St. John 8:44-45

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me!  NIV


Ephesians 6:12

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. NIV


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By: Father Larry Winslow




The above quote in St. John 8:44-45 is the response of Jesus to the Jews who were claiming their heredity from Abraham and God as their father. Jesus had clearly told them that if God were truly their father then they would have recognised Him and accepted His Word as being that of God. In accepting Jesus they would have had to accept His righteousness and Godliness. And such would have forced them to see and accept the errors of their ways.


However, they rejected Jesus and all that He stood for. So Jesus clearly and emphatically tells them that they are really under the control of Satan – The Father of Lies!


Today it seems people feel that, as long as they are politically nice and politically correct, it doesn’t matter how they behave or what they believe. In fact, one constantly hears politicians who claim to be Christian making the inane and totally ridiculous statement that they do not let their religious faith affect their political decisions. Of course, such a statement is quite possibly true, but in total denial of their religious faith. One cannot believe in the totality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not allow that Gospel to be effective and primary in every aspect of life. To try to accomplish such or to state such is paradoxical.


In the tenth chapter of the Gospel according to St. Matthew Jesus states, “Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven.” (St. Matthew 10:32f) Thus, if an individual fails to stand for the righteousness and teachings of Christ in any aspect of life that individual is denying God and calling for his/her own condemnation. And only Satanic influence could lead a supposed Christian in such a direction.


The Father of Lies (Satan) takes that which is seemingly good and perverts it into evil. In our world today Satan has perverted the concept of tolerance from an act of accepting an individual’s right to walk away from God and His promise in Jesus and into Eternal Condemnation in the bowels of Hell and into a concept whereby he purports that God accepts and sanctifies even that which is unholy. While Christians grieve for such an individual and urge that individual in the Name of Jesus to come back into the Salvation of God in Jesus, they also accept the right of that person to use their God-given gift of freewill to choose not to accept God’s free gift. But, Satan’s perversion of tolerance calls upon Christians to not only accept an individual with all the sin that is wrapped up in him/her but also to accept that which is condemned by God as being holy and righteous. The whole concept of accepting persons as they are so that God can lead them into the walk of transformed holiness that is waiting for them in Christ through the Holy Spirit is totally lost in Satan’s misrepresentation of the  Gospel.


Since Satan has so permeated the secular systems of education, government, judicial systems, and social environments with the doctrine of relativity the world is now faced with the evil and unholy concept that nothing is intrinsically right and nothing is intrinsically wrong. Rather every individual is said to have his/her own rights and own wrongs, which should only be curtailed if they are doing harm to other persons.


But God’s Holy Word is clear. There are well defined rights and wrongs that are not only intrinsic to the Will and Word of God but are also made clear in Natural Law and, in many cases, in the realm of health and well-being.


The world likes to act as though such should not matter as it is only in the realm of religious opinion – and that should not affect the secular non-religious world. But nothing could be further from the truth. Any such concept removes the true Christians from the realms of free society. The individual who has received Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord is compelled by his/her faith to carry its precepts into all walks of life. Hence, Christian Faith is going to influence secular society that includes Christians even if the non-Christians wish to exclude such in the same manner as that society would like to exclude any thought of God, His Will, right and wrong, etc from their environment.


Again, as Jesus has so clearly stated, they are the children of the Father of Lies whose goal it is to neutralise and eliminate the people of God by dragging them down into the dregs of his society of the damned. So Christians must stand by their principles and not allow themselves to be duped into succumbing to the wiles of evil in not upholding the Holy Word of God constantly before a society that is sick and dying in its own Satan-led slide into the abyss of sin and unrighteousness.


In Galatians 5:16-26 St. Paul exhorts the Christian community to live by the Holy Spirit and not by the “sinful nature” or desires of the flesh. He makes it clear that the Christian is expected to exude the Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) in living unto Christ through the strength of the Holy Spirit living with them and in them. The Christian is called to live the life of righteousness within the world that is characterised by deceitfulness, moral depravity, and overt untruth.





