January 16, 2008


My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:


Before I say what I am feeling led to write to you let me set the record straight concerning my current position as a Priest of the Church of God – the Office to which I was ordained and will live within for the rest of my life here on earth – we will have to wait and see what the Good Lord has in store for me when He calls me into His Heavenly KingdomJJJJ. While I am not licensed at this time by Mr. Jim Njegovan, Bishop of Brandon, I remain on the list of retired Priests in that Diocese. I exercise my Ministry in the ELCC Churches in Erickson, MB, and in Langenburg and Churchbridge, SK. I also function once in while in the Churchbridge/Esterhazy region in the ACofC Diocese of Qu’Appelle under a Letter of Permission from Bishop Greg Kerr-Wilson.


Currently I am a member of the Anglican Network. However, at least to-date, I still remain a committed Christian of the Anglican Church of Canada – the Church in which I became a Born-Again Christian in 1955 at the age of 14 and have exercised the majority of my ministry, both Lay and Ordained. While I once drifted for a brief time into the diversions and heresies of the revisionist/liberal leadership (about 5 years of ignorance) I have been active in opposing the non-Scriptural and anti-Scriptural directions of such leadership since my return to orthodoxy in about 1968 when my intellect could no longer accept or get around the inaccuracies, falsehoods, incongruence, intellectual depravity, new age driven, anti-Scriptural directions of these teachings emanating from some sort of god that is in no way identifiable with the One True God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – Who, in His Divine Love, gave us The Way, The Truth, and The Life in Jesus Christ Who is the only road to reconciliation with that One True God! Such stance gave me problems from within the Anglican Church of Canada prior to ordination, in preparation for ordination, throughout my ministry as a Priest in the Church of God functioning within the Anglican Church of Canada, and now within my retirement days. But, I have basked in the joy of knowing the primacy of God’s Word and His Divine Will.


However, I am seriously concerned about the anti-Scriptural directions being taken by the Anglican Church of Canada – especially over the lst ten years or so. It is clearly evident that, despite vain attempts to find ways of revisiting, revising, or reinterpreting the Divinely Inspired Holy Word of God, the ACofC leadership is committed to its walking away from the clear teachings of God as defined in the documents of the foundation of the Reformed Anglican Church as presented in the Official Book of Common Prayer (1959/62) in open attempt to unite this Church with the directions and will of secular society. In this walk, despite the false claims of providing place and leadership for those who wish to remain faithful to Almighty God and His clear Divine Word written in the Holy Bible and Living in the Person of Jesus Christ, the emerging general message to Orthodox Conservative Christians in the ACofC is essentially, “Get with the new program or leave us alone!” And such is totally unacceptable to anyone who places the Will of God in their lives above the godless false directions of humankind.


One now sees Mrs. Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of TEC, foaming at the mouth in her threats against the Godly Bishops of San Joaquin, Pittsburgh, and Fort Worth together with the money grabbing law suits being exercised against any Godly Congregation that wants to stand for the Word of God and live under the protection of Godly Primates from elsewhere in the world. This same attack has been going on in the Province of Canada in the Dioceses of New Westminster, British Columbia, Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara, Montreal and, now, in Newfoundland. And it is becoming clear that such will be the norm across Canada very shortly as the revisionist/liberal leadership becomes more and more insecure in its falsehoods and outright heresies. Further, the walk away from honesty and integrity is becoming more clearly evident in the machinations and linguistic gymnastics performed by the newly elected Primate of Canada in explaining the actions being taken by Dioceses and Parishes contravening the spirit and intent of motions from the last General Synod as being just and in line with current Anglican (please interpret as revisionist/liberal) directions. The orthodox Christians who remain within the ACofC will be the ones to bear the brunt of these attacks. WE have experienced much of this in the vehement reactions to the move of Bishops Don Harvey and Malcolm Harding in their coming under the leadership and protection of the Godly Primate of the Province of the Southern Cone. We need to pray for those who still wish to fight this seemingly already lost battle within that severely secularised organisation.


