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Kent Brockman's list of people who were gay
List of Rock Bottom Corrections
List of Celebrities that were arrested in the year 2010

List of clips from the First Clip Show
List of clips from the Second Clip Show

List of Burns' baseball ringers
Some people who were in Ned's bomb shelter
Some puppy names in 2F18
Who were Stonecutter Members

Some names on tombstones in 7F04
Some more names on tombstones in 9F04
Still more names on tombstones (from 1F04)

Some Snowball references
Some license plates

Moe's Love Tester
Some protest signs

Some Halloween costumes
Some sins committed in the opening sequence of 7F13
The various shapes the Simpsons' house took in 2F03
Wendell's continuous goof in `Nightmare Cafeteria'
What's in Barney's apartment

21 Maggie's falls
Marge's list of Itchy and Scratchy Violence Acts
Scratchy's demise in `Planet of the Aches'

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Kent Brockman's list of people who were gay in 2F11:

 Al Jean                 (Writer/Consulting producer)
 Alf Clausen             (Music)
 Allison Ellott          (Post Production Supervisor)
 Annette Andersen        (Matt Groening's assistant)
 Bill Oakley             (Writer/Supervising Producer)
 Chris Ledesma           (Music Editor)
 David Cohen             (Story Editor)
 David Mirkin            (Executive Producer)
 David Silverman         (Producer)
 Dominique Braud-Stiger  (Post Producer Assistant)
 Don Gilbert             (Producer Assistant)
 Elizabeth Jacobs        (David Mirkin's assistant)
 George Meyer            (Writer/Co-Executive Producer)
 Greg Daniels            (Writer/producer)
 Griag Feeney            (Producer Assistant)
 Jane O'Brien            (Producer Assistant)
 Jacqueline Atkins       (Producer Assistant)
 Jennifer Crittenden     (Staff Writer)
 Joel Kuwahara           (Producer Assistant)
 Joseph Boucher          (Producer)
 Josh Weinstein          (Writer/Supervising Producer)
 Ken Tsumura             (Animation Co-Producer for Gracie Films)
 Mark McJimsey           (Editor/Dialogue Sound Editor)
 Matt Groening           (Creative Consultant)
 Mike Reiss              (Writer/consulting producer)
 Mike Scully             (Writer/producer)
 Ping Warner             (Post Producer Assistant)
 Richard Raynis          (Producer)
 N. Violet Diaz
 Richard Havis


List of Rock Bottom Corrections in 2F06:

  1. ``Peoples' Choice Award'' is America's greatest honor.
  2. Styrofoam is not made from kittens.
  3. The U.F.O was a paper plate.
  4. The nerds on the Internet are not geeks.
  5. The word ``cheese'' is not funny in and of itself.
  6. The older Flanders boy is Todd, not Rod.
  7. Lynden Johnson did not provide the voice of Yosemite Sam.
  8. If you are reading this you have no life.
  9. Roy Rogers was not buried inside his horse.
 10. The other U.F.O. was an upside-down salad spinner.
 11. Our Universities are not ``hotbeds'' of anything.
 12. Mr. Dershowitz did not literally have four eyes.
 13. Our viewers are not pathetic sexless food tubes.
 14. Audrey Hepburn never weighed 400 pounds.
 15. The ``Cheers'' gang is not a real gang.
 16. Salt water does not ``chase the thirsties away.''
 17. Licking an electrical outlet will not turn you into a Mighty Morphin
     Power Ranger.
 18. Cats do not eventually turn into dogs.
 19. Bullets do not bounce off of fat guys.
 20. Recycling does not deplete the ozone.
 21. Everything is 10% fruit juice.
 22. The flesh eating virus does not hide in ice cream.
 23. Janet Reno is evil.
 24. V8 juice is not 1/8 gasoline.
 25. Ted Koppel is a robot.
 26. Women aren't from Venus and men aren't from Mars.
 27. Fleiss does floss.
 28. Quayle is familiar with common bathroom procedures.
 29. Bart is bad to the bone.
 30. Godfry Jones' wife is cheating on him.
 31. The Beatles haven't reunited to enter kick boxing competitions.
 32. The ``Bug'' on your TV screen can see into your home.
 33. Everyone on TV is better than you.
 34. The people who are writing this have no life.


