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Kronsfeld Cemetery Memorial Project

Greetings! We're glad you've taken the time to find out more about the Kronsfeld Cemetery Memorial Project!!!

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The Kronsfeld Cemetery Project was initiated to erect a cairn and plaque to honor those persons buried in what is an otherwise unmarked cemetery at the former village site of Kronsfeld, near Haskett, Manitoba, CANADA.

Please look over the information and see what has been accomplished thanks to those who assisted with the project.

If you should be able to supply missing information we would be glad to hear from you. We hope to add more genealogical information as time permits. . We would be glad to hear any visitors if you would care to contact us!

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UPDATE FOR 15-Jan-2011!!!
Starburst A short movie has been created, portraying the unveiling of the cairn and some of the activities leading up to project completion. It is compatible with iPhone and similar devices and is about a 23 Megabyte download. You can download it here:

or browse the folder to explore the files that are stored there...
Starburst As of October 2009 the account for the Kronsfeld Cemetery Memorial Project has been closed out. The remaining funds left over from the project were applied to install protective rail fencing back of the cairn to prevent grazing cattle from getting close enough to rub on the cairn. The project committee thanks all those who supported and contributed to this project. Feel welcome to check back from time to time as periodically there will be updates to the website content.
Starburst The "sub-project" to place a granite pillow marker at Winkler Cemetery is complete! It was installed Dec 3, 2008.
Starburst The plaque and cairn are installed and a memorial service took place Oct. 5, 2008.

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