Canadians have become anesthetised into accepting evil as being the norm and a hallmark of the parliamentary system. When a politician reneges or refutes his/her own promises, or states that what was claimed on the election trail cannot be maintained because of “party policy,” the people respond with, “Oh that’s just politics” and let it slide by. When a member of the government is caught having acted unfaithfully, illegally, or immorally, the electorate is encouraged to succumb to the thought that such is the norm and to be expected in politics.


The previous parliament under Jean Chrétien was comprised of 301 MP’s with the following questionable statistics (as quoted by the Ottawa Citizen):



It must be remembered that these are they who are making the laws and ruling regulations by which Canadian citizens are to live. Yet anesthetised Canadians, even those who would be called Christians, seem to not care. They still vote for the smooth talker who will, in their opinion, give them the best (usually meaning economic) personal gains.


Current Prime Minister Paul Martin publicly promised to maintain the integrity of the current definition of marriage. Now, under the guise of being forced by the courts – an oxymoron in itself according to the democratic system – he is preparing to pave the way to openly violate that promise. He claims to be a Christian but inviolably denies the same by his evil and perverse actions.


Prime Minister Paul Martin promised that any such vote in parliament would be a free vote of all members of parliament. Then, without even wrinkling his pasted on smile, he revised that to say that cabinet ministers, under the pain of dismissal, must vote for his evil legislation. What does this say to backbenchers that may wish to vote against his Satanic plans?


Further, despite calls for a public plebiscite on the matter of redefining marriage, Paul Martin refuses to go to the people. He has his agenda dictated by Satan. And, he knows if he went to the people of Canada, even though they are quite liberal minded, the matter would receive a sound defeat as it did in the electoral process in the USA where the people spoke strongly against such a change. It would seem that Paul Martin fears the wrath of his demonic boss more than he does that of either Almighty God or the Canadian electorate.


Paul Martin, one of the key authors of the 1992 Liberal party election platform in the Red Book, participated in declaring that if elected the Liberal government would immediately move to remove the GST. Thus, it is not a matter of whether such would be right or wrong. Rather the fact that the GST is still around in outright breach of this promise to Canadians who participated in the election is an act of outright deception.


In trying to gain victory in the election of 2004 Paul Martin was pulling out all the stops and exuding lies as promises in every direction. Not only has he already reneged on his commitment to allow free votes in the Parliament on sensitive issues such as same-sex marriage but also he has unilaterally and without any form of shame broken his firm commitment to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia in now refusing to give 100% of the offshore royalties to these provinces. It is not a matter of whether such a commitment was wise or unwise. Rather it is a matter of another breaking of his word and seemingly an unabashed attempt to keep the poor provinces deprived and dependant upon the whimsical will of this irreverent federal government.


The Liberal Party along with its partners on the left in the New Democratic Party, true to the evil whims of liberal democrats in North America as a whole, seem to be advocates of all that is immoral and previously illegal. Such is seen clearly in their positive stances in favour of such horrors as abortion whereby there is an outright holocaust against unborn human beings. Despite their promises at the inception of the abortion law that it would only be used in extreme cases where the physical life or health of the mother was at risk, the use of this immoral act is now provided at the whim of an individual woman who does not wish to carry the result of the act in which she freely chose to participate. Even rampant murder does not seem to phase these inhuman instruments of Satan.


The strange thing is that many of these instruments of Satan who affirm such abhorrent acts claim to be Christians because they sometimes attend a Church that claims to be Christian. Then they justify their actions by stating that they do not let their personal Christian beliefs influence their political decisions – an undertaking that cannot be upheld by any committed Christian person..


Of course, a true Christian must govern every aspect of his/her life in accordance with the Will of God as clearly shown in the Holy Scriptures. Thus, to act against the faith once claims to follow is, in reality, an outright repudiation of that faith. Jesus said, “He who is not for me is against me!” Therefore, these deluded members of Parliament/Legislature must learn to choose either for Christ or for Satan in their Parliamentary votes. They must understand that they cannot claim to be Christian and then act in a Satanic manner.


