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Carberry Plains Archives was created on April 14, 1988, by the passage of Bylaw 2064 by the Joint Councils of the RM of North Cypress and the Town of Carberry.  The Archives has its own Board of Directors and mandate:  “To acquire, preserve and document archival material which illustrates the growth and development of the Town of Carberry and the Rural Municipality of North Cypress both before and after incorporation or the immediate surrounding areas relating to the above.”  Carberry Plains Archives thus became, along with the Boissevain Archives, one of the two oldest rural archives in Manitoba.  

The need for an archives arose from the successful operation of the Carberry Plains Museum, which had been established in 1974.  Over the years, the Museum had frequently received donations of articles  which were more truly items of an archival collection.   It was apparent that such valuable material must not be lost, and equally apparent that the museum was simply not equipped to care for it properly. The need for a true archives became imperative, and the Museum Board conveyed this need to the local councilors of the town and RM. 

Gail Wiebe, one of the hardworking volunteers, became its first paid Archivist.  Gail oversaw the uploading of all of the Archives fonds to the CAIN network, and retired in 2004 after sixteen years of meticulous work..In July, 2004, Penny Shaw replaced Gail as Archivist.  

Since 1988, the Carberry Plains Archives has been a busy place.  To date, their accessions number close to 1200, and our citizens are active in bringing material for safekeeping in “their” archives.  The Archives has been involved in many community activities, including collecting and documenting all of the photographs of the local newspaper, staging a Strawberry Social, and a Memories Fashion Show, helping families write their family histories for the Town and RM’s 125th Birthday Celebration History Book, and most recently, helping to research the approximately twenty-nine heritage buildings which comprise the  Town of Carberry’s proposed Main Street Heritage Conservation District.  The Archivist also writes an occasional column on timely topics or interesting archival features for the local newspaper. 

The importance of a rural archives in preserving the history and memories of the people in its geographical area cannot be overemphasized.  In Carberry, the citizens are aware of the Archives’ presence in the basement of the library, and willingly donate their valued family documents to be preserved within their own community.  As one donor put it recently:  “I like to know they’ll be close to home.”


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