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Webmaster of the NEW Parish of St. Chad website, 2013 (www.stchad.ca) is Brent Jackson. This website [www.mts.net/gilfred/stchad.html) is NO LONGER the OFFICIAL web homepage of St. Chad's Anglican Church; so please delete it from your list. It has been my pleasure to have been your webmaster for the past 12 years, but St. Chad's now has a commercially-prepared expanded website befitting the changing conditions and outward reach of St. Chad's. We hope you will access it often. Go to: www.stchad.ca

St. Chad's Anglican Church
in the Assiniboia Christian Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Assiniboia Christian Centre - sketch by Linda McIntosh
The most unique aspect of St.Chad's is its shared home. The Assiniboia Christian Centre (photo), founded in 1968, is jointly owned and operated - by St.Chad's and by the Roman Catholic parish of Blessed John XXIII.
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