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Harry Potter
Outside the Leaky Cauldron Gryffindor Common Room Drowing Fending off Marcus Percy at Work Sleigh Ride based on Teague's fic Lion Cubs Snake Hatchlings
Gryffindor Banner Slytherin Banner Ravenclaw Banner Hufflepuff Banner Hogwarts Banner
Gryffindor Quidditch Slytherin Quidditch Ravenclaw Quidditch Hufflepuff Quidditch
Magical Creatures
Clabbert Demiguise Hippocampus Kelpie Mooncalf Nogtail Tadfoal
more Magical Creatures here
Harry Potter Portrait Series

Dungeons & Dragons
Diana Hank Presto Sheila Hank & Sheila Rahmoud's Daughter Grown Up Terry Desert King Diana in flight Enjoying the view Practice makes...bubbles. Time out Best buds

based on fanfiction
Queen Sabra The Chatterbox The Mouthy Girl
Sheila visiting Preston & Bobby The Marquis of Blackmoor meets Lady Silverbridge Lord Rayner chooses a horse

DC Comics
Garfield Logan Victor Stone Daughter of Trigon Princess Koriand'r
Tim Drake Bart Allen Cassie Sandsmark Superman's Clone

Jerrica Benton Kimber Benton Aja Leeth Shana Elmsford Raya Carmen Alonso
Phyllis Gabor Roxanne Pelligrini Mary Phillips Sheila Burns
Study in Contrasts

Original characters
Marie Sebastienne Boudreux Pelagia Narina Rhodes
Bubbles' aka Bat-Cheva
Sorceress Danielle The Guardian Princess Aislinn Forest Guardian Assassin Witch Queen Hadrienne Harlequin Sea Diplomat Ziv Byla

The fabulous bases for the dolls are by Angy-chan.
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