corinthians 1:20ff, “Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe. Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles, but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. For the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength.”(NIV) But this has completely eluded those who consider their minds superior to God’s Word. They wish to decide what is Word of God and what is not. They wish to decide what God is capable of and what he cannot do (such as provide us with His infallible Word). They want to decide when God is right and when He does not have their understanding of modern times and situations. In the light of all this their foolishness far exceeds that of the Greeks and the Jews of Holy Scripture.


The direction the organised Church has gone has rendered the established Church powerless, meaningless, and irrelevant to anything in the secular humanist post-modern world. The Church is seen as standing for nothing. The Church is seen as being nothing more that the equivalent of a service club where the people get together to feel good about themselves and provide some basic services to humankind. The whole concept of being the vehicle through which Jesus Christ continues to reach out to a society wallowing in its own sinfulness to call people out to Salvation in Jesus Christ has been completely abandoned! In many circles amongst the mainline Churches, as in John Spong and Michael Ingham, it is considered unfair, unreasonable, and culturally objectionable to call people out of religious or secular society to true faith in Jesus Christ as The Exclusive WAY to Eternal Life. Jesus’ words in John 14:6, “I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life; no one comes to the Father but by Me” are seen by such persons as abominable and unacceptable to modern thinking humanity. Missionary efforts are seen as the content of a passé world that are no longer necessary or even acceptable in today’s advanced society. Jesus did not understand what he was talking about when seen in the light of today’s advanced post-modernist thinkers.


Essentially the organised Church of today lives in the state of original sin in its leadership thinking that it stands above the Gospel. The object of the Reformation was to bring the Church back to its foundational basis of Holy Scripture, Apostolic Tradition, and Human Reason where the latter two inform the former but Scripture always stands in judgment over Tradition and Reason. The Church hierarchy has abandoned the traditional formula in favour of its own “enlightened” and “educated” thought. The leadership had become enamoured by its own sense of self-importance and God had become an incidental to the growth of the organisation. Today, the Church has again reached that same stage where Repentance and Reformation is essential to the future of the True Body of Christ.


However, the leadership and proponents of this modern thought need to be understood in the light of their education and their susceptibility to the influence of culture. One of this writer’s parishioners recently pointed how we in the Church are far more affected by cultural conditions than we would like to admit. And, if we seriously look around, such is true even for the Orthodox Conservative Christian element of the Church. How much more so have those in leadership and given to the relativistic secularised inclusivist thought under which most of them have been educated or brainwashed? Many are so enamoured with education, modernism or post-modernism, multiculturalism (in its invalid sense), inclusivity, and false visions of Scriptural understanding as the are revised for today, etc. that seeing the simple understanding of God’s Word once delivered is very difficult if not impossible for them.





The Orthodox Christian Response


Thus it becomes necessary to consider how True Orthodox Conservative Christians should move ahead. The problem arises from the revisionist liberal claim to be totally “inclusive” in their thinking and criticising the Orthodox Conservative Church for being “judgmental, critical, unloving, simplistic, exclusivist, fundamentalist, etc.” Thus, the Orthodox Conservatives are often intimidated by the harsh criticism and are coerced into not speaking out against the inherent sin of heresy. When the Orthodox lay out their positions they are challenged with such queries as, “Are you saying I am not a Christian.” And not wishing to be offensive the Orthodox often are moved to either deny such (which they should not) or to simply back off (which is the desired result from the revisionist point of view).


But the time has come when the Orthodox Conservative Christians need to name sin for what it is. It is time to call that which deviates from the Divinely Inspired Holy Word of God exactly what it is – Heresy! The question then becomes, “How can this be accomplished “in the Love of God?”


Of course, taking such a stance leaves the Orthodox Conservative Christian constituency open to charges from the revisionist liberals of being judgmental, unloving, uncaring, etc. But such is the cost of being honest and direct in speaking the Truth of the Word of God in Love (see Ephesians 4:15). The prophets of the Old Testament and the Evangelists the New Testament and the early Church were certainly open to similar claims from the fallen leadership of the secular world as well as from the leadership of the established religions. The 15th Century Reformers also felt the wrath of the established Church leadership when they put forth their premises and theses. Such is a necessity to bear when calling any leadership group to task. It seems to be even more prevalent when such a call is aimed at those who consider themselves above reproach – even from God.


In this atmosphere of negative accusation when a firm stand is taken against the revisionist liberal position, it is absolutely necessary for the Orthodox Conservative Christian to show total respect for the humanity of those persons holding these heretical views. In dealing with this the Orthodox Christian must speak respectfully and act with integrity towards God’s special creation even those choosing to continue to live in the fallen state of separation from the truth of God. All conversation must be loving and spoken with care and concern for the eternal soul of that poor unfortunate individual such that he/she may be convicted in his sin and return to the Salvation of Jesus Christ.


