The Fairmont Algonquin
Saint Andrews by the Sea, New Brunswick

In August 2009 I had a chance to go to the Fairmont Algonquin, 3,563 km away. I was told of some of the paranormal activity and knew I had to take this opportunity and go hunting.

Room 473
In the early 1900's a woman died in this room after being stood up at her wedding

"We're in here ...." recorded in the closet
Unknown - recorded in the corner beside the bed, the emf jumped to 3, I walked over to have a look. The evp is heard at 19.9 secs. I left the recording intact.
Another unknown - recorded in the closet.

These two evps were recorded in the attic and at the bottom of the stairs in the doorway.

The 2nd Floor
Recorded while walking around. There are two voices, the louder voice is the evp.

The 4th Floor

These two evps were recorded while walking around the 4th floor, the first one I cannot make out what is being said, this second one sounds like Julie.

The Spa

There are two voices the first one starts at 1.1 secs then again at 4.5 secs then a different voice at 7.1 secs that sounds like "Ok"
These two are very interesting, first female voice saying "Come on Michael" then a different female voice saying the same thing.
Finally the voice of a boy, perhaps Michael, but I cannot make out what he is saying.

Room 308
Very faint male voice, almost sounds like "Testing" with a high pitched beep.

Laundry Room
The laundry room is located in the basement, in this recording you will hear the noise from the machines, the voice starts at 0.4 secs

Main Floor
Hardly anyone was hanging around the main floor so I decided to record and got this voice in an empty hallway.