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International Wine Festival of Manitoba

First imagine the setting... a beautifully refurbished turn of the century railway building filled with skylights, atriums, archways, balconies and a lovely courtyard filled with tropical plants that reach to the sky. Specialty shops, boutiques, artisans with their wares, and ethnic food kiosks are all nestled within the natural brick walls and archways of the two-story historic building. This is The Forks Market, setting for the 25th Annual International Wine Festival of Manitoba on October 14, 15, and 16, 2016.

The stage is set for an event that fills the senses and captures the mood and romance of days gone by. Take a stroll through The Market Courtyard and sample some of the hundreds of wines on display during the 3-day Wine Festival. Over 100 wineries are represented this year with experts on hand, ready to offer suggestions and help you discover previously unknown treasures from around the world.

Continue your stroll through The Market Courtyard and visit the Cheese booth of Fenton's Gourmet Foods which features over 750 varieties of cheese.

The 25th Annual International Wine Festival of Manitoba is truly a discovery of the senses and an experience to be savoured.

President's Message

The Annual International Wine Festival of Manitoba is upon us once again. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, it is a non-profit (Charitable) Festival where you get to sample wines from all over the world.

The Annual International Wine Festival of Manitoba is presented to you by the Forks Market and Co-sponsored by Fenton's Wine Merchants Ltd. (by us). Like last year, this year's net proceeds from the Festival are donated to Winnipeg Harvest.

The show still offers you Free Admission and the tickets for sampling continue to be only 50 cents each.

As per the last 30 years, the Wine Festival will also feature the unique double-booth of Fenton's Gourmet Foods with colorful cheese, pates, and goodies that "go with" wine. This traditional booth has always been an integral part of the "non profit" character of the Festival.

In my many years experience experience with successful wine festivals, I can classify the patrons (you) into 3 categories:

  1. People who are very wine knowledgeable. They come to look for new wines or to taste wines they haven't tasted yet or to re-taste a favorite.
  2. People who do not know much about wine, but they like wine and, come to have a good time.
  3. People who do not know much about wine but they come to learn any and everything they can about wine while enjoying the noble beverage.

For the first group, I say good luck in finding new wines & enjoying old favorites. I say to the second group, have a good time.

As for the third group I have a few more words. You are a majority so do not be embarrassed to ask any questions. The best way to benefit from the Festival, as well as to have fun, is to bring a small notebook. After trying every wine, write one line describing the taste, and the bouquet (smell). Use tastes and smells of items you are familiar with. Finally, record the price of the wine (ask the rep for the bottle price, since the sample cost may not be indicative. It is often subsidized to promote the wine and support the charity). Do not forget to eat something with a plain taste between two wines. Many booths offer slices of French bread and/or plain crackers at no charge for that purpose. If you are uncertain of how to swirl the glass to get the most bouquet (smell) out of it or how to sip the wine to get the most taste out of it, ask our experts to show you.

Enjoy yourself, and have a good Festival. - Mo Razik