What is even more perplexing is that the “Churches” to which these persons claim to belong do not openly censure or excommunicate these Servants of Satan. Of course, it is must be understood that the bureaucracy surrounding these evil minions is also working to suppress any Christian reaction to their malevolence. It was seen before the 2004 election when Roman Catholic Bishops were threatened with action if they did not cease to publicly denounce “public policy.” Further threats have come from the government through intimidation focusing upon the charitable organisation status of the Churches where it is being said that criticism of public policy from religious sources can be seen as political interference and could cost them their charitable status.


Political force of the evil and immoral proponents of all that goes against God and His Divine Will as clearly stated in His Inspired Holy Scriptures is increasing and will continue to increase as long as society allows its political representatives this sort of leeway. Christians in Canada must learn to stand firm against such evil political activity by their elected representatives by removing their vote from them and electing only those who are willing to overtly reject the wiles of Satan and to stand for the moral righteousness of Almighty God.





It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the judicial system of Canada is firmly in the hands of Satan. One need only witness the decisions of this decidedly morally left-leaning body of individuals at the provincial as well as the federal level to see how far awry it has gone.


Like the political left, it seems that this body will attempt to justify and regularise anything that is opposed to the Morality of Holy Scripture. The seeming mantra is, “If it is God’s Will it must be changed.” And when Christian bodies are allowed to express their views before the courts they are seen as a nuisance that must be “tolerated” by the august minds of the Satanic body. Thus, Canadians witness the attempts to decriminalise abusive substances such as marijuana. Judges are seen to trivialise cases concerning moral depravation while making every attempt to turn those who stand for God’s Will into criminals for so doing. In the name of justice, proponents of immoral and previously illegal positions are given “rights” while morally responsible persons are put down and threatened with imprisonment.


In Sweden today a Pentecostal Pastor sits in prison for preaching the Word of God against a proclamation of the courts, which made an act, opposed by God’s Word, a righteous activity within society. And the Canadian courts are slowly working in the same direction. They are making declarations of righteousness and “demanding” that the government make changes to reflect their decisions. IN this “tail wagging the dog” process the government becomes complicit in bowing to the wills of these evil-minded unelected individuals.


The major support for abortion rights today, in addition to the inviolable “right of choice” of a woman, is a Supreme Court proclamation that an embryo does not become a human being until it is born from the mother’s womb. The fact that this flies directly in the face of God’s proclamations that not only has He formed the foetus in the mother’s womb, and not only does he know the purpose of that child while he/she is living in the mother’s womb, but also that he knows the child and his/her purpose before he/she was in the mother’s womb. God sees the embryonic/foetal individual as a living being. Modern DNA sciences also prove such prenatal human existence. But the Supreme Justices feel that they have a right to override Almighty God with their own opinions – which of course violates one of Almighty God’s commandments which says “Thou shalt have no other god before me” and they have set themselves up as higher gods than Almighty God. Such evil-mindedness is to be neither respected nor obeyed as they are not mindful of their positions as servants of their Creator.


With such a track record, in the current proposed changes to the definition of marriage with its purported protection of religious individuals from having to go against their faith, how long will it be before these self-proclaimed demigods attempt to force Christian persons into the performance of that which goes against the Divine Will of the One True Creator God? The Province of Quebec has already called for such a position. The evil New Democratic government of the Province of Manitoba has already put its Christian employees in a position of “practice the moral evil or lose your job.” The heretical Anglican Bishop of New Westminster has expressed surprise that Clergy would be exempt from having to perform such action. How long will it be before these minions of Satan attempt to force Christians to bow down to Caesar and burn incense at his altar?


Christians cannot count upon the courts of Canada to serve the righteousness of the Creator God. Christians must study God’s Word. They must read, learn, mark, and inwardly digest the same for two reasons. First such knowledge and understanding will be required to fight the evil of our judicial system. Secondly, the way things are heading, it may not be many years until the Holy Bible is outlawed as “hate literature” in Canada. Strictly speaking Bill C-250 implicitly so defines the Scriptures with its censures. It will only take one malevolent challenge to give the judicial system the excuse it needs to take such steps against Christians who are seen by them as an evil force.