Nevertheless, the task remains before the Orthodox Conservative Christian members of the Church to stand firm for the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, the totality of the Holy Word of God, and the foundational tenets of the Reformation Principles. In order to accomplish this, it is first necessary to clearly establish what is meant by each of these terms. The revisionist liberal ploy is to state concurrence with all of these, with the proviso - as they are understood today. And herein lies the need for definition. It is not any form of “revised” definition or “revisited” understanding that is applicable. Rather, each of these needs to be understood in the context under which they were produced and what they meant to the people who first published them and the one’s who first read them.


In the case of Holy Scripture, our understanding is based upon the determination of what God intended to convey through the writer as being the Word of God to that day and age. Then there is a need to determine how the people who first heard or read this Word of God understood it. The timeless meaning of God’s Instruction is then brought forward into this day and age. (For a more detailed exposition see this writers dissertation on Holy Scripture at under the section entitled “Writings” and then under the general title “Obedience.”) The study of the meanings of words in the original language is extremely important and should serve to illuminate our understanding to day – but only in the light of what can be determined as being the intention and understanding of those to whom the word was originally addressed.


Further, the Divinely Inspired Holy Bible cannot be “re-interpreted” using one portion to outweigh any other portion. The revisionist liberals have a propensity to state that, where law and love conflict, love outweighs law. The fallacy that lies herein is in their humanly driven vision of the concept of love. A proper understanding of the Holy Scriptures sees the whole, the entirety, and the completeness of Holy Writ as being Word of God and exuding His Divine Love through His Holy Teaching, His call back to His Will, and intrinsically revealed in His Divinely Given Law. There is no room for humanity to accept or reject any portion of Scripture or use any portion of Scripture in apposition to any other portion. Article XX (39 Articles of Faith – BCP) speaks directly to this issue.


The traditional creeds (Apostles’ Creed, Nicene Creed, and Athanasian Creed) are to be understood in accordance with the intentions of those who worked to provide these definitions from the content of the Holy Scriptures. In that they are founded upon the Holy Word of God they must be understood as the definitions of God based upon His Divinely Inspired Word as understood by the gathering of His People in Council. Their precepts are to be understood as being Word of God save if they can be shown as having misunderstood the Scripture as it was intended to speak in accordance with the above criteria on Holy Scripture. Otherwise, to deny any clause of the Creeds is to affirm heretical belief and is cause to disqualify oneself from the Christian Church.


The revisionist liberals will also place a similar proviso in their acceptance of the 39 Articles of Faith as being required of all who are Ordained in the Anglican Church of Canada. Some, for some obscure and unacceptable rationale, have signed the agreement with the addendum “under protest” as they signed a vow that from the start they couldn’t really accept. The wonderment is that Church Leadership allowed such a hedge to start with. Others will say that they accept the Thirty-nine Articles of Faith, as they are understood today or as a political document. And such is irrational when one is trying to establish continuity with a Communion statement that was produced in its final form under Elizabeth I (finalised in 1571) to bring the Church of England together under a single statement of beliefs in the Church Catholic and has remained a formulary in the Church of England throughout her growth and evolving into the Worldwide Anglican Communion. As with Holy Scripture, there is no valid understanding of these articles other than that which did the Reformers who produced them through their evolution and those who initially received them intend.


The revisionist liberals also hold to a formulary that appeals to Scripture, Tradition, and Reason just as do the Orthodox conservative Christians of the True Church. However, as with everything else, this concept has been revisited, revised, and expanded in order to suit the needs of the secularised goals of their misguided and misdirected school of thought. Throughout the ages of Christianity Holy Scripture has been seen as primary with the understanding of God’s Holy Word being informed by Apostolic Tradition (the wisdom and understanding of the Apostles) and Reason (the rational capacity given to man by God through His Holy Spirit) with Holy Scripture always standing in judgment over Tradition and Reason. However, in their revised understandings, while somehow still claming to be in the traditional line of ecclesiastical thought, the revisionist liberals adhere to all three as being equal in their influence on Christian thought thereby reducing Holy Scripture to little more than a transient historical book of reference. In many cases, their concepts of Tradition and Reason are seen as overriding Holy Writ. And, to this erroneous position, the epitome of heretical thought is reached in the addition of something called “experience” by which is meant human experiential wants, needs, and desires. Such an introduction of human rationale as being equal, or even superior to, Holy Scripture then provides for forays into all sorts of weird and unacceptable venues whereby God’s Word is ultimately subordinated to Human wisdom.


