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Some of my favorite links. Most of the Harry Potter sites contain SLASH and/or adult content, so consider yourself warned.

Harry Potter
Ink Stained Fingers - Loads of Harry Potter slash, the majority of it really good.
Breagerey - One of my favorite Oliver/Percy writers. Read all of it.
Perfect? - Percy Weasley archive. Hasn't been update for a long time, but has alot of good stuff.
Quills & Quidditch - Also hasn't been updated in a while.
Minx's Site - Next to Oliver/Percy, my favorite pairing is Snape/Harry, and Minx writes some of the best fic for that pairing.

Fanfiction - some sites also contain SLASH.

Reference - This sites are really handy if you're writing Harry Potter Fan Fiction.
- Everything you want to know about Harry Potter canon.
- Really handy if you want to include realistic wizarding history.
Occultopedia - Information about various types of magical arts and just fun to browse.
My Owls - Just what it says. I didn't know there were so many breeds. Find the perfect one for your character.
British-English Dictionary - For Britpicking the language. I probably don't use this as often as I should.
Latin-English Dictionary - Very handing for making up spells.

Dungeon's & Dragons
- Definitely one of the best D&D toon sites out there. If you can't find it or a link to it here, it's not anywhere.
Darkhaven - Kimmy's site. Loads of great fanfiction.
Fayzalmoonbeam's Emporium of Fluff - Fay has fiction from several different fandoms, including Dungeons & Dragons.
Cavern of Tiamat - Patrick was one of the first people I met in D&D fandom. He has fanfiction and alot of interesting stuff on his site.

DC Comics

I was so happy to find this site, dedicated to my favorite character in any comic universe.

Other Fandoms I love.
The Real Ghostbusters Fan Page - I've never written any RGB fic, but I've always loved reading it. Sheila Paulson is one of the most profilic RGB authors out there.
Fan Fiction: Real Ghostbusters - Fiction by Tara and Robyn, both slash and non-slash. These two are my favorite RGB authors out there. Also has some Wild, Wild West fanfiction as well.

- Gorgeous doll site. The best thing about it are the fabulous tutorials. I don't make many cartoon dolls, but I was able to apply some of the tutorials to my other artwork and was very happy with the result.
- Great doll site where I found the bases for some of the Titans. Alot of very pretty stuff.
- This is where I got those adorable sprite bases.

All Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling.
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