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Uncle Travelling Matt

Like Uncle Travelling Matt here, I can never seem to resist the urge to go out and explore the world around me, sharing stories of my travels whenever possible. (Unlike Uncle Matt, however, I don't think most of my trips centre around anthropological misinterpretations...)

Whereas I sincerely expected that, over time, my wanderlust would ease--and perhaps I wouldn't even feel the need to go on one trip a year or more--I've actually found my pace of travel increasing, with two or even three trips per year becoming the norm.

As such, this page will only get longer and longer as the pace of my travels grows faster than the pace of my homepage updates....

Aquamarine Dividing Line

More Forthcoming Tales:

Edmonton: March 2000

Washington, DC: May 2000

Australia: September 2000-February 2001

New York II: May 2001

New Jersey: 2K2

Montréal II: January 2002

An interesting, if not entirely pleasant, story that involves crashing a movie set, dancing to The Price Is Right's theme song, a surprise cameo by my mother's other son, some people using me as a wall, a collision with bittersweet memories, stealing a cab from a New Yorker, and of course, an army of undead zombie mummies with laser eyes.

Chicago: May 2002

Hot Springs, Arkansas: October 2002

I had the chance to attend the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, on a rather spur-of-the-moment basis....

Besides discovering what a charming town Hot Springs is--which I would be happy to share details about--I saw a number of films worth recommending, including Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns) by AJ Schnack, about the band They Might Be Giants; the Academy Award-winning Thoth by Sarah Kernochan, about the artist of the same name; and my favourite, the utterly compelling Spellbound by Jeff Blitz, about competitors in the US National Spelling Bee. If you have a chance to see any of these in the near future, please take the time to do so.

Cambridge, Mass.: March 2003

A story that's more pleasant than expected, featuring my friend Dave Eggers, Bob Dylan (as played by Al Pacino), several famous blues musicians, an anti-war march (naturally), a lavish Broadway musical adapted to film, and a number of Mikes and Steves.

Germany/Portugal: June/July 2003

Toronto III: August 2003

This trip lived up to its tertiary billing, as I was in Toronto to attend Torcon 3, the 61st World Science Fiction Convention. I had hoped to have a panel on timelines there, in light of my website devoted to timelines, but that did not happen.

Unfortunately, that was only the first of my disappointments, as I was rather unimpressed by this Worldcon as a whole. I'd only been to one Worldcon before, here in Winnipeg, and I'd expected this one to be at least as good--but its attendance was barely higher, it could hardly be said to have any party atmosphere at all, and the Dealers' Room (something I was particularly looking forward to) downright sucked.

Having said all this, there were some highlights...I found most of the panels I attended very enlightening, I hit it off with a few of the other people in attendance, and the Firefly Lounge at the con helped to reawaken my interest in the series to which it was paying homage.

Norfolk, Virginia: 2K4

Milwaukee: September 2004

Cambridge II: April 2005

Atlanta: September 2005

Saskatoon: August 2006

Atlanta II: Dragon*Con 2006

Fargo: ValleyCon 2006

Baltimore: Shore Leave 2007

Atlanta III: The Search for Barack: November 2008

Aquamarine Dividing Line

These are the places I've travelled so far. I hope to go to many more in the future, but only time will tell. As always, look here to discover if my wishes come true.

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