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Last Updated: February 9, 2015 It’s turning out to be quite the battle between cold air to our north and east and warm air to our west and south. Unfortunately, for those of you who were hoping for a return to mild melting weather, it looks like we are going to stay on the cold side of things at least for the next week or two, as a series of arctic highs invades central and eastern North America. If you were hoping for some more snow, again more bad news, as the arctic highs should keep any snow we do get on the light side. On the other side of things, if you are happy with the amount of snow we have and enjoy typical mid-winter temperatures, then this is the forecast for you! The general weather pattern across North America is staying fairly stable, with a ridge of high pressure over western regions and a trough of low pressure across eastern regions. This places us in a northwesterly flow between these two main features which will result in systems moving through fairly rapidly. AN area of low pressure is expected to quickly move through on Tuesday bringing with about 5cm of snow but this will likely be the only snow we will see for the next couple of weeks. This low will be followed by an area of arctic high pressure that will build in on Wednesday and Thursday, bringing plenty of sunshine along with temperatures near the bottom end of the usual temperature range. This high will quickly slide off to the southeast on Friday with a weak low following in its wake. This system will bring some milder temperatures along with a few flurries. A second high will slide by to our northeast on Saturday and Sunday which should help to clear the skies out. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll see colder air move in with this high as another weak low following quickly behind this system late on Sunday will help to keep the coldest air to our north. A third arctic high will then drop southwards and drift across our region on Monday and Tuesday, bringing plenty of clear skies and cold temperatures as daytime highs and lows struggle to make it into the low end of the usual temperature range. Just like with the other highs, this one will quickly move off to the east by Wednesday, allowing for a milder air to start to move back in during the second half of the week. Usual Temperature Range for this Period Highs: -17 to -2 C Lows: -29 to -12 C

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