In Christian thought, the Holy Word of God has always stood inviolably above and in judgment of all other forms of thought. To take away such a parameter is to render God to a the position of a fallible being who may have had some understanding of the problems of time past but certainly did not foresee that in His Creation which is occurring today and is clear to the superior understanding of these highly intellectual revisionist liberal human beings. And such is not a viable option. God’s Divinely Inspired Word clearly states that God is an unchanging God whose moral teachings are to be universally accepted over the ages. Humanity has no right, except via the misuse of the gift of freewill, to negate God’s Word in any way to suit its own thought structures. To do so is to perpetuate the sin of Eve in her pride and desire for authority over God.


Thus, in the light of these clear definitions, it becomes the work of the Orthodox Conservative Christian to expound the Divinely Inspired Infallible Word of God to Church Organisations that are wallowing in the depths of heresy and sin. Yes, it needs to be said – HERESY AND SIN! There is no other loving way to approach the current problems in the Church today. If there is to be a turnaround in the attitude of the hierarchy the pure Word of God will need to be produced in such a way as to use the tools the Holy Spirit has provided to the Body of Christ to allow Him to convict the leadership of sin and their need for repentance.


Of course, identifying the obvious need is simple. However, accomplishing the same comes under the category of “easier said than done.” Just because the Orthodox Conservative Christian Church clearly reveals and speaks God’s Word does not mean that the revisionist liberals are simply going to capitulate. It would be nice! But, in their disillusionment, they have become convinced that their way is truly God’s Way – even in the light of the clear facts that they are going against God’s Word. They have become sincerely convicted that their mindsets are true and real redefinitions of God’s thinking that either come from God Himself or are truly informative statements from the developed mind of modern man informing God of how He should think about this world. In such an environment, it is difficult for these persons to admit their sin and error, repent, and return to the True Will of God.


Such makes the work of the Body of Christ seem to be almost impossible. And here, with the Archangel Gabriel, we need to be able to affirm, “With God, all things are possible!” It is the only position from which we can have confidence that God’s Will shall eventually overcome the current milieu of sin and error.


In this confidence then it is necessary to review some of God’s speaking through Scripture concerning the corrupt hierarchy at various times throughout history. About 700BC Isaiah chastised the leadership of the day for their corrupt decrees whereby they called evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20-24). And those who were making such declarations saw their own knowledge and wisdom as surpassing that of God. The judiciary had also become corrupt forsaking God’s Law for personal gain and advancement. A hundred years later Jeremiah derides the ungodliness of the prophets and priests (Jeremiah 23). Through Jeremiah God accuses the prophets and priests of scattering His flock and scattering them. During the Babylonian Exile Ezekiel derided the Spiritual Leadership for taking care of themselves and failing to lead the people in the Ways of God. They were making themselves comfortable and failing to care for the people of God and teach them the ways of God according to their duty. During the
Restoration Zechariah found it necessary for failing to bring the people back to the Ways of God (Zechariah 10). In all of these cases God vowed to take over the leadership of the people Himself and condemn the unfaithful leadership. Even in the age when prophecy came to an end 450 years before Christ God spoke through Malachi stating that the work of the priests is to preserve the knowledge of God’s Law but they had turned from the truth and caused the people to fall away from God. That is why the leadership is despised rather than revered.


In the New Testament Jesus is seen being constantly opposed by the religious leadership. Jesus warned the people to beware of the “leaven” of the Pharisees. He confronted then leadership with the woes (St. Matthew 23) for “for shutting the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces,” for “making their followers sons of hell,” for having false spiritual values, for “neglecting the law,” for “being clean on the outside but inside full of greed and self-indulgence,” for “being full of hypocrisy and wickedness,” and for being totally corrupt and condemned to hell. Jesus calls that leadership snakes and broods of vipers and talks of their condemnation.


The history of the Church has been one whereby redeemed man has made wonderful growth in the presence of Christ. But man has also become enamoured with himself in ways whereby he has allowed his sense of self-importance to lead him away from that redemption in Christ. Humankind is constantly repeating the “sin of Eve” in thinking itself equal or superior to Almighty God and endeavouring to walk in its own insights rather than in God’s Laws. Thus, there was the need for the Council of Nicea to combat the heresy of the priest Arius. Other Councils had to come together to search the Holy Scriptures and find the truth of God as opposed to the will and/or thoughts of man that walked against the Holy Word of God.