In order to combat these evil minions of Satan Christians need to vocally oppose their perverse decisions and to vociferously reach out to their elected representatives to have these practitioners of the will of Satan removed from their positions of authority. Further, it is essential that Christians emphasise the work of the courts in enforcing the law as opposed to the act of making the law. As long as these socialist leaning members of evil and immoral Will are allowed to enforce their wicked goals it will be difficult to reverse the current depravity. However, even they cannot continue in their perversions when it becomes politically unacceptable for them to publicly stand for their own perversions.





Our battle is against the forces of darkness residing in the world. And, while human beings can be very adept at performing evil on their own, the real power of that evil is resident in the underlying forces of darkness.


In the Temptation in The Wilderness it is clear how Satan uses even that which in itself is righteous in a perverted form to attempt to draw the righteous into the darkness of evil. In essence, in all three temptations, Satan was using that which was seemingly natural and good, although opposed to the Will of God, to draw Jesus from His righteous goals through the counterfeit of alternative less demanding goals that seemed to fulfil the human needs in an easier manner while ignoring the purposes of God. Satan even used God’s Word in a distorted manner, as do the revisionist liberals today, in his unsuccessful attempt to lure Jesus into his evil realm.


When the world around is observed in all its lack of morality, the counterfeiting work of Lucifer, (Satan), the fallen Archangel of Light, can be clearly seen using false visions of glory, joy, and happiness to lure people into the slavery to sin and unrighteousness. Illicit drug use is sold as a “mind-expanding experience” full of beauty, awe and wonder. The joy and relaxing elements of “the trip” are extolled. Alcohol is portrayed as a wonderful means of escaping the “pressures and stresses” of the world. The illicit use of human sexuality is illustrated as a joyful and fulfilling end in itself. The participant is lured into believing that a fulfilling sexual experience outside of marriage (and contrary to God’s Will) is an intrinsic right of happiness that the prudish “religious” try to deny to humanity. The concept of a wonderful fulfilling Gift of God found fully only within the bounds of marriage according to the design plan of the Creator God is totally obscured and eliminated in the minds of many.


The clear reality is that all these things simply end up in slavery to evil and a complete lack of fulfillment within the human person. Satan lures individuals with promises of joy, relaxation, and freedom and then they find themselves never truly happy, always up tight, and totally enslaved to the addiction into which they have been lured. God’s Will has been flaunted in favour of Satan’s allurement and part of the slavery to the addiction is to grow in the cursing of God and His divine Will.


Yet, despite all of this clear experiential view of the results of man’s ways which are against God’s Will, man’s wisdom that overtly opposes God’s Wisdom, man’s enslavement contrasted to the freedom God offers in Jesus Christ, even the leadership of many Christian denominations, in their desire to befriend the world even when it means abandoning God’s Divinely Inspired Word, are attempting to lead the people over whom God has given them charge straight into Hell with them.


Jesus spoke to such a leadership in these words, “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in men's faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.”  Matt 23:13 NIV


This leadership either totally rejects Scripture in favour of human mores of the day or attempts to “reinterpret and revise” the meaning of God’s unalterable Eternal Word to suit their needs. They abandon the understanding of the Apostolic Tradition upon which the Church has been founded with Jesus Christ as her cornerstone. They attempt to produce “understandings and traditions” that totally violate the clear interpretation of the Divinely Inspired Holy Word of God.


This leadership attempts to make the Holy Scriptures so complicated and complex that only they can be seen as being competent in “understanding” them. The whole concept of the Reformation in opening the Word of God to the simple people to whom it was written is being retrograded back to the condition of the Church prior to that time when God’s Word was returned to the People of God.


An alternative approach of those driven by Satanic forces is to trivialise the importance of the Holy Scriptures. Despite the fact that the Church has vowed to understand the Scriptures as BEING the Word of God, many would relegate them to a far lesser position. A Princeton Professor of Theology has openly stated that the Scriptures oppose some of the directions of today’s society but then proclaims that in these cases “Scripture is Wrong!” Dr. Walter Wink of New York has a similar position in attempting to say that the writers of scripture did not understand the conditions in today’s world and it needs to be revised. In both of these situations these intelligent human beings are openly stating that God is not Omnipotent and All Knowing and is subject to making mistakes even in that which He has Divinely Guided. Dr. Walter Doeller of Emmanuel/St. Chad College in Saskatoon sees the Holy Word of God as essentially standing against some current secular mores but finds that in the Scripture there is “wriggle room” to allow the Church to accept the stances of the world. Finally Bishop Benison of Philadelphia makes the blatantly heretical declaration concerning the Holy Scriptures when he states, “We wrote them, and we can change them!”


