These Friends of Mine

A good way to know me, I think, is by knowing some of those I associate with, here in Winnipeg and elsewhere. ("The Blue" is my pithy nickname for Winnipeg...that explains a lot, doesn't it?) I've written some observations about a number of close friends without homepages of their own further down, while the ones with homepages are linked below.

In the Blue

Out of the Blue

Not content to link to those people I know who have homepages, you can also choose to delve further and learn about my offline friends as well...

As far as who I choose to be the subject of my personal observations, there are three criteria for inclusion:

a) they do not have a homepage of their own,
b) I have their permission, and
c) I have a picture of them to put up along with my words.

So far, only three people have met all three criteria, so here they are for your enjoyment:

Kimberly & Scott

Scott, Kimberly, and Guster McDoo, on Guster's First Birthday

Through an entirely unanticipated series of events, Kimberly and Scott ended up having a more profound effect on me during my time in Australia than anything or anyone else there, but I fear I won't be able to properly do them justice here....

I met the happy couple under unique circumstances--we were next to each other at a taping of NBC's Today in Sydney Olympic Park in September of 2000. In the midst of discussing the dashing Matt Lauer's sock policy and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, I realised that I couldn't let this be yet another lone chance encounter on my travels, so I asked for their contact info before parting that night. With each subsequent meeting, we found ourselves becoming closer and closer friends, and after (more than) a few nights crashing at their flat, I became their quasi-flatmate for a time, before having to return to Canada.

Kimberly and Scott were both expatriate Americans--the latter in a more complicated way than the former, mind you--and stayed in Australia for almost exactly a year after I left before returning to the States with their Southern Hemisphere cat, Guster. Whilst in Sydney, Kimberly was working as a sub-editor at Emap Australia (publishers of such fine periodicals as FHM, Empire, and the ever-erudite Australasian Dirt Bike), while Scott helped run his father's hardware store, Hardware One, in the heart of Sydney's CBD. ("Hardware One" what? Where's Hardware Two? We don't know, either...)

Both of them share entirely too many connections with me for our meeting not to have been predestined, amongst them the fact that they originally met at a Barenaked Ladies concert, which is almost as Canadian as you can get.

The couple in question are now living in Norfolk, Virginia (still with Guster, natch) as a result of Kimberly's current job with PETA. The "master plan" is ultimately for them to head for San Francisco...and with luck, I hope to be joining them not long after that.

On a side note, Kimberly was also recently a castmember in an online version of The Mole known as The Mole Room--but of course, she wasn't The Mole...or was she?

Feel free, of course, to share in the irony that the best friends I made in Australia were in fact from North America...

Bradley Taylor-Pirogov

Bradley Looking Cool

Bradley was really keen to have his "fifteen seconds of fame" online, so he was the very first person to get onto this page. See, guys? You, too, could be up here--you just have to get with the program....

I met Bradley in June of 1995 at the Winnipeg premiere of Batman Forever, interestingly enough, through our mutual friend Joey, who had met him the previous September at Worldcon '94, which was held in this city. We've gotten to know each other pretty well, and we hang out together a lot. (This is less true these days, admittedly, because he has become a family man, but I'll elaborate on that below...)

Our general common ground is that he shares many of the same interests as I do, chief among them being my Star Wars Buddy. (He compiles the Star Wars Timeline along with me, and he occasionally advises me on my website devoted to timelines.) Besides those fixations, he is a big fan of late, lamented series such as Lois and Clark, Kindred: The Embraced, and Dark Skies (he can go on for hours about the coolness of revisionist historical fiction when it comes to the latter).

Amongst the series that he pines for is John Woo's Once A Thief, and if you asked him, he'd be more than willing to tell you that Mac Ramsey was the coolest character on that show.

He also owns an extensive comic book collection which he wanted me to mention (I've seen this thing--trust me, the word applies), and he has a friend in Ottawa whom I don't think exists, but that's another long story altogether.

Of course, the major events in Bradley's life recently are his marriage to his girlfriend, Lisa Taylor, which happened here in Winnipeg on October 14, 2001, and the birth of his daughter, Quindora, on May 15, 2002. I was a little surprised at first by these events, to be honest, though perhaps more than I should've been...

Rest assured, you will be hearing more from this man in the future.

Well...I apologise, but that's it right now. There are a number of people who have to get back to me to be placed on this page properly, and I definitely had bigger plans when I set out to write this--no affront to any of the people already here, of course.

All I can say is that I look forward to letting the rest of you know about my other friends away from the computer before too long...and if you're one of those friends who'd like to be mentioned, just let me know.

Smack Dab
The only way to have a friend is to be one.