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Last update: July 20, 2003

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Title Description
Sailor Moon
The Four Horsemen This was my first attempt at fanfic. I had this image in my head of a sort of shrine to the Sailor Senshi within the Dark Kingdom, and this got me to thinking about what sort of religion might exist in Queen Beryl's realm.
Frozen Time This story arose from my interest in cryonics.
Kiss of the Enemy
This is a crossover with S.M. Stirling's Draka series. No, I'm not kidding.
Under a Cloud The Sailor Senshi encounter an enemy that they have absolutely, positively no hope whatsoever of defeating.
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Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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Chapter 15
Chapter 16
After I finally saw episode 200 of Sailor Moon, I said to myself it was time to write a really long fanfic. Six months later...
Pictures at an Exhibition This is a little prologue/epilogue to Secrets.
Last Act This story is part of the Circle of Time series.
The Wish This was my entry to the Anime North 2000 Fan Fiction Contest. It was the Grand Prize winner.
The Doctor Is In This was my entry to the Anime North 2001 Iron Author Contest (had to be written in two hours). It won first place.
El Hazard
Earth Chapter One
As Long as it Takes
I always wondered just how Ifurita managed to build that mausoleum that Makoto found her in. It couldn't have been easy.
Earth Chapter Two
The Road Home
The paintings that accompanied the closing credits at the end of the first El Hazard OAV series suggested that at some point Makoto and his friends made their way back to Earth. This idea was really what inspired this 'Earth Chapter' series.
Earth Chapter Three
So what would it be like to psychoanalyze an android?
Earth Chapter Four
The Silent Invasion
Not to give too much away here, but it stands to reason that Makoto and company might find their lives becoming just as 'interesting' on Earth as they were on El Hazard.
Earth Chapter Five
Fall of Darkness
This concludes the story arc started in Chapter Four.
Earth Chapter Six
The other thing I always wondered was what sort of life Ifurita and Makoto would have together.
Reunited (Lemon) This is a side-story to my El Hazard Earth Chapter Two. If you've seen the series then you shouldn't need to guess who's been reunited here...
Prime Candidate I wrote this story to suggest what the background of Kalia from the second OAV series might have been.
Rough Justice This is a collaboration I did with Mark Engels.
Vampire Miyu
Heaven Can Wait This is a crossover with the Fox Television Network series 'Brimstone'.
The Day After This story takes place the day after the final episode of Noir.
Crest of the Stars
Evolution The Abh Empire faces a mysterious new enemy. Lafiel and Jinto are thrown into a chaotic war where they are unsure whom or what they are really fighting.
Furlough Lafiel and Jinto are granted an extended leave from the Space Force. The tropical island paradise they visit will hold surprises for both of them.