From 2F15, a list of celebrities that were arrested in the year 2010:

 The Baldwin brothers gang
 Dr. Brad Pitt
 John John John Kennedy
 George Burns
 Infamous Amos
 Grandson of Sam
 The artist formerly known as `Prince's name symbol'
 Tim Allen Jr.
 Sentor and Mrs. Dracula
 The artist formerly known as Buddy Hackett
 Madonnabots Series K
 Sideshow Ralph Wiggums
 Martha Hitler
 Jonny Neutrino


List of clips from the first clip show (9F17):

 [7G11] Bart throwing baseball at Homer's head.
 [8F13] Homer getting hit by a baseball.
 [8F06] Band-saw hitting Homer's head.
 [8F06] Kwik-E-Mart sliding doors hit Homer's hit.
 [7F09] Maggie whacking Homer over the head with a wooden mallet.
 [7G04] The electric shock theory.
 [7F06] Homer falling down Springfield Gorge.
 [8F17] The family bringing SLH to the Animal Hospital.
 [7G09] Homer & Bart trying to catch dinner.
 [7F04] The flying saucer hovering over the house.
 [????] Itchy & Scratchy cartoon.
 [7G11] Marge & Homer at SNPP.
 [8F09] Homer's Chocolate fantasy.
 [8F06] Homer's Dream.
 [8F17] Homer begging Burns for money.
 [7F11] Homer listening to Lisa playing her sax.
 [8F22] Bart swipes Homer's change jar.
 [7G05] Bart rolling across the sidewalk in a garbage can.
 [7F21] Homer watching Bart, Milhouse and Martin fight in the treehouse.
 [7F11] Bart learning how to shave.


A list of clips from the second clip show (2F33):

   [9F06] Homer drinking beer in Maggie's kiddie pool.
   [9F01] I&S cartoon: Flay Me to the Moon.
   [8F22] Fuzzy Bunny's Guide To You-Know-What.
   [9F13] Ned singing to Maude.
   [9F05] Smithers fantasizes about Burns.

 Bart's Prank Phone calls clips:
   [7G01] Al Coholic
   [7G06] Jock Strap
   [7G03] I. P. Freeley
   [7F11] Seymour Butts
   [7F15] Homer Sexual
   [7F22] Mike Rotch
   [9F06] Amanda Hugginkiss
   [8F08] Hugh Jass
   [9F06] Ivana Tinkle
   [8F02] I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face and big butt and my butt
          smells and I like to kiss my own butt.

 Homer's Mmmm clips:
   [8F11] ...chocolate
   [1F03] ...invisible Cola
   [1F04] ...forbidden donut
   [1F14] ...sacrilegious
   [8F17] ...snouts
   [1F06] goo
   [????] ...something

 Some more clips:
   [1F14] Homer kissing Ned on the mouth.
   [7G11] Marge's short-lived ``fling''.
   [1F07] Homer's short-lived ``fling''.
   [9F13] Lisa's short-lived ``fling''.
   [9F06] Bart's heartbreak romance.
   [8F20] Selma and Sideshow Bob in bed.
   [1F21] Abe's heartbreak romance.
   [7F12] How Homer and Marge met and fell in love.

 Kissing clips:
   [7G10] Homer's Night Out
   [7F10] Episode 23: Bart Gets Hit By A Car
   [7F02] Simpson and Delilah
   [8F10] I Married Marge
   [8F10] I Married Marge
   [8F18] A Streetcar Named Marge
   [1F08] $pringfield

 Recycled gags:
   [8F17] Throwing a book on a lit fireplace.


List of Burns' baseball ringers in 8F13:

 Where Smithers recruited some of the ringers:
   Jose Canseco       at Baseball Card Convention
   Mike Scoscia       while Deer hunting
   Ozzie Smith        while on a tour of Graceland
   Don Mattingly      At home
   Steve Sax          playing at Jazz club.

 What happen to the ringers:
   Wade Boggs         run-in with Barney
   Jose Canseco       rescuing a woman's appliances from house-fire
   Roger Clemens      thinks he's a chicken
   Ken Griffey, Jr.   overdose of Nerve Tonic...gigantism
   Don Mattingly      kick off the team for sideburns
   Steve Sax          serving six life sentences
   Mike Scoscia       radiation poisoning
   Ozzie Smith        lost in Springfield's MYSTERY SPOT
   Darryl Strawberry  nothing, except sent to showers so Homer can bat.


