Folk Dance Resources

Below is a list of about 100 dances, most of them suitable for teaching at parties where the participants have little or no previous dancing experience.

Click the link for each dance to take you to a pop up window with the dance instructions and or a video clip of the dance.
To return to this page from any of the pop up windows, simply close the window.
indicates that the dance is part of my repertoire.
indicates a link to a video of the dance.
indicates a link to the dance instructions.
There are several dances listed where there are no links to a pop up window, no videos and no instructions. It is hoped to include these dances at a later date.

Ali Pasa
Aunt Hessie's white horse
Belfast Duck
Big Corral
Big Set Mixer
Blaydon Races
Bonnie Prince Charlie
Bridge of Athlone
Canadian Barn Dance
Chekessia Kfula
Circassian Circle
Circle Waltz
Cumberland Square eight
Dance of the Hammersmiths
Dancing in the street
Dashing White Sergeant
Die Woaf
Djatchko Kolo
Doudlebska Polka
Eide Rotas
Eightsome Reel
Ersko Kolo
Familje Schotis
Familje Sextur
Fyrmanna Schottische
Gay Gordons
German Clap Dance
Good Old Days
Hakke Tonne

Hassipiko Politico
Hora Agadati
Horney Toad
I want to be near you
Indo Eo
Jiffy Mixer
Kalsa Masolka
Kolom Tanz
Kleine Schottische
Kroatische Schottische
La Bastringue
Levi Jackson Rag
Little man in a fix
Mayim Mayim
Mexican Waltz
Moi Mejenka
Neda Grivne
New Kolo
Nottingham Swing
O Tarzan
Olde Step
Oige ja vasemba
Oxo Reel
Patacake Polka
Patch Dance
Poseyala Baba
Progressive Barn Dance
Rebecca's Roundabout

Red River Valley
Riepe riepe garste
Rond de St Jean
Salty Dog Rag
Selengers Round
Shiboleth Basedeh
Sicillian Circle
Snuff Dance
St Bernard's Waltz
Stepping Out
Strip the willow
Sulam Yakov
Swedish Clap Dance
Swedish Masquarade
Teddy Bears Ball
Tenessee Wigwalk
Texas Schottische
Twelth Street Rag
Two Step
Waltz Country Dance
Waves of Tory
Wild Cowboy Dance
Willow Tree
Y Ddafad Gorniog
Zemir Atiek
Zorba Dance

Can you help me?

Please make me aware of:

  1. any video clips on the Internet which you think should be included in this collection
  2. any easy and "different" dances that I could add to this collection.
  3. any mistakes.
  4. any background information about particular dances, that could be included in the dance instructions.
  5. your comments about whether these pages have been useful and how to improve.

Many thanks.

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