In the mind of this writer things have progressed to a point where some very serious matters have to be contemplated by every concerned Anglican Christian. We all need to ask, if the Will of God in Jesus Christ is to be paramount in my life,

  1. Can I remain within an environment where the open and outwardly upheld direction is to go against the Holy Word of God in favour of the sinfulness of secularism in the world without giving tacit approval to the heresies being purported by the ACofC leadership?
  2. If I continue to worship within my current parochial environment, can I continue to provide financial support that makes it possible for these false prophets and leaders to continue in their work and that can be seen as implicitly supporting the heretical direction of the hierarchy and the ACofC as a whole?
  3. If I am to uphold the primacy of Jesus and His exclusive offer of salvation to those who are willing to receive Him and follow the Divine Will of God as clearly presented in the whole of the Holy Scriptures contained in the Holy Bible, can I support that desire while remaining within an environment where the same are refuted, ignored, or explained away thereby placing the will of humanity above and in place of the clearly stated Will of Almighty God?


The obvious response to all these questions is NO! Further, it seems to be the preference of the revisionist/liberal adherents to the ACofC heretical directions that the Orthodox Conservative Christian Anglicans get out of their hair and leave. The Bishop of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador has asserted their rather convoluted logic when he suggested that those who hold to the visions of the Anglican Network in Canada should do the honourable thing and pack-up and go. This statement is convoluted because, in reality, it is those who can no longer live by the Apostolic and Traditional teachings of the Reformed Anglican Church which are thoroughly grounded in the Holy Bible who should be departing and leaving the organisation that was thus founded to the Christians in the Church. However, their honour does not include stepping down from their pharisaic positions as no one would listen to their totally non-intellectual and baseless heretical ramblings if they did not hold such outward positions. However, putting all that aside, Orthodox Conservative Anglican Christians are faced with making a very serious decision.


The lifeboat is in the water ready to take those from the ACofC who wish to remain within the realm of Christian Anglicanism to the fortress ship of the Worldwide Anglican Communion. But each person, each parish, each Diocese has to make a decision as to which comes first in life – the Will of God as clearly expressed in His Divine Word and clearly interpreted and presented in the Traditions of the Apostolic Understanding OR buildings, comfort zones, organisational adherence, etc., etc., etc. If the response is the former, as it should be, then the question has to be asked whether or not the same can be openly and honestly actively presented, declared, and upheld, within the realms of the heretical teachings surrounding persons in the revisionist/liberal environment of today that exist within much of the ACofC where such proclamations will be angrily and vehemently and illogically but powerfully and screamingly refuted by the heretics in power. Everyone reading this is asked to seriously and prayerfully consider these things!


Is it time for all committed Christians to “shake the dust off their feet” and come together within the true Body of Christ gathered in His Name? This is a difficult but real question for individuals, congregations, and dioceses to consider. It is not something that can be determined by majority vote. Rather it requires the coming together of faithful persons into that which can be seen as a part of the True Body of Christ.


Majority vote on matters of doctrine and the true content of faith is not a Scripturally supported function. You will remember that it was a majority vote that resulted in the making of the Golden Calf (an idol around which the voters violated the Will of God in many ways) while Moses was on the Mount with God receiving the Ten Commandments. God has produced His Word in writing in the Holy Scriptures of the Holy Bible and in the Living Person of Jesus Christ who, in His earthly life, affirmed the Eternal Unchangeable nature of God’s Word and Will for His True People known as the Body of Christ. So in undertaking your considerations please look to the Holy Word of God and not to the majority opinions of those who have rejected the One True God and His Divinely Inspired Word!


Please pray with me in these matters that all will be able to listen to God and follow Him in apposition to the sinful and heretical directions of the revisionist/liberal godless self-aggrandising new age driven leadership of today in both the secular and ecclesiastical world around us. Be ready to support and bail-out those who choose to try to continue the fight. Their plight will be agonising and torturous.


Now, more than ever, we need to pray for each other and those faced with making difficult and traumatic decisions for Jesus Christ in and through all of this.


Yours in Christ,


Larry +


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