Finally the corruption became so great that the Reformation of the 16tth Century AD was forced into being under the leadership of Luther, Cranmer, Zwingli, and Calvin along with their followers. The impetus of this Reformation period was to move the Church back to observing the primacy of the Holy Scripture over the mind and will of fallen humankind. Their initial goal was to lead the Church to Reform – not to form new Churches. The Reformers put their very lives on the line as the corrupt leadership of the Church sought to destroy those who would be faithful servants of God in leading the Church back into submission to the Lord Jesus Christ. The end result was the reaffirmation of the primacy of God’s Word as the sole source for the doctrinal statement supported by Apostolic Tradition and God-given human Reason – with Scripture standing in judgement over Tradition and Reason.


The point of all this is that God, throughout the ages, has had to constantly bring His followers back to the purity of His Divinely Inspired Word. God has openly spoken in condemnation of those who would make light of, ignore, or attempt to restate His unchangeable, consistent, loving Will in favour of humankind’s “new thoughts and desires.” But, it seems that no matter how many times and in how many ways God has spoken throughout history, there will always rise up those who think they know more than God, in His unchanging Word. And confronting this influx of impurity from these egoistic, self-important, sinful, corrupt, heretical individuals in Church leadership becomes the work of the God-fearing Orthodox conservative members of the Body of Christ, the True Church of God!


Of course, the Body of Christ is only able to act according to God’s Will and in the Power of God’s Holy Spirit. So, knowing that this kind of Satanically driven problem has been around throughout human history, and seeing the same condition again arriving in today’s so-called “spiritual leadership,” it is necessary to see how God has acted in the past and how He will want to work through the faithful Church today.


There are times when true Christians will feel totally alone. However, just as Elijah had to learn, we need to know that God always has the necessary number of His truly faithful people to effectively confront the evil in the leadership of His faith. The question then becomes, “How will God effect the repentance and renewal of His Church today?”


Thus, the Orthodox Conservative Christian response needs to be one based upon God’s Word and empowered by the Holy Spirit. And, in undertaking this work, the True Church needs to trust God implicitly. She needs to refrain from getting behind God on the one hand and from sitting back to “watch the show” on the other hand.


None of the 16th Century Reformers intended to create a “new Church.” In fact, there can truly be only one Body of Christ with Jesus as its head living to the Glory of God the Father in the power of God the Holy Spirit! In such manner, those endeavouring to stand firm FOR God Almighty in the current crisis in the Church must be intending to bring to repentance and restoration the leadership and discipleship who have bought into the program of Satan. There can be no other primary intention in the Body of Christ.


St. Paul asked, “Is Christ divided?” The answer, of course, is NO! Almighty God – Father , Son, and Holy Spirit – is inseparably One. So His Church, the Body of Christ, must endeavour to be one under Him and for Him.


However, Satanic forces can corrupt even the purity of this concept of unity. Bishop Lee of Virginia has said, and the demonic forces in the Church have bought into the idea, that when confronted by the choice of schism or heresy one must always choose heresy in the interest of maintaining the unity. But such an argument is so obviously false and out of synch with the precepts of Jesus Christ Who clearly showed that the unity of God’s people is intrinsically wrapped up in the purity and singleness of faith and trust in the Love of the Father, the redeeming power of the Son, and the ongoing strengthening of the Holy Spirit. Only doctrine founded upon the sure foundation of the pure and simple Divinely Inspired Holy Word of God – living in Jesus Christ and written in the Holy Scriptures – can be seen as the binding chords of unity. In His High Priestly Prayer recorded in St. John 17 Jesus prayed that the Father would uphold the Church in His Truth – and that truth is God’s Word! So there can be no deviation from God’s truth in the unified true Body of Christ. Orthodox conservative Christians can do no other than to stand for and by that Holy Word of God – as it is written and as it is lived in Jesus Christ!


Revisionist liberals will also claim to live by the Holy Bible. However, as in their view of history and Church polity, they mean the Holy Bible as it has been “revisited,” “revised,” and “re-understood” in the light of post-modernist society. This means taking the original language and finding “new meanings” that alter what the writers, readers, and Church throughout the ages have always understood.


Further, it means, like writers such as John Spong and Michael Ingham have done, evaluating the details of God’s Word and eliminating or revising those which are beyond or inflammatory to their superior human minds. They declare that which is offensive to them to be in the realm of superstition or myth and then write them off in their modernist or post-modernist concept of what they think true synchronic faith should be. In doing this, basic doctrinal elements of that to which they have signed adherence in their ordination vows need to be rewritten or eliminated in their entirety. Hence, the Virgin Birth, Physical Resurrection of Jesus, the miracles of Scripture, and the very concept that God has the power to provide mankind with His Divinely Inspired Eternal Unalterable Word are negated. Some would even posit that God, in providing this word, did not understand the world of today. And, as has already been pointed out, Bishop Benison of Philadelphia has stated concerning the Holy Scriptures, “We wrote them, we can rewrite them!”