In all cases these members of the heretical leadership are rewriting, revising, or reinterpreting that which God has given us via His Divine Guidance. And, because such liberal revisionists have the political power within the Church they are attempting, through so-called democratic vote, to supplant the Holy Will of God clearly demonstrated in the His Divinely Inspired Holy Scriptures with the thoughts and concepts of human minds. In short, they are rejecting the supremacy of Almighty God in favour of the idols the are setting up as god(s) – their own hearts and minds. The concept that God’s Holy Word is not open to even “democratic” vote does not cross their distorted minds.


And such a process is not peculiar to any given Christian denomination. While moving at different times, the mainline denominational Churches are being faced with this belittling of God’s Holy Scriptures and the holding up the supremacy of the “righteousness of the mind of humankind.” It is a clear demonstration of that against which Isaiah spoke and recorded in Isaiah 5:20-21 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.  Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight.” NIV


Satan used the Scriptures to attempt to corrupt the Son of God and he is still trying this technique. The revisionists have developed a system whereby it is stated that if any rule of Scripture violates the concept of Love in Christ then love should take the position of precedence. Thus, it can be said that the concept of Love overrides any stricture that one wishes it to make ineffective. The whole idea of God’s Love being wrapped up in the Rules and Precepts of the whole of Scripture is lost to their eyes. But, of course, Satan would blind them to such a simple anomaly. The idea that God’s Rules and Precepts express His Love is lost in a wishy-washy meaningless perversion of love that is expressed in humanistic terms and not God’s Will. There seems to be a complete oblivion to the thought that God’s Rules and Precepts are clear demonstrations of His Perfect Love. Hence it is seen that evil is called good and good is called evil as Isaiah wrote. There is a total misunderstanding of the out flowing of Divine Love as it is clearly expressed in the whole Creative Process and the bounds so defined by that act of Divine Love.


The problem is that many innocent human beings are being dragged down into Hell with this evil-minded leadership. Of course Satan has so deceived these persons that they cannot see the evil into which they have fallen – neither the people nor the leadership. But the inadvertent result is the same. Just as ignorance of the law of man is not an excuse for breaking it so ignorance of the pure Love of God and its inherent boundaries that are clearly seen in nature as well is not an excuse for walking in the ways of evil.


Satan and his minions in the denominational leadership are working hard to destroy the True Church of God. Thus, it falls upon the true Bible Believing Christians to stand firm for the Divinely Inspired Holy Word of God in the face of the unholy teachings and vehement threats and persecutions being unleashed upon them. It would seem that the end result will be the coming out of the True Church from within the many Churches and a coming together to bind in the strength of God’s Holy Spirit in order to conquer the evil being unleashed by Satan through these unholy and often unsuspecting individuals.


There is a clear need to stand firm in Christ and to truly Love and Reach Out to those who are serving Satan in calling them back into the Way of Truth that is found in Jesus Christ who said, “I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life; no one comes to the Father but by me!”





Slowly but surely demonic process has been conditioning Canadian society to become anesthetised and amenable to evil ways that oppose the will of God. There has been a concentrated effort under the guise of multiculturalism to reduce or eliminate the Christian presence in many facets of life such as governmental activities, educational institutions, public social events, and so on. It seems that anything goes so long as it does not involve or make reference to Jesus Christ. Essentially, society today has become Christophobic.


In public government backed functions Christian Clergy, if they wish or are graciously “allowed” by the Satanic forces to participate, are directed not to pray ion the Name of Jesus as it might be offensive to some persons. Of course, prayers of other faiths are allowed without censure together with those of seemingly “non-faiths” which are really praying to no objective divinity. It does not matter if some of these might be offensive to Christian persons, as they seem to be seen as persons without rights or feelings.


