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Last Updated: January 26, 2015 Last week’s weather pattern played out pretty much as expected. As anticipated, the timing and exact paths of the lows coming out of the northwest were a little off with the first low that moved through late last week taking a much more westerly route. The weather models have been doing a pretty good job with the general forecast out to about 4 or 5 days but beyond that period they are having a bit of a hard time trying to figure things out. Initially the models had been trying to bring much colder weather back into our area later this week, then they switch to only a brief cold snap followed by more mild weather. Now the models are once again showing a generally colder pattern developing later this week and lasting through to about the middle of next week as a cross polar flow develops. Due to the inconsistency of the weather models, confidence in this forecast is fairly low. This forecast period will start off nice mild weather before a weak low moves across southern and central regions on Wednesday bringing clouds and some light snow or flurries. A small area of arctic high pressure will drop southeastwards behind this low. This will start to cool down our temperatures back towards the middle to lower end of the usual temperature range on Thursday with the coldest air moving over the weekend as a re-enforcing arctic high builds in. The weather models then show an area of low pressure sliding down from the northwest on Monday or Tuesday which could bring the chance of some snow along with a brief warm up. This system will move through quickly as arctic high pressure builds southwards once again bring with a more cold weather forecasted for Tuesday and Wednesday. Usual Temperature Range for this Period Highs: -22 to -4 C Lows: -33 to -13 C

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