While revisionists will always attempt to publicly hold up their own faith in the Holy Bible such will always break down when pressed to the hilt. This is so simply because their positions are untenable in the light of the simple truth of the Scriptures.


The next revisionist liberal line is that they “interpret” Holy Scripture by contrasting “law” and “love.” Where the “Law of God” is in apposition to the “Love of God” they will state that they always stand on the side of Love. This is diametrically opposed to the concepts of Scripture as seen be the Reformers and is in direct contravention of Article XX of the 39 Articles of Faith in the Book of Common Prayer. However, such corrupt thinking – the creation of the fallen human mind as Satan influences it – totally fails to understand the self-witness of Holy Writ. It assumes that the Scriptures are not the unified Word of God. It assumes a hodgepodge of human writings in which experience of God is recorded but not directed by God. It is totally oblivious of the fact that the totality of Holy Scripture is God’s expression of His incomparable Divine Love for humankind. As such, all of His Creative Force, including His Divine Laws (the parameters of Creation itself) are expressions of His Incomparable Love for humankind!


Of course, in order to combat the evil machinations of the revisionist liberals, it is absolutely essential for Orthodox Conservative Christians to know the Holy Word of God. This means not simply reading but also understanding what God is saying in the whole of His Divinely Inspired Word. They must be able to combat not only the clearly stated opposition to the Holy Word of God but also the subtle “reinterpretations” and “restating” that occurs. The concept of “yes, I believe that too” must be questioned in terms of the definition that is being applied to that belief as compared to that which God is intending in any given passage of Scripture. But such can only be undertaken when God’s people are well versed in God’s Word!


Next, the Orthodox Conservative Church must come to the realisation that True Christianity is NOT a spectator sport. One who wishes to be a true Christian must be willing to place the call of Jesus above everything else in his/her life. No work, social, or family event can be seen as supplanting the need to act as Jesus has called every committed Christian. The Body of Christ, the Army of God, the Church must be willing to stand up and be counted in its resolve to act for Christ.


The Orthodox Conservative Church must be willing to name the sins of heresy, pride, self-aggrandisement, etc. in the revisionist liberal approach. The fact that those who hold to the revisionist liberal tenets are walking away from God in not bearing witness to the Truth in Jesus and thus working toward their own condemnation must be clearly stated. The words chosen to blatantly place this message before the fallen leadership of the Church must be words of loving care and concern for each of them as human beings. God’s Word, God’s Law, must be presented in the Love of Jesus under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There can be no other approach.


The orthodox Conservative Church must be willing to openly and clearly stand firm in the Gospel no matter what the consequence. Their trust must be in the Power of God. As St. Paul stated to the Romans, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the Salvation of everyone who believes; first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. For in the Gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: ‘the righteous will live by faith.’”







The purpose of this document has been to outline the current circumstances and to call Orthodox Christians to their active role in the work that is facing the True Church of Jesus Christ in today’s world.


There is no room for being passive or lacklustre in looking at these serious circumstances. The Holy Church of God is under attack. Apathetic response is not a possibility if the call of Jesus is to be heeded.


The false prophets and shepherds are not only walking into hell themselves but they are leading large numbers of unsuspecting persons to the same fate. God’s Divine Love has to reach out through His True Church to provide them with every opportunity to wake-up to the Truth in Jesus and either come to for the first time, or return to, the Salvation that is only found in He Who says, “I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life; no one comes to the Father except through Me!” (St. John 14:6). That love can only emanate from the willing, working Body of Christ.


To this end, Orthodox Conservative Christians must be willing to spend extra time in community prayer and study in order to prepare themselves to face the onslaught of the heretical group who will take every measure conceivable (and perhaps some that are inconceivable) to gain their demonic ends. Satan will not give up easily. So God’s True people must be ready to sally forth with gusto, determination, conviction, and total trust in the power and love of Almighty God.


God’s people must be willing to stand within, and not move from, the Church as God has established the Body of Christ. They must not run away but rather stand firm in a desire to reform that which God has previously established. They must be willing to function as God’s cleansing army in bringing the agents of Satan to a position of repentance and reformation. The only way in which they should leave would be under the imposition of exclusion by the “inclusivist” revisionist liberals.





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