From 2F11, some people in Ned's bomb shelter:

 Apu                   Kearney          Patty
 Barney                Krusty           Rev. Lovejoy
 Captain McAllister    Larry            Selma
 Chief Wiggum          Lenny            Sideshow Mel
 Dolph                 Mayor Quimby     Skinner
 Dr. Julius Hibbert    Milhouse         The Flanders family
 Dr. Nick              Moe              The Simpson family
 Dr. Pryor             Mr. Largo        Willy
 Helen Lovejoy         Mrs. Hibbert     Where's Waldo
 Jimbo Jones           Nelson
 Karl                  Otto


Some puppy names in 2F18:

 - Blitzen      - Jay II
 - Branford     - King
 - Branford II  - Paul
 - Cleo         - Paul II
 - Dave         - Prince
 - Dave II      - Queenie
 - Donner       - Rex
 - Dopey        - Rex II
 - Fido         - Rover
 - Fido II      - Rover II
 - Grumpy       - Sleepy
 - Grumpy II    - Spot
 - Jay          - The puppy formerly known as Prince


Who were Stonecutter members in 2F09:

 Abe (Grampa)           Jasper                  Mr. Largo
 Burns                  Jack Nicholson          Mr. T
 Burns' hired goons     Karl                    Number One
 Chief Wiggum           Krusty                  Orville Reddenbacher
 Dr. Hibbert            Kent Brockman           Skinner
 Groundskeeper Willy    Lenny                   Sideshow Mel
 Green Martian          Leopold                 Smithers
 George Bush            Lenny's Egg friend      Steve Guttenberg
 Herman                 Moe                     Barney
 Homer                  Mayor Quimby
 Homer Glumplet         Mr. Van Houten


Some names on tombstones in 7F04:

     Ishmael Simpson
     Ezekiel Simpson
     Cornelius V. Simpson
     The Grateful Dead
     Casper the Friendly Boy
     Your name Here
     Paul McCartney


Some more tombstones in 9F04:

 - Drexell's Class
 - I'm with Stupid {with arrow pointing sideways}
 - R Buckminster Fuller
 - Slap Stick
 - American Workmanship


More tombstones in 1F04:

 Elvis - Accept it
 A Balanced Budget
 Subtle Political Satire
 TV Violence


Some Snowball references:

 [7G07] Lisa asks Ms. Albright if Snowball is in Heaven.
 [7G08] Marge mentions Snowball in passing.
 [7F10] We see Snowball on a cloud as Bart rides the escalator.
        (Note the tire track marks.)
 [7F24] Lisa wrote a poem about her.  (Lisa mentions SBI was run-over by a
 [8F06] we see a black cat in the video tape of Lisa.  I think this is
        suppose to be Snowball.
 [9F04] Bart and Lisa try to rise Snowball from the grave.
 [2F02] Snowball apparently voted Republican.
 [2F10] The white cat in the family album is likely Snowball.
 [2F32] Homer mentions Snowball in passing.

 Note the original Snowball was indeed white while the cat in 8F06 was
 black. The UFA also shows Snowball is a black cat.


Some license plates:

  [7F11] Ambulance's plate  : SLIP
  [7F12] Young Homer's plate: 79 BVI
 ~[7F21] Homer's plate      : SIMP1
  [8F14] Krusty's plate     : KRUSTY
  [8F15] Quimby's plate     : I RULE U
  [9F09] Snake's  plate     : EXCON
  [1F14] Ned's wagon plate  : JHN 14-3
  [1F19] Freddy's plate     : FREDDY
  [1F20] Ms. Hoover's plate : 012111
  [2F09] Lenny's plate      : 829EA
  [2F09] Homer's plate      : R8DRT


Moe's Love Tester from 8F08:

 - Hot Tamale
 - Casanova
 - Huba Buba
 - Luke Warm Luke
 - Cold Fish.
  (Steven Tyler score `Hot Tamile'.)


