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July 13, 2004


The Editor - The Anglican Journal

(Via e-mail)


Subject:          Anglican Church of Canada Questions Right to Name “Anglican”


It is amazing to watch the machinations of liberalism when it is felt that there are ways and means of true and honest information spoiling the party-line spin on any given situation. It seems they who presume and spout ”inclusiveness” and “dialogue” all of sudden feel the need to suppress anything that might provide an avenue to effective production and release of views contravening their march towards the exclusion of Holy Scripture and even God Himself.


But, with this whole discussion of the right to use the term “Anglican,” the epitome of arrogance and ludicrousness has been far surpassed.


The term Anglican is global in nature. I am first a Christian; second an Anglican whose faith is based upon that of the English Reformation as currently expressed by the majority of the Worldwide Communion; thirdly a member of the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC). My Anglicanism is based upon the worldwide vision and the faith expressed via the Lambeth Conference’s understanding of Holy Scripture. Thus, even if I a cease to be a member of what may still continue to call itself the ACC, I would still be an Anglican – and maybe one who worships within another Anglican community inside of Canada.


The point is that it is not necessarily true that being an Anglican in Canada is wrapped up in what may continue to be called the ACC. Being an Anglican is global and may, and does, have more than one valid community expression within any given country or region.


Thus, it is obvious the ACC, despite all of her current arrogance in divisive deviation, cannot presume to be the only expression of Anglicanism in the country nor have any right to exclusive use of the name Anglican. In fact, with the direction she is going as compared to that of the majority of the Worldwide Communion, it may become more legitimate to question the ACC’s right to use the term “Anglican.”


Yours in Christ,

Father Larry Winslow

Diocese of Brandon




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