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Canadian Anglicanism is in danger of complete and total disintegration. The leadership of the Anglican Church of Canada has been making great efforts over the past thirty years to bring the Church in line with its cultural surroundings. There has been a concerted effort to “modernise” the Church so that it can truly “speak to today’s society” and relate to the current cultural circumstance.


In the minds of the revisionist liberal leadership this has often meant watering down the elements of faith that are difficult for, or even abhorrent to, modern educational and societal principles. In a society where there is seen to be no absolute rights and wrongs but merely relativistic goods, the theological perspective has been consciously altered to reflect the same. And this has been done either with an attempt to revise and rationalise the Holy Word of God (The Holy Bible) or to put aside the obvious Word of God seen in both Natural Law and Theological Understanding of God’s Law in favour of the prevailing “experience” of the cultural setting.




The intellectually driven Church in the developed nations has come under the influence of Satan and is being led into heretical teachings that totally ignore the clear simple teachings of the Holy Word of God. Of course, those who are in the revisionist liberal leadership behind this drive to perversion will accuse the orthodox conservative members of the Anglican Church of being unduly judgmental. In their vision of inclusivity (that doesn’t include the orthodox conservatives), unity (that doesn’t unite with the orthodox conservatives), and relativistic views of right and wrong (that eliminates the adherence to absolute right and wrong as seen in Holy Scripture held by the orthodox conservatives) it is not acceptable that anyone should oppose their desire to meld the Church into the multicultural milieu of what they see as the contemporary cultural situation. Therefore, in the mind of the revisionist liberal leadership, they need to rid the Church of these unreasonable and unlistening orthodox conservative Bible Thumpers.


Thus, while attempting to deceive the populace of the Church with their smiles and constant appeal to dialogue, unity, and tolerance, the real agenda is to remake the Church into the likeness of the world with a non-threatening fictitious Jesus as the poster boy. It seems that they are unable to see the results of their efforts in relationship to the areas where Orthodox Bible Believing Anglicanism is practiced. The following statistical chart will show the results of the revisionist liberal labours over the past 30 years as compared to those regions where orthodox conservative faith is championed:



















% Change





























ECUSA (American)














There is no real need to comment on these numbers. The moves of the revisionist liberals to bring the Church into line with today’s world have failed miserably. The fine sounding platitudes and the revision the clear Word of God have only served to make the Church so much like the world that there is no attraction for anyone to turn away from that world to find salvation in the Church. In fact, the concerted effort to either remove or water down the sense of sin has made the message of Salvation in Jesus Christ bringing the forgiveness of sin and new life in Christ upon the repentant a meaningless concept. The revisionist liberal Church has no identity outside of the world and no meaningfulness within the world.


Thus, it is not hard to understand the downfall of the revisionist liberal led Anglican Church of Canada in the light of the direction its leadership is taking it. The result of their deceptive and undermining efforts is clearly seen above where the Anglican Church of Canada has experienced the greatest percentage decline of any of the developed world nations. Albeit ECUSA is not far behind and Britain is nothing to write home about.




Of course, this gradual modification and degradation of the faith is all undertaken under the pretence that what is being done is the result of the pure and true application of the love of God or in a seemingly modernist or post-modernist light revealing that Christ is “making all things new.” The party line is that God is doing new things in Christ in today’s world.


The former premise considers “love” to be the primary motivating force of God. After all, they proclaim, the Bible does say that God is love. In this light, the teachings of Holy Writ are all evaluated in the light of this “love of God.” And, any teachings of Scripture that are not seen as “loving” are put aside and replaced by what these enlightened human beings deign to be God’s love. Of course, in short, the problem is that the concept of “love” is rationalised around the understanding of humanity without the primacy of the term defined according to God and His Divinely Inspired Holy Word. The “experience” of persons in the light of this humanly defined love supersedes the Eternal teachings of the unchanging God of Holy Scriptures. “Love” is defined as being “inclusive” of all regardless of their lifestyles or beliefs seen under the illuminating light of God’s Word – written and living. In their distorted view, a loving God will accept all persons who use His Name even if they refuse to repent of sin and live the New Life in Christ.


The concept of Christ continuing in His work of “making all things new” is the result of humanistic philosophical logic together with either the ignoring or the reinterpreting of the teachings of God’s Holy Word. Under this tainted premise, it is claimed that Jesus, in reprimanding the Scribes, Pharisees, and Hypocrites not only in the St. Matthew 23 seven woes but also in other passages throughout the Gospels, was doing new things. And Jesus is teaching new things when He criticised the lawmakers for their misinterpretation of the Covenantal Laws. The concept looses sight of the Malachi, Gospel, and Letter to the Hebrews texts that proclaim God as being an unchanging God. The traditional understanding the unchanging and consistent God of Holy Scripture who has revealed Himself to humankind once and for all never contradicts Himself is totally forgotten or ignored. The time-honoured means of discerning the ongoing teachings of the Holy Spirit through comparing the same to the Holy Word of God for contradiction of God’s unchanging Word have been totally ignored or revised to allow experience and human philosophy to replace and/or supersede the Divinely Inspired Holy Word of God.




While appealing to Holy Scripture as it clearly and simply reveals Almighty God and His Divine Word to humankind is considered fundamentalist, primitive, superstitious, and unlearned by the giants of so-called modern theological thought (save when their philosophy seems to be supported in some misguided way), it is precisely where the true Christian must go to find response to this devastating situation.


God has revealed Himself and His purpose to humankind in His Creation. God created humankind to be a friend of God – a being with whom God, in His Divine Will, desires to walk and talk with in perfect communication. Man broke this communication in his sinfulness (a concept that is not enjoyed by revisionist liberal theology of relativism) and moved away from his Divine Creator.


