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Lego Mindstorms is an open-ended engineering platform. It allows you to build almost any mechanical creation and program it using almost any language, including Java. Read more about the Mindstorms Scene, or read about experiments with Mindstorms and AI.

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Core Lego Mindstorms Programming
Check out my new book on programming the RCX with Java. This book discusses beginner to advanced topics of leJOS, an open source project I'm involved with. I wrote this book because the market needed a book on programming Mindstorms with Java. The content ranges from learning Java, leJOS, robot building, novice electronics and robotics concepts.
From the publisher:
"Your LEGO Mindstorms robots can do more than you ever imagined. The secret: go beyond the built-in tools, and leverage the power of the Java platform—the world's hottest programming technology.
"Core LEGO Mindstorms shows you how, step by step. Working from beautifully rendered 3-D plans, you'll construct five unique robots-each capable of increasingly powerful navigation. You'll build and program two powerful custom sensors-an accurate distance sensor and the 'Holy Grail' of navigation sensors: the compass sensor."
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