Some protest signs in 7F09:

  Marge - I'm protesting because Itchy & Scratchy are indirectly
          responsible for my husband being hit on the head with a mallet
 Maggie - Stop me before I kill my father again
  Homer - Please ban violent cartoons -- next time I might not be so
   Lisa - Ban Itchy & Scratchy
   Bart - Ban Itchy & Scratchy {Bart later adds `Don't' to the sign}

    Timothy Lovejoy - For heavens sake -- make them stop fighting
      Helen Lovejoy - Erase Itchy & Scratchy
     Maude Flanders - Join S.N.U.H. NOW!
       Ned Flanders - Save the cartoon animals
  ~Skinner's mother - Destroy the Violent People
                Moe - Bring back ``Wagon Train''

 Some more protest signs:
  - Decency in statuary
  - No nudes is good nudes
  - *BAN* Michelangelo's David
  - David, get off your pedestal
  - Kancel David
  - Stop Renaissance art NOW!


Some Halloween costumes in 9F04:

 Wendell - spaceman
 Milhouse - Radioactive Man
 Lewis - Frankenstein
 Marge - Cleopatra
 Homer - Caesar
 Lisa - Statue of Liberty
 Nelson - Pirate
 Bart - Alec (from `A Clockwork Orange')
 Janey - Princess
 Wanda - Belly dancer
 Martin - Calliope


Some sins committed in the opening sequence of 7F13:

  Carving graven images.
  Taking the Lord's name in vain.
 ~Baring false witness against thy neighbor.
  Coveting thy neighbor's wife.
 ~Coveting thy neighbor's goods.


The various shapes the Simpsons' house took in 2F03:

 - Igloo
 - The Flintstones home
 - A McDonolds type fast-food joint
 - the house under water (includes oil stain in driveway :)
 - An old shoe
 - Sphinx (with Bart's head)


From 2F03, Wendell's continuous goof in `Nightmare Cafeteria':

 Scene 1: He sits at the front of the class then appears to run out with
          his hands to his mouth.
 Scene 2: Is seen at his desk when Mrs. Krabappel enters the classroom.
 Scene 3: Is seen when Bart looks in the detention door window.
 Scene 4: Is seen when Bart enters the cafeteria.


What's in Barney's apartment in 8F10:

 - Old couch
 - pink underwear with hearts on couch arm-rest
 - sock on other arm-rest
 - table with rotary dial telephone
 - Springfield high-school `fanfare' flag above table
 - small B&W TV on (telephone wire cable) spool
 - banana peel next to the TV
 - a `bar-like' Wall clock
 - poster (of Farrah Fawcett?) covering a crack in wall
 - old golf clubs in corner of room
 - records in milk-carton(?) crate
 - bat and ball
 - things on floor:
     - empty beer can
     - pennies or loose change
     - ace of spades playing card
     - bowling ball (to go with Barney's bowling shirt?).


21 Maggie's falls in 7G01:

 3 during Bart's first prank phone call.
 1 when the kids were waiting for Homer to come home.
 1 after Marge growled at the kids.
 3 during Bart's second prank phone call.
 1 when Ms. Botz introduces herself.
 1 when Marge thanks Ms. Botz. for coming.
 5 on way to watch video tape:
    2 silent, rapid falls in hallway;
    1 in front room;
    2 in TV room.
 1 after landing on a pile of toys.
 1 sneaking pass Ms. Botz.
 1 at the bottom of the stairs.
 1 arriving at the TV room.
 1 when she tricks Ms. Botz into following her.
 1 at the telephone booth.


Marge's list of Itchy and Scratchy violence acts in 7F09:

     3 Cats blown up
     1 Mice lunched
     2 Dogs tricked
     2 Gophers buried alive
     3 Eyes knocked out
     2 Disembowelling
     1 Brains slammed in car door


From 1F22, Scratchy's demise in `Planet of the Aches':

  1. left ear sliced off with flying knife
  2. tail chopped off with flying axe
  3. right hand sliced off with flying knife
  4. beard cut off with Ninja star {sorry - forgot the name of it}
  5. nose cut off with flying triangle type knife
  6. right ear sliced off with weird looking object
  7. both arms sliced off with whirling double axe-ended weapon
  8. head sliced off with Ninja star
  9. same Ninja star doubles back to cut Scratchy in two
 10. lower half sliced into two by weird looking object
 11. Scratchy's head lays on pile of body parts
 12. large axe chops head cleanly into two (note his tongue)
 13. Brainy Mice clap their hands.


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