In the Old Testament is seen God’s loving and caring outreach to His special Creation through successive Covenant whereby God called man back to Himself through Noah, Moses, and the Prophets. But man continued in his own walk. Often he would pay lip service to God while “interpreting” God’s Covenant according to His own wishes and desires. And the Old Covenant reveals the many times when God had to place checks and balances in place.


FINALLY, God spoke His last Divine Word to humankind through His Son Jesus who revealed all God’s Glory to humankind in the strongest form that humanity could perceive and continue to live on this earth. Jesus clearly stated that His Divine purpose as Son of God/Son of Man was not to replace the Old Testament but to FULFILL its teachings and understandings along with providing THE WAY for humankind to return to the Created Will and Divine Communication. Jesus strongly and pointedly retained the concept of SIN and humankind’s need of Salvation through His Substitutional Sacrifice on the Cross and the Victorious Power of the Resurrection (God’s Divine Love fully and uniquely revealed in His Divine Son).


In His High Priestly Prayer recorded in St. John 17 Jesus prays that the Father will protect His Disciples with the Truth. He then defines the Truth as being the Word of God. And we see this Word in the written form through the Divinely Inspired and Unalterable Holy Scriptures together with the Living Word in Jesus Christ Who fulfills the Written Word of God!


Throughout these Holy Scriptures God defines His Oneness in Being and His Unchanging Nature and Will. In Malachi He proclaims, “I, the Lord, do not change.” In the Synoptic Gospels Jesus proclaims, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” And the writer to the Hebrews proclaims, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”


Thus, the pure and firm foundation of Almighty God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is a strong pillar upon which the understanding of life and its purpose can be clearly seen in all ages. Our God does not sway in the wind with every humanly driven wind or cultural deviation. Rather our God provides a firm platform from which we can speak to nations and cultures throughout all time.




Throughout Holy Scripture and subsequent history is seen the constant need for the calling of God’s people back into line with God’s Will. Such were the events of Noah and Moses. In this latter case, God’s Law was given to the people in a clear and powerful manner. And it is important for us to understand that God establishes the Covenant and calls us to accept it. God’s Will is not a matter of humankind’s democratic vote. In fact, in the time of Moses, those who took and followed the “vote” were found to be building the Golden Calf to worship.


Jeremiah and Ezekiel both brought resounding condemnations against the “Shepherds of Israel” who had undertaken their own agenda and were ignoring God’s Will for His People that was supposed to be transmitted and implemented through them. It was then that God said He would abandon them and become the Shepherd of the People Himself. Hence came the prophecy of The One True Good Shepherd – Jesus the Christ, the Promise of God.


Jesus was constantly reproaching the leadership of the day for their failure to truly follow the God they purported to bring to the people. He called them “blind guides.” He accused them of working for their own gain. He called them to task for collaborating with political leadership to the detriment of spiritual leadership. He admonished them for profiting from the sacrificial system instead of truly participating in it. In short, they needed to be reformed or replaced – and the latter was the end result. It was necessary to point back to the real and true purpose and intention of Creation and the boundaries established therein as being the true source of the abundant life that Jesus came to establish.


St. Paul was faced with human driven corruption of the Gospel coming quickly upon the heels of the conversion of the Gentiles. Those who wanted to maintain the teachings of man over the unconditional Salvation of God in Jesus were perverting the pure teachings of Salvation in Jesus Christ. St. Paul’s strong response in Galatians was to the point of, “If anyone, even ourselves, teaches anything contrary to the Gospel by which you were saved in Jesus Christ, let him be accursed!”


In 325AD there was a need to call the Bishops of the Church from throughout the world into Council at Nicea to consider the teachings of the Holy Scriptures concerning the person of Jesus. A Priest named Arius had been teaching throughout Alexandrian territory that Jesus was not truly divine. Hence, in their searching of Scripture the Divinity of the Incarnate Son of God was clearly defined in the resultant Nicene Creed. Arius was censured even though his teachings polluted the Church for some time thereafter – and continue today in the heresies of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons. In fact, it is interesting in today’s world, to note that the primary form of Christianity to which Mohammed was exposed prior to the production of the Koran was this heresy of Arianism that denied the Divinity of Jesus.


Throughout the history of the Church both in the east and in the west there was need for successive corrections. The most predominant rectification came in the 16th Century Reformation period where the manmade elements of faith were straying totally away from God’s Holy Word. Here is found, in all facets and forms of the Great Reformation, a recalling to the primacy of the Holy Word of God. In the English Reformation such primacy was clearly established in the 39 Articles of Faith. Reason and Tradition were not thrown out. But, they were always seen and evaluated under the cleansing light and judgment of Holy Scripture.


Now, not 500 years later, the Church is being called to Reformation once again. The Church is experiencing the convulsions of revisionist liberal attempts to establish as elements of faith doctrines that ignore and/or attempt to repeal the clear teachings of the Holy Scriptures. In doing so there is a concentrated attempt to place Holy Scripture under the judgment of “reason and tradition” that are in turn overseen and modified by the unreliable sensual element of the “experience” of humanity. In other words God’s Divinely Inspired Word is to be judged by sensually and culturally driven concepts of life.


Thus, once again, the Church is in serious need of REFORM! And such reform will be found not in doing new things but by renewing the vision of God’s Unalterable Word and applying the same to the Church and to society. Romans 12 calls us to “not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.” This concept of REnewal is a return to the Holy Word of God seen over and above the wiles of mankind. Colossians also warns us not to be “taken captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world RATHER THAN ON CHRIST.” Thus, our reformation is to be one that centres on the truth of Holy Word of God – written and living – and not on the perverted principles of human driven philosophy and cultural sway.




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