By: Father Larry Winslow



This piece has been written as a response to the article on the Diocesan WEB site criticizing the schools in England that teach Creation Theory. The article and its commentary on the WEB site undertake to ridicule and complain about Creation Theory being taught alongside evolutionary theory. The writers acknowledge the excellent academic record of the schools but decry the educational process of allowing Creation Theory to be taught in the academic environment.


A copy of this response was sent to the Webmaster of the Diocese of Brandon. However, up to this point, he seems reluctant to run anything that might contradict the article he has displayed. Ergo, I place it here for your consideration.



It is quite comical to read the presentation of the concerns of the proponents of evolutionary theory vis a vis the “Creationist” teaching schools being established in England. The idle comment about 45% of Americans believing in a young earth not more than 10,000 years old while research data has proved the universe as being 13bn years old and that humans are descended from ape-like ancestors is completely laughable. It is in the realm of one statement that cannot be proven being used to refute another statement that cannot be proven.


First of all, evolution, a theory formed originally by those who would like to write God out of the equation, is full of flaws and inexplicable gaps. The very foundations of the dating methods and base criteria are open to serious question and debate, if such were allowed in an “academic” environment that is afraid to face up to any real alternative explanation. And, the question needs to be asked, “If evolution is so definable and inexorably proven in an unarguably distinct fashion, why do evolutionists become so upset at the thought of Creationist Theory being taught alongside evolutionary theory?” After all, if such were the case, wouldn’t any intelligent human being totally disregard that which is foolish? Or might that end up being the evolutionary theory?


Could it be that evolutionists know, deep down in their being, that their theory is simply that? Could it be that they know their theory is set upon a foundation that is far weaker than that of Creationist Theory? Could it be that they know that the geological column, as it is presented in theory determined millions of years old sites such as the grand canyon is actually better explained by Creationist Theory? Could it be that the fossil record is better explained by the cataclysmic event of something such as a worldwide flood than by the billions of years attributed to evolutionary theory?


Evolutionists seem to react so violently because they inwardly know the weakness of their position and find the Creationist Theory a great threat to that position. Granted, they place their arguments upon the field of academia and suggest that to contradict evolutionism is to be unintelligent, superstitious, fundamentalist, etc. In so doing they hope to gain many converts to their questionable cause out of fear of retribution if they do not accept the conventional party line. There seems to be a fear of that which is simply based upon another view of how God did it simply because that other view involves God. Otherwise those who claim to be scientists would welcome an ongoing open debate between the two positions.


Such an argument aimed at intimidating those who do not hold to the very weak and questionable theory of evolution is astonishingly similar to that used by the extreme left wing liberal theologians in attempting to silence the right wing conservatives such as ACiNW, Prayer Book Society, Anglican Renewal Movement, and Essentials Groups in Canada and their counterparts elsewhere. The claim that such conservative theology is simplistic, fundamentalist, superstitious, unintelligent, against “modern” (in a selected manner) theological academia, etc. is the put down used by those who cannot argue their points based upon God’s Word and His Divine Self-Revelation. It would seem that the left wing in many fields of endeavour finds it necessary to so state their case as a means of eliminating debate that just may show them to be wrong. Conservatives of all ilks are considered a threat that must be eliminated by ridicule, belittlement, ignoring, and all sorts of other manners that avoid the threat of intellectually based debate that may prove the left wing wrong.


Could Creationists be right? Well, they are theological conservatives who have also seriously considered the science of evolutionary theory. While they hold to the Holy Scriptures as being the Holy Word of God given to man via Divine Guidance, they have also seriously examined the science involved and found many criteria are better explained by Creation Theory than evolutionary theory. Further, they ask questions that neither theory has yet answered.


The standard arguments of the adherents to evolutionary theory is that Creation Theory is strictly a religious stance as opposed to the science behind the evolutionary theory. But, anyone who has seriously looked into both theories knows that, while in general the evolutionists refute God being in control and the Creationists hold that all emanates from God, it is clear that both not only study the science but are populated by very serious and capable scientific personnel.


Perhaps it would be valuable for all to seriously look into the Creationist position before simply accepting the tainted, one sided questionable, and totally invalid statements of the evolutionist lobby. It would be of value for everyone to take a look at the Creationist view. There are many good books on the subject as well as the WEB site of the Institute for Creation Research at amongst other organisations furthering the view of Creationist Theory.


Since it is scientifically impossible to indisputably prove any theory concerning how the universe came to be it is incumbent upon all people to be fully educated in both mainline theories concerning such a development. Pure science requires that a theory not only be able to explain a phenomenon but also be able to replicate it under scientific principles. Neither evolutionists nor Creationists make any claim to being able to do such. Therefore all that is left is the need to fully evaluate the theories without the proponents of either theory attempting to silence the proponents of the other.


God has given humanity the capacity to intellectually study His self-revelation in the light of the information He reveals to us. It is our work to understand His Self-Revelation to the maximum of our God-given abilities. One never knows – The Creationist Theory could be right!




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