In the educational environment any reference to Jesus or to Christianity in general is usually met with disgust and put-down. This writer remembers sitting next to a young lady on an aircraft flying to Toronto where she was attending a public high school for her final year (she had attended a Christian School up to that point). In a family values class she was shut-up by her teacher when she expressed her view of family that was based upon Christian values. She was told that “religious values” were not allowed in that class.


Most people today are aware of the Satanic elimination of such things as Bible Reading or saying the Lord’s Prayer in a public school. In some areas students are chastised if they are found to be in possession of a Bible while on school property. In most school boards the presence of Christian Clubs on campus is not only discouraged but also totally forbidden. Again, this Satanic order comes under the guise of having a respect for multiculturalism and tolerance under its revisionist definitions that seem to be in a state of constant flux.


This educational elimination of Jesus has conditioned many, sometimes even those who would call themselves Christians, into an anesthetised state whereby they take a stance of “well, I guess that is the way it is.” It seems that even some Christians do not realise that such a status cannot be accepted or tolerated by the Christian community. True faith in Jesus Christ involves standing for Almighty God and His Values clearly stated in His Holy Word in every part of life – including the educational system. It should be seen as being of utmost importance that education should provide growth in the Will of God expressed in every subject area and Christian parents should find it incumbent upon themselves to publicly stand for such being a part of their children’s education with the proviso that they would remove them and place them in a Christian Institution if such were not available publicly. Of course, this whole process is another question and beyond the scope of this particular work.


Current Christophobic Canadian society, sometimes even perpetrated by those who would like to call themselves Christians, is openly attempting to remove Jesus Christ from all aspects of public life. Every Christmas there is a plethora of assaults upon the right of Christians to display and/or publicly demonstrate the real meaning and purpose of Christmas. How often does one hear of those who are offended by a Manger Scene in a public place? How many times is even the mention of the Name of Jesus in a carol or hymn criticised or demanded to be removed? How many schools will not allow the mention of the Christ in Christmas? And, amazing as it is, this year we hear of a Mayor of a Community having to apologise for calling the Winter Holiday a Christmas Holiday and of a business leader having to apologise for referring to the office Holiday Party as a Christmas Party – all in the Name of Multiculturalism. And, of course, no such censures are placed upon the use of the name Ramadan or Hanukah. After all, it is only those nasty Christian things that are to be attacked – at least for right now.


And similar Satanic attacks are experienced at the Feast of the Central Point of the Christian Faith – the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus – Good Friday and Easter Day. There is a concerted effort to focus everyone on Easter eggs, bunnies, flowers, and bonnets. Of course, everyone wants the holiday. But the Holy Day is to be eliminated in every possible manner. In fact, Christians have become so desensitised that they too will use the Holy Days as opportunity for holidays.


Slowly but surely this society is moving toward pushing the Christian Churches inside their buildings. Further, every effort of Satan is expended to make Christians uncomfortable being Christians in public society. In so doing he is able to reduce the Christian population with the downfall of marginally Christian persons who are more concerned with societal popularity than they are in demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


It is against this pressure that Christians are going to have to learn to take a stance. And this assertion of faith has to be not only within the confines of the Christian Church – the people of God - but also in society in general. Jesus has not called members of His Church into a private club. Rather, He has called the Church together to worship and praise Almighty God and to be strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit. And such strengthening is in order that the people will go forward into society to inclusively promote the exclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ. No amount of suppression from intolerant Satanic society should be allowed to deter the true Christian people – the Body of Christ – the Church!





This brief dissertation does not seek to go into unnecessary detail concerning the obvious. Rather it is aimed at highlighting the current circumstances in which Christians find themselves living in today’s world.


The point in time has been reached where Christians will be forced into taking a stand for Jesus Christ or publicly denying Him. Jesus said, “Whoever acknowledges Me before men, I will acknowledge him before My Father in Heaven. But whoever disowns Me before men, I will disown him before My Father in Heaven.” – St. Matthew 10:32f – NIV. With the Canadian Government, Justice System, Mainline Church Leadership, and Society actively working against the clearly expressed Will of Almighty God as unmistakably expressed in His Divinely Inspired Holy Scriptures, Christians have no alternative but to make a definitive stand for Jesus Christ in all these arenas.


For decades Christians have been silenced with such thoughts as “neither politics nor religion” are to be spoken of publicly or socially, or “religion is not be worn on the sleeve.” This has been a particularly successful effort of Satan to close down the spreading of the Christian Gospel. So successful has this been that many so-called Christians have even been duped by it. Now Christians need to ask, “Whom should we obey?” – the will of manmade regulation or the expressed words of Jesus “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” – St. Matthew 28:19f – NIV.


455 years after the beginning of the 16th century English Reformation with the publishing of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer’s First Book of Common Prayer (of course, the movement’s beginnings could be traced to earlier actions but the definitive point is in this publication), the Church once again finds herself in the need of Reformation. By the end of the 15th century corruption (both Satanic and simply human) had so invaded the Church that she had to be brought back to her Apostolic roots. Today such evil has again invaded the Church. With the promotion of an idea that God is doing new things even if He is seen to be contradicting Himself in His Own Scriptures the revisionist liberals are trying to redesign the Church into a “modern entity” based upon humanism and human intellect by selling such as superseding the “old fashioned Holy Scriptures.” Such teachings as stating that believing the Bible as it is written is merely a non-intellectual Sunday School faith are in vogue. Some proponents of such a change (e.g. Bishop Spong) are misusing the term “reformation” by alluding to their actions as being such.  But reformation is reforming the Church in the light of true tradition (Apostolic Tradition) and the plainly understood Word of God. The revisionists have attempted to pull the Scriptures from the hands of the people with the teaching that they are far too difficult for the ordinary person to understand just as the pre-Reformation Church had done. True Christians have to recall to the people that the Scriptures were written by man under the inspiration of Almighty God through His Holy Spirit for the common man. It is only in the ego of man that they are made to be subject to the scholarship of man. Therefore, True Reformation in the Light of Jesus Christ is where the True Church needs to direct herself.


Such a walk in today’s world will not be an easy one. The revisionist liberal leadership sells itself upon the concept of openness, inclusivity, and tolerance. But such is available only to those who agree with their perverted and Satan led directions. Therefore, as is clearly in effect in the Episcopal Church of the USA and has shown its head in some regions of Canada already, these same inclusivists can become extremely vehement and aggressively vicious towards those who stand firm for the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ. So strong are these revisionist liberal types in the wish to “modernise” the faith by accepting secular wisdom and non-scriptural principles of faith, including the acceptance of “other ways to salvation than Jesus,” that they have become essentially Christophobic. In actuality, like true followers of the Satanic directions, they become so agitated when confronted with the Truth of Jesus Christ, the simple Name of Jesus and the inviolability of the Holy Word of God as clearly illustrated by Jesus that they are forced from within their own volatile nature to lash out with ferocious intensity against anyone who openly opposes their wickedness. Thus, since these persons are in power in the mainline Churches in Canada today, Orthodox Conservative Christians who stand firm and faithfully for the pure Word of God and true Faith in Jesus Christ can expect persecution and even martyrdom of the highest magnitude.


But such cannot deter the Christian community. The English Reformation of the 16th century would not have taken place if there had not been strong faithful Christian persons willing to stand for the truth of God. So, in today’s Reformation, there must be strong and committed Christians willing to stand firm for the pure faith of God in Jesus Christ via the power of the Holy Spirit – and let Satan unleash whatever he will! God is faithful to His promises for those who stand fast.


The intent of this work has been to bring together some of the clear evidence of the rule of Satan in Canada today and to call the True Church of Jesus Christ into action. Of course there are many additional matters that could, or even should, be discussed with regard to the Canadian Government, Justice System, mainline Churches, and society in general. And, of course, there are many additional things that need to be said concerning the response of the True Faithful Christian Church. Such will be the focus of a much later work. Suffice it to say, at this point, that Christians need to be called to action. And, by Christians is meant the whole True Body of Christ. There are members of the Orthodox Conservative Christian Right Wing leadership that are currently working toward this end. But their efforts alone are not enough. The power is in that of God’s Holy Spirit working through the whole of the faithful Body of Christ!




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