Gay Gordons (Scotland)


There are two versions of this dance, both have the same formation. Couples face anticlockwise round the room, with the lady on the gentleman's right. Couples join hands with each other, the lady puts both hands in the air at about head height and the man holds her left hand with his left hand in front of his chest and he holds her right hand with his right hand just to the right of her head, taking hold of her hand from behind. This is known as the Gay Gordons hold.


  1. Couples march forward in an anticlockwise direction round the circle for 4 steps. (4)
  2. Still holding hands, couples turn round in a clockwise direction to face the opposit direction, so that the man's left hand is just to the left of her head, and his right hand is in front of his chest. The lady is now on the man's left. The couple walk backwards in an anticlockwise direction for 4 steps. (4)
  3. The couple walk forward for 4 steps in a clockwise direction ( The opposit of 2.) (4)
  4. The couple turn round to face in an anticlockwise direction, so that the lady is now on the man's right, and they walk backwards for 4 steps. (The opposit of 1) (4)
  5. The man lets go of the lady with his left hand, keeping hold with his right. He then spins the lady in a clockwise direction 4 complete turns by guiding her right hand in a clockwise direction. The lady turns round completely. The couple walk forward at the same time.(8)
  6. The couple take a ballroom hold and dance round for 4. (8)


  • Forward 2 3 4...Turn back 2 3 4...Forward 2 3 4...Turn back 2 3 4 (16)
  • Turn the lady (8)
  • Dance round (8)

Progressive version

  1. As 1234 in the Scots version. (16)
  2. Face in an anticlockwise direction and take inside hands. Jump towards each other. (4)
  3. Jump away from each other but still holding hands. (4)
  4. The man pulls the lady in front of him and lets go so that they swap places. They then take inside hands. (4)
  5. They jump towards each other. (4)
  6. The man spins the lady under his left arm with his left hand. He then takes hold of the lady in front of him in the Gay Gordons hold rady to start the dance again. (8)


  • Forward 2 3 4...Turn back 2 3 4...Forward 2 3 4...Turn back 2 3 4 (16)
  • Jump towards, away, pull the lady across. (8)
  • Jump towards, swing the lady under your arm